Alight [Completed]

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Chapter 5 - Melody

I gasped as I felt a hand grabbing onto my upper arm, pulling me into the dark alleyway. The next moment, my back hit a solid chest, and my heart was threatening to tear out of my chest.

“You have an absolute knack for getting yourself into trouble, don’t you, Snow?” That velvet voice again... I’ve memorized it by now. I’ve been hearing it in my dreams at night...

“And you... you seem to have an extraordinary talent for finding me...” I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my lips as my rigid body relaxed against his, and his arms slipped across my waist, boxing me in against his back.

I felt this thrill skate down my spine; all my senses were on high alert. It felt like I was doing something dangerous, it felt as though I should be afraid, but I was everything but... it was as though I just knew, instinctively, that I could trust him...

I tried to look up, over my shoulder, but it was so damn dark - a thick cloud cover layered the sky above, and neither the moon nor the stars were visible. He moved his head towards the crook of my shoulder and whispered against the shell of my ear...

“Just how many guys are you seeing, Snow? Because I’ve seen you with at least three now, and that may or may not have included that boyfriend of yours you told me about.”

“How about a deal... I answer one of your questions, and you answer one of mine?” I countered, my pulse quickening by the second as I breathed him in, that familiar scent, feeling his warmth seep into my skin, soaking in his hard contrast against my body.

I had absolutely no idea what he looked like, yet I felt this insane physical pull towards him - it was as though my body craved his closeness, just like this, even though none of it made sense.

I felt his muscles contract against my back as he let out a low chuckle. “Sounds fair.”

I took a deep breath, wondering which one of the thousand-odd questions I had I should ask first.

"Why? Why did you leave me at the hospital?” I started at the beginning, holding my breath for the answer.

He sighed. “I’ve wondered about that myself. Let’s just say that I knew you were safe and out of danger. That your parents were just about to arrive. I didn’t want you to think that you... owed me anything.”

“I owe you my life...” I spoke softly, somehow wanting this moment to last forever, because it felt as though there was magic swirling in the air between us...

“My turn,” he said adamantly, and I smiled. “How many guys are you seeing, Snow?”

My eyes widened because I had a fair idea that he’d form a completely inaccurate picture of me by now.


“Bullshit. I’ve seen you kiss Connor Blake just before, inside - don’t tell me there’s nothing between the two of you,” his voice was low and rough, and I could’ve imagined it, but there could’ve been a twinge of jealousy in there...

“I’m not seeing Connor. Hang on - do you know him?”

“That’s your second question, Snow, and you still haven’t answered my first one adequately,” he teased, and I could feel myself smile again.

“That kiss with Connor was just for show, because my ex showed up here tonight with a new girl in tow. Connor and I go way back, and I broke up with Heath that night...” I explained, suddenly feeling flushed.

“That night?” I could feel his warm breath tickle my neck; goosebumps raised on my skin; no matter what he did, I had one hell of a reaction to him.

“Two weeks ago at the club. After we...”

“I see,” he rasped, and something changed in his tone. “I’ve been thinking about that night too, Snow...” The way he said those words... it sounded suggestive, almost...

“And to answer your question - yes - I know Connor Blake. My turn for a question now...”

The wave of anticipation rolled over me, my skin prickled with anticipation; every sense was heightened...

“Two weeks from now, there’s this gala dinner. Would you like to go?”

My stomach swirled, and I could barely breathe.

“Are you asking me out?” I asked breathlessly.

“That’s your third question, and you still haven’t answered mine,” he reminded me, sliding his hands up and down my upper arms, keeping me warm.

‘Shit! I’d already said I’d go with Connor, if that was the same thing...’

“I... um... is it the awards gala dinner you’re referring to?”

‘Please say no...’


I sighed, my heart dropping into my shoes. “I can’t. I’m going with Connor.”

“I thought you said that there was nothing between you and Connor?” He asked skeptically, and I tried to turn around to face him, but he kept me firmly cemented in place against his solid chest.

“There isn’t. We’re just going as friends...”

“Sounds like I’ll see you there, then, Snow,” he said, sounding a hint of disappointed, and I wanted to kick myself for having said yes to Connor before.

“Are you on the football team, too?”

“Yes, and yes.”

I frowned. “What do you mean by that?”

“You’ve asked me two questions; I was answering them both. Which means it’s my turn again, fair and square...”

I felt my lips curve into a smile again. “Ask away...”

“Can I kiss you, Snow?” I felt his warm breath fanning on my skin, his lips dangerously close to making contact...

A violent shiver skated down my spine as I turned around, facing him. I could barely make out the outline of his face; it was that dark.

“Yes...” I whispered, and then his lips smashed onto mine.

I whimpered; it felt so good to feel his lips back on mine. His hands moved up and down my back, then his fingers tangled in my hair, deepening our kiss. And I kissed him with every single shred of pent-up emotion I felt.

He was a burning flame; I moved closer and closer into his heat. I felt my pulse slamming inside every single vein, as his hand moved to my lower back, and he jerked me into his hot, hard body, increasing the contact we both craved.

Our kiss was manic, dangerous... I felt that kiss absolutely everywhere, from my skull to my toes, euphoric pleasure flooded every nerve-ending; I had to squeeze my