Alight [Completed]

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Chapter 15 - Melody

We had three months. That was a long time, right? Regardless, what was important, was that we had right now. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and the fact that I knew that we had to end, was a good thing, because I knew from the outset that I had to guard my heart. As attracted as I was to him, I couldn’t fall too hard.

But I was already falling for him, I knew that. The things he made me feel - dear God - I didn’t even know it was possible to feel like that - like the world was about to end and everything was going up in hungry flames around us when we touched. It was fast - everything between us happened so fast, but then again, it had to, because we didn’t have much time.

I could do this. I wanted this - there was no way I could walk away from this now, even if I wanted to. I just had to make sure that I didn’t give all of me - that I’d be able to walk away, say goodbye, and still have a beating heart left inside my chest when he left. The pleasure of having what we had right now, outweighed the potential pain down the track. I could handle this, I was a big girl, and I knew exactly what I was walking into here - he’d been brutally honest with me, and I knew exactly where I stood with him.

“I know we should probably go and join the party again... but I’d rather stay here with you...” Knox said honestly, looking at me questioningly with those insanely blue eyes of his, and I felt myself go weak again.

“Me too,” I agreed immediately. I had absolutely no desire to put those masks back on. I’d wondered far too long who he was, and what the looked like, and I didn’t want to pretend anymore.

I didn’t want to face my sister either, because I knew she’d probably have a ton of questions for me - questions that I simply didn’t have answers to. And I had questions for her too - but I already knew she wouldn’t answer them, either. But perhaps even more so, I just wanted to spend more time with Knox - alone.

“I’m thirsty - I might just go and get some water and come back.” I sat upright in bed, pulling a sheet over me to cover up, feeling self-conscious all of a sudden. Because the fact was, as insanely attracted as I was to him, I didn’t know him very well. We weren’t familiar - this was all so brand new...

“Stay here - I’ll go get some, I’ll be right back,” he immediately offered, propping himself up and reaching for his shirt.

After he got dressed and closed the door behind him again, I hastily looked for my clothes as well. And I’d just slipped the dress back over again and was trying to fasten the last of the zipper at the back, when he entered with two glasses of water.

Our eyes met immediately, and we both smiled hesitantly, that thick, palpable tension suddenly back. He summed up the situation immediately, placing one glass on the bedside table, and handing the other to me.

“Thanks,” I smiled and I felt that heat pulsing between us again as our fingertips brushed.

“No problem. Need help?” He smiled seductively and motioned for me to turn around.

And I swear, flames erupted as his fingers brushed my exposed skin, zipping the dress back up. That physical pull between us was blindingly intense - it was as though the atmosphere in the room became heavier just being near each other, the attraction between us weighing heavily on every single molecule of air between us.

I took a sip of water, trying to cool down, and a small cube of ice slipped into my mouth. He turned me around, smiling hesitantly again.

“You okay?”

“Uh-huh,” I nodded, smiling too. “Ice...” I explained, rolling the cube around inside my mouth, trying to melt it fast.

But then his gaze erupted again, and we just looked at each other, the air too thick, and I struggled to breathe sufficient oxygen into my lungs...

It looked as though he was inwardly fighting with himself for a moment, and then he smashed his lips back on mine, circling his arms decisively around my waist as my hands reached for his shoulders. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, that much was clear.

I sighed, that contrast between my ice-cold mouth and his warm tongue causing a shiver potent as a lightning bolt to strike up and down my spine. The ice cube slipped back and forth between us, it was heat and fire, ice, and snow mingling into a seductive potion, and we were both fast getting drunk from it.

We melted the ice between us, and kept kissing, and kissing, and the earth stopped rotating around its axis, the whole world coming to a standstill.

“Fighting this is futile,” he groaned.

“Uh-huh,” I agreed, our kiss making my pulse stutter, and my veins explode with want.

And those clothes were shed faster than they were put back on again, I wanted him so damn much again, my legs felt shaky and my whole body weak.

We landed on the bed in a dirty tangle and explored each other more leisurely this time. Hot fucking damn, Knox Vaughn had a chiseled body that could’ve been made from stone. My fingertips explored every ridge, every indentation, as though mapping him out.

The next second, he ripped his lips from mine, reaching up towards his glass of water, removing a cube of ice from the glass with his fingers.

My skin exploded into goosebumps when he slid that cube across my lips, then kissed my ice-cold lips with his warm mouth again. He repeated the process, trailing an ice-cold path down the column of my neck, then licking the trail of water where my burning skin melted the ice.

I moaned and arched my back, sensations exploding inside each nerve-ending in my body. We were hot and cold at the same time, we were causing a change in molecular structures with our heat and fire.

