Alight [Completed]

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Chapter 47 - Melody

We’d just finished having lunch at his family’s house, and even though my head was spinning from being the center of attention, it had been a great afternoon spending time with the people who were important to Knox. It felt like I understood him better. It was clear that his parents were very loving and highly supportive of him, and genuinely just wanted to see him happy after all the hardships he’d been through.

But most of all, I felt so happy that I’d been welcomed with open arms. I finally knew exactly where I stood with him. I knew that I was important to him - I wasn’t just a little secret on the sideline that he indulged in with the opportunity presented itself. And that made the world of difference to me.

“Well, I’d say you passed the test with flying colors, Snow,” Knox teased as he opened my door.

“Glad you think so, Angel. But tell me, where are we going?”

He started the ignition and looked at me.

“The beach house. I want you to myself, Snow,” he said roughly and that fire was lit inside his eyes.

A tingle shot from my skull down my spine and I instantly felt my breathing become shallower.

“I want that too,” I admitted. That tension between us had been simmering since the moment I fell back into his arms. I’d missed him like hell these past two months. We needed time alone - I craved him.

“How fast can you drive?” I teased, and he lifted an eyebrow, looking sexy as hell.

“I’ll be pushing every single fucking limit to get us there in good time, trust me, Snow.”

And he made good on his word by reversing out of that driveway so quickly that the tires screeched, and I laughed.

“Fast enough?” He asked flirtatiously.

“Careful, Angel. I want to be in heaven, but I don’t actually want to go there yet,” I said dryly.

“Heaven on earth it is,” he placed a hand on my thigh as he pulled away again at a more reasonable speed.

And it felt so damn good between us. So effortless. There were no more endings, it wasn’t bittersweet. We were just us, and the future seemed to stretch out in front of us like an open road.

We finally arrived late afternoon and the moment Knox unlocked that door, he dropped our bags on the floor and kicked the door close with his foot, jerking me right into his hot, hard body and I sighed as his lips collided with mine with an impact like an asteroid hitting earth after hurtling through space for way too long, burning through the atmosphere.

And we were burning for each other again, fire dripping from every pore as we left a messy trail of fabric all the way to the bedroom. We stripped each other bare, not wasting any time.

It was a magical dance of compulsion, every touch burning a trail of fire on my skin. He fell onto the bed first, pulling me right on top of him. His lips teased mine, driving me to insanity again, before moving lower onto my neck, my body tingling with goosebumps from the rough sensation of his stubbly chin and cheeks brushing against my delicate skin.

‘I love you, Knox Vaughn, with every single beat of my heart.’

My fingertips skimmed his biceps, his sculpted chest, as we refamiliarized ourselves with each other, because it had been way too long. Hot fucking damn, Angel had a body made for sin and lips that would make any sinner repent and beg for mercy so they could go straight to heaven with him. He felt hard against my supple softness, every ridge, and groove on his abdomen like a heatmap outlining places that demanded attention.

Our movements became more and more frantic, my moans louder and more unrestrained as he tasted his way around my cleavage, his tongue doing sinful things that evoked an electric response from my body. Sparks of electricity shot right from my nipples to my core as he licked, then tugged, and sucked. I belonged to my angel and I was in the express lane right to heaven again.

We were grinding, skin against skin, our hearts slamming desperately inside our chests, his hands stroking all over my curves, like he was trying to memorize every contour. Our lips collided back together again, I moaned into his mouth and he swallowed every desperate decibel as his hand moved lower and this thumb found my throbbing epicenter, rubbing rhythmical circles as he teased my entrance with his hard, engorged shaft.

We were on the brink of losing control, it had been way too long since we had this. He lit that fire inside my heart, and his touch was like warm flames setting every inch of me alight. I was burning, burning, hotter than a fever, and there was only one cure.

“I missed you, Snow,” he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth as we angled ourselves to align perfectly for impact, shamelessly driving each other to desperation, and that grip on sanity was slipping again.

