Alight [Completed]

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Chapter 28 - Melody

I looked at him for one second before I answered.

“You mean... go back to the way we were before you left?” I asked breathlessly.


We were running out of air inside that elevator, fast. It was getting hot and stifling, all of a sudden.

I knew I should’ve said no. I knew it was a dumb idea, and I was setting myself up to have my heart broken again, a second time, in exactly the same way as before. But the fact was, I loved him more than my pride. I loved him more than I cared about a broken heart. And the truth was, I’d take a week of heaven before I’d be dragged back through hell again, rather than being in hell the whole time.

“Have you... seen anyone?” I asked the question I’d been too afraid to ask every single time we talked.

“No. You?” He leaned closer, placing one arm on the elevator wall behind me.

“No, of course not.”

And he slowly inched closer, and the blood was rushing through my veins, everywhere...

But we both jumped as the elevator pinged and the doors opened. We just looked at each other for a stunned second before he moved, taking my hand, dragging me out of the elevator.

“This way, come on.”

“Is this... an apartment building?” I asked, upping my pace to keep up with his.

“Yeah. This is where I live.”

He came to a standstill in front of a solid wood door and unlocked it, holding the door open for me to enter.

And as soon as we were both inside, he slammed that door shut.

“Grand tour first, or after?” He asked with an intensity that would make a seismometer blow.

“After what?” I asked, transfixed by his eyes that were zoned in on mine.

“After this.”

He slid one hand onto my lower back, and with the other, he grazed his thumb across my cheek before cupping my jaw. He bent his head lower, and my heart stopped. He grazed his lips over mine in a featherlight touch, and I stopped breathing just then, too. But the next second, his lips exploded onto mine like a firework, and I swear the entire sky lit up.

I heard myself whimper; my arms couldn’t circle around him fast enough, pulling him even closer. And in an instant, I was in heaven again.

He kissed me long and slow at first, as though he was savoring every single second as much as I was.

“I missed you, Snow...” he murmured, and I smiled, unable to get a word out. Because this felt so right. It felt like I was exactly where I belonged, at last. It turned out that all I needed to feel high was to sigh and moan into his mouth, feeling his arms around me and the length of his steely body moving furiously against mine.

There was so much longing in our touch, so much time to make up for. Our kiss turned hot and hungry fast, and I let out a long, husky moan as his lips and tongue moved faster, more furiously against mine. We were grinding against each other now, that beast within us had been unleashed, and it was famished. Passion seared through my veins; love burned madly inside my heart.

He angled my head to get in deeper, our tongues went to war, and we were trying to inhale each other to get even closer. The urgency of that kiss liquefied my desire, and wild electric sparks shot through right through my lower abdomen. My hand raked desperately through his hair; he lifted my thigh and curled it around his leg. God, that friction between us was getting hotter and more dangerous by the second.

“Um... excuse me...”

We both froze right mid-kiss...

“I’m terribly sorry to interrupt, but I was hoping to squeeze past to take the rubbish outside.” A male voice, coming from someone who was completely obscured by Knox, said behind him.

“Fuck...” Knox ripped his lips from mine as my leg slid down his thigh back onto the ground.

We were both chasing air desperately, breathing heavily, our gazes clinging like there was an invisible, sticky web that connected us.

He turned his head, still shielding me from whoever was on the other side of him.

“Sorry. We’ll... move...”

I bit my lip, feeling my cheeks explode with heat.

“No problem at all. Congratulations, actually, I was starting to wonder if perhaps you batted for the other team, because you didn’t seem to have any moves with the girls when I’ve tried to help you out,” he said again, and I realized through my lust-filled haze that it must be Knox’s roommate.

Shit, this was embarrassing... but I couldn’t help but smile a little at that. Because hot damn, I could vouch for the fact that Knox most definitely had some moves, and most definitely was this way inclined.

Knox’s head turned to face me again, and he shook his head a little, smiling as well.

“I was telling the truth, Snow,” he whispered so only I could hear, and that fuse that led right to my heart was lit again.

“I know, I believed you,” I whispered back, letting my arms slide from him as well.

He stepped aside so I could move, and I felt my cheeks combust again as his roommate looked at me extremely curiously, like I was a special exhibit at an exotic traveling zoo. The guy was tall and lanky and seemed kind of bookish, but with a boyish charm. He was definitely more Clark Kent than Superman, with his curious eyes darting all over me.

“Well, it took you a while, but when you finally got there, you set the bar high,” he said with an amused smirk, and I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, just then.

Knox shook his head again, and looked the closest thing to embarrassed I’d ever seen him in my life.

“Thanks for the commentary, Ron. Let me introduce you. Melody, meet Ron.”

It didn’t escape me that Knox didn’t try to give us labels, either.

Ron stepped forward and held out a hand. I took it and smiled, and I could see he was still curious as hell about me.

“Pleased to meet you, Ron.”

His eyebrows shot up. “You’re not from around here, then?”

“No, I’m just visiting for a week,” I explained, but I felt that pang inside my heart again at the thought of leaving.

“Well, that’s interesting. The pleasure is mine, actually,” he suddenly turned on the charm.

But that conversation gave me the impression that Knox certainly hadn’t mentioned me to Ron. And it stung more than just a little, but I tried to push that thought to the side.

“I’m just showing Mel where I live, and then we’ll be out again,” Knox explained, flinging his arm around my shoulders as I stepped back after greeting Ron.