He trailed a path across my collarbone next, feathering kisses all along. I caught my bottom lip between my teeth, rolling my head on the pillow, clenching onto the sheet, my chest heaving. He was familiarizing himself with every inch of my body, taking his time to do so, putting me through heaven and hell at the exact same time. I felt like a saint and a sinner, about to enter paradise and burn for a small eternity simultaneously.

An ice-cold blast hit my chest next, the ice drawing a trail between my cleavage, and his warm mouth followed, sucking up the moisture left behind.

My heart was exploding inside my chest cavity, my breathing was rapid and shallow, the overwhelming sensory overload was almost too much.

My abdominals tensed as that cold blast traveled downwards towards my navel, he drew lazy circles around my stomach that made me gasp. I felt like a hot griddle, my skin sizzling with heat, despite the cold sensations exploding all over my body. His tongue danced lower and lower, playing a game with my body like he’d played with my mind these past few weeks. A raw bolt of lust shot right down to my stomach, pooling in my lower abdomen.

“Knox...” his name fell involuntarily over my lips in a plea, and worst was, I didn’t even know what exactly I should be asking for, because multiple scenarios came to mind, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted first.

“Snow?” His lips curled into a smile against my skin, clearly enjoying the power he wielded over me. “Want me to stop?” He was teasing me, we both knew that.

“Do you want to stop?” I countered, and he let out a laugh.

“No chance.”

“Didn’t think so,” I responded shakily while my heart was slamming wildly inside my chest. I was already in so deep, holy mother of all things good and pure, he made me feel things I couldn’t even put words to...

He took the cube of ice between his lips, and trailed a wet, icy path down my hipbone, to my thigh. Ruining me, little by little, because nothing I’ve done before compared to this by a nautical mile. He explored the soft flesh of my inner thigh next, my legs breaking out in goosebumps from the cold sensation mixed with the hotness of his lips, his tongue, his mouth.

Heat swelled inside of me as that ice moved closer to my groin, I was biting my lip furiously to stifle a moan. And the next moment, my heart stopped and I had an out-of-body experience as an arctic blast hit that most sensitive bundle of nerves, and the last of the ice melted against his tongue as he pulsed up and down, starting slow then gradually increasing the tempo.

Was I going to survive this? I didn’t think so. The sensory overload was maddening, my body was screaming and humming at the same time. I was highly intoxicated without having had a single substance. I was wild, possessed, and drunk - on a spectacular endorphin high, writhing, moaning, fisting his hair desperately as he kept flicking and lashing hungrily, I was getting lost so far inside deep space it felt as though I’d never surface to sanity again.

I felt my pleasure liquify, exploding like an angry sun, while I saw all of the fucking stars existing inside the solar system, and quite possibly a few more. Waves of heat and satisfaction rolled over me, and his name tore from my throat again before his lips clamped over mine, shutting me up again, stifling my mouth. His hard shaft was digging into my soft skin, we both knew it was only a matter of seconds before we collided again.

“Shhh... only for me, Snow,” he whispered hotly into my mouth after he swallowed my moans, then he reached across and ripped open another foil packet, sheathing himself and lifting up my thigh, curling it up against my waist, before turning me over to my side, flinging my leg over his hips.

“Slow this time...” he groaned, his eyes wild with promises.

He plunged in, cupping my behind with one hand while the other roamed my cleavage and his hot mouth possessed mine again. I tried to gasp as he entered me, but he stole all of my oxygen again, attacking my tongue in a lust-filled kiss that made the earth spin twice as fast.

That hot, tight, liquid friction between us increased with every rhythmic pulse, my fingers were digging hard into his back. Our limbs were tangled in a knot of our own making, our hips rolling back and forth, this felt so fucking insanely good.

“Is this good for you?” He asked, completely unnecessarily, because my vision was getting spotted from the blood thundering through my veins, way too fast.

“God, yes...” I shuddered, before his lips latched onto mine again in a smile, kissing me to insanity and back again.

He sucked my mouth harder as I started trembling against him, if I could’ve screamed, I would’ve, but he was in full control of this entire situation, which presently included my lips, my throat, and my tongue. I raked my nails down his back as I came with the intensity of an earthquake way too powerful for the Richter-scale. As I spasmed and contracted, he drove into me fast and hard a few more times before I felt him shudder against me, and we both clenched each other so damn hard that we were molded like a clay sculpture into one.

I wanted to remember him like this. Wanting me, his eyes murky from pleasure, his body rigid against mine, our skins sticking together, bonded by a thin layer of perspiration. Because the thing was, even though we were breathtaking together, we both knew we weren’t going to last.

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