“I missed you too, Angel,” the word spilled over my lust-ravaged lips before he claimed them again in a wild, messy kiss that was driving me to madness.

Our hips angled, our limbs tangled, we were overcome with throbbing need as that friction between our groins increased. I tilted my hips back and forth rubbing my entrance against his stone-hard length that was jerking desperately against me - it felt so good teasing each other like this. His hands kneaded my behind, driving me harder against him, getting impatient fast. He was hard as granite, and I was so ready, we were driving each other insane right now with every subtle movement that increased that contrast between us.

“I want this every day,” he groaned hotly against my mouth.

“And every night,” I added quickly, and we both smiled as we demolished each other’s lips again with untamed kiss after kiss.

“You drive me insane, Snow,” his tongue slid back into my mouth, we were grinding wildly against each other now, his tip finding my entrance as we were perfectly aligned.

“You do crazy things to me, Angel,” I sighed.

“I’ve been thinking about this... about you wearing absolutely nothing else but that pendant of yours... and something else...”

“Heels?” I giggled, raising a brow.

“Something else...” he smiled and kissed me so hard, sucking all of the air from my lungs. I was getting so dizzy from his intoxicating kisses, I was falling down a rabbit hole so deep and dark it seemed bottomless right now.

“Getting kinky, Angel?” I teased and we both smiled as we kept ravaging each other, my hips gyrating as I aimed to guide him inside.

“I wanted to wait, but I can’t,” he suddenly groaned.

“Don’t wait - I want you right now,” I reassured him quickly, completely desperate for him to own my body like he owned my heart and soul.

He slowed down our kiss and I whimpered out a protest because the last thing I wanted to do was slow things down right now. But I gasped as he grabbed onto my hips and flipped me right over, so I hit the mattress with my back.

“Wait right here...” his eyes were wild, burning with an untameable fire.

“We don’t have to. I’m on birth control,” I pulled him right down to me again, circling my arms behind his neck.

“One. Second.” He grunted out, then got up from the bed and walked out of the room.

‘What the hell?’

I wanted to scream in frustration. I was burning right now, impatient beyond words. I needed release. I need him. Right. Now.

A few seconds later, he returned, and he seemed to have something in his one hand.

He climbed back onto the bed, and we kissed again, and my heart was slamming wildly inside my chest like it was before.

“I’ve been imagining you so many times these past two months, Snow, just like this,” he said roughly, nipping at my lip.

I exhaled desperately. “You’re killing me here,” I said impatiently, arching my back, seducing him as my cleavage grazed his chest. “Stop imagining, and make love to me, Angel.”

“Just like this... wearing nothing but that pendant and this...” He broke our kiss, and held out a little blue velvet box.

My heart smashed out vicious contractions and my eyes widened, my movements coming to an abrupt halt.

“What’s that?” The words flew from my mouth, but I knew...

“It’s a token of my soul, Snow. I’d like to give it to you - not just for a week or a month, but for eternity,” his eyes were blazing, I was getting sucked right into a vortex of emotion and fire.

He opened the box, and I gasped. There was a sparkling engagement ring inside that stole not only breath, but also my words. It was beautiful beyond description - it was the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen, fit for a princess. It had a large, circular center stone, surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds all around. And it seemed so fitting that my Angel would give me a ring like that.

I felt my eyes prickle with tears - tears of such incredible happiness this time, and I couldn’t get a word out as I just kept looking between him and that gorgeous ring.

“I was going to wait until - I don’t know - we walked on the beach or something. But I don’t want to wait. I want you to wear my ring and hear you say you’ll always belong to me. Will you, Snow? Will you belong to me, always?” The sincerity of his words smashed right into me. He was offering me the whole world right now.

I felt a warm tear streak across my cheek. Why was I crying? I was so incredibly beyond words and happiness right now. That ring was so beautiful. But his heart was so much more beautiful than any ring could ever be, and that was all I ever wanted.

"Always. I’m yours, Angel. Yes. Always, yes,” I smiled through my tears, and he slipped that ring over my finger. “I don’t even need a ring to know that I belong to you, because it feels as though I always did, since the moment we met.”