“Oh - I can bugger off and give the two of you some privacy if you’d like,” Ron offered, and I was starting to hope for some sort of quicksand to appear out of nowhere, fast.

“No - we’re fine,” I assured him quickly, getting more embarrassed by the second.

Knox’s eyebrows shot up this time, but he didn’t say anything. Earth, please swallow me whole right now.

Ron shrugged and picked up the garbage bag. “Okay then, I guess I’ll see you again in a minute.”

Shit, this was excruciatingly embarrassing. The guy probably thought I was a random girl that Knox just picked up for some fun and good times.

We waited until the door shut behind Ron before either of us spoke again.

“Sorry about that. I completely forgot about Ron when I kissed you; I can assure you of that,” Knox tried to make a joke, and we both smiled.

“Well that was most certainly a much warmer welcome than the first one,” I teased, and he grinned sheepishly.

“Have you forgiven me?”

“Not quite. I may need another kiss like that, just to be sure,” I said suggestively and that fire was back in his gaze again.

“That can definitely be arranged. This way,” he led me by the hand to his room, and I darted my head around the apartment. It was cozy but the place looked absolutely nothing like Knox. It was small and on the old-fashioned side, with striped brown and beige wallpaper in the lounge room. It must have cost a small fortune in rent though, due to its prime location in an expensive neighborhood. At the same time, I was glad that he showed me where he lived, because now I could have a picture inside my mind when I talked to him on the phone again.

“It’s not much, but it’s close to the university and a lot of other places,” Knox explained, seemingly reading my mind.

I smiled as he closed the door behind him.

“It’s a nice area - there seem to be lots of things around,” I said, feeling self-conscious again all of a sudden.

I took a second to look around his room. And even though it was in the same style as the rest of the place, he’d definitely made it his a lot more. It looked like the walls had a fresh coat of paint, and the furniture was a lot more modern, similar to what he had back home.

When my eyes met his again, I caught him studying me. Really looking at me intently.

“What?” I asked, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“You’re so damn beautiful Snow. So much more than I remembered.”

I got lost inside his eyes, and he traced the outline of my lips with his thumb, then grazed my cheekbone. The air weighed heavy between us again.

“Just kiss me, Knox,” my voice sounded husky all of a sudden.

“You can’t stop me, Snow.”

And we both smiled into our next kiss. It just felt so damn right. And despite the fact that I knew that this was going to end exactly the way it did last time, except for the fact that we only had a week this time, my heart felt the happiest it had been in months. That feeling of sadness and constant weight inside my chest was gone, just like that.

And we were just really getting into that kiss again, when there was a knock on the door.

We both froze again...

“Really sorry, but just a quick question and then I’ll leave you be,” Ron’s voice traveled through the door, and I started laughing, because the guy’s timing was seriously off.

“What is it?” Knox asked through gritted teeth, clearly irritated.

“Have you seen the bin liners?”

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” Knox muttered under his breath, and my body shook against his with laughter.

“It’s in the kitchen. In the cupboard underneath the sink,” he gritted out the words, shaking his head.

And just as we inched closer again, Ron spoke again...

“I’ve looked there, but I can’t see it, actually.”

I laughed again. “He definitely wins roommate of the year award.”

“He wins something of the year award, that’s for sure,” Knox started to smile as well. “I can think of a few better words, though.”

“Do you really need it right now?” Knox raised his voice again so it would travel.

“Yes, I’m afraid. You see I have eggshells. I’m cooking eggs. It contains salmonella, uncooked. It needs to be binned immediately.”

Knox shook his head again. “Fucking eggshells... the guy is a germophobe. Sorry, Snow.”

“That’s okay. We have a whole week,” I smiled.

“Let’s put Ron out of his misery, give him a garbage bag and get the hell out of here. I have a feeling he’s going to need help finding other shit just exactly when the timing couldn’t be worse,” he teased.

“Let’s. Show me your town, Mr. Vaughn.”

And that’s exactly what we did that day. We walked around his neighborhood first, and he showed me all of the places he frequented. From the pub with gilded letters outside the heavy wooden door, to the little cafe that makes good coffee. And then we walked along the river Thames for a while, crossed a bridge and ended up at the London Eye.

“Want to go?” He asked, looking at me quizzically.

“Definitely,” I smiled.

“I actually haven’t been myself,” he admitted.

“Well, let’s be tourists together today, then.”

It was fairly quiet, and we managed to get a glass cabin all to ourselves. We took selfies, smiling, with Big Ben in the background. And then we looked at each other, and all of a sudden all of the famous landmarks weren’t the major attraction anymore. Because who needed St. Paul’s and Canary Wharf when the love of you life was standing right in front of you, after six months apart?

And right then, that realization smashed right into me that Knox was the love of my life. I instinctively knew I’d never find another love like what we had. I’d never feel this much exhilaration just being in the proximity of another person again. I’d never feel like I was floating when someone else kissed me again.

I was on top of the world as we kissed and kissed, unable to get enough of each other. And as much as I thought that coming here was a mistake, it seemed like the best decision in the world just then.

“Thanks so much for coming to visit, Snow.”

“My absolute pleasure, Angel,” I couldn’t stop smiling all of a sudden.

“Next time, I’ll come home,” he whispered against my lips, before kissing me again.

“For Christmas?” I asked in between bursts of kisses.


And although that would be another six months, it didn’t matter just then. Because we had right now, and that was all I needed at that moment.

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