“And I belong to you as much as you belong to me. For eternity,” he vowed, and he sucked all of the air from my lungs again with his words this time. If happiness could kill, I’d be dead right now from the sheer amount of happiness exploding through my system.

“And now that we got that out of the way... let me tell you about this fantasy I’ve had...” he murmured roughly against my temple and our legs tangled again as we moved furiously against each other, resuming where we left things before.

“I’ve been having this dream, of me and my fiancée - who is beautiful and sexy as fuck, by the way...”

I giggled and bit my bottom lip, but he tugged it right out again with his teeth, fusing his lips onto mine.

“Of us, looking for a place of our own. Buying a house, and planning our life together. I’d carry her across the threshold the first time, of course. Then we’d drink champagne - nothing too fancy, because the place is empty - remember. Just a blanket on the floor, perhaps we’ll start a fire in the fireplace. And then... we’d painstakingly make our way through every single room. She’d wear absolutely nothing but an angel-wing pendant and a diamond ring I placed on her finger, telling the world she’s mine. And then we’d make love, slow, then fast, then slow again, until we’ve worked our way throughout that entire house...”

“Knox,” I sighed, and my cheeks hurt from smiling so wide.

“I want it all with you, Snow.”

“Nothing would make me happier.”

“Two months ago, I promised I’d stand in front of you with a better offer than what I could’ve made right then...”

“And how you’ve delivered, because you haven’t just made me an offer - you’ve offered me the whole damn world,” I whispered deliriously against his lips. “Take me right to heaven, Angel.”

And that’s what he did. Because our lips smashed together again, and we resumed our heated frenzy, and somehow it just felt different. Like we really belonged to each other this time. Like absolutely nothing could rip us apart again.

That vicious, heated grinding turned into slow, sensual strokes as he plunged in, so deep inside, and we fused ferociously, finally coming together again after so many long months apart. I let the feel of him against my bare skin seep right into me as he drove in deeper and deeper again. I absorbed each and every movement inside my hungry body. I was writhing underneath him, his weight holding me firmly in place as we worshipped each other.

My pulse was slamming maddeningly inside my veins, behind my eyelids, deep inside my center. He was making me feel so fucking good. His lips fluttered all over my jawline, my lips, his teeth grazed the skin in the crook of my neck, I ran my fingers through his hair then down his shoulder blades, I was clawing at his back, holding on as that pressure intensified with each measured thrust.

He nuzzled his nose along my throat, then claimed my lips into another dizzying kiss.

“I. Love. You,” he murmured warmly into my mouth as our breaths mingled.

Fast and hard. Fast and hard. Faster and harder, even more so than before. I moaned loudly in ecstasy as I was getting sucked into a dark vastness from the sheer sensory overload.

“Knox...” His name exploded on my lips, as I nearly blacked out, vicious shockwaves pulsing through my system, completely ruining me, making my insides spasm in successive waves.

“You’re mine, Snow. Always,” he groaned as he sprinted to the finish line, driving into me deeply before he shuddered, succumbing to his deepest, most primal instincts.

“Always,” I sighed happily as I just held onto him, the world spinning pretty fast around me right now.

We chased our breath, and I felt indescribably, deliriously, madly happy inside.

“I asked my dad about you every day, Snow. I was desperate for every single word I could hear about you,” he admitted as he tightened his arms around me and we restored the oxygen flow back into our deprived lungs.

I smiled and pressed another kiss into his neck, feeling mad with this indescribable love inside my veins.

“Even though you asked me to stay away... I couldn’t. I needed to know that you were okay. And even though it killed me to hear that you were doing fine without me...”

“I wasn’t,” I quickly interrupted him. “I wasn’t doing fine without you. I missed you with every single breath I took. Because I love you with every single contraction of my heart, Knox Vaughn.”

And we kissed like the world was about to end again, and again. He owned every part of me. Again and again. And finally, we were both in heaven, in each other’s arms again. Right where we belonged.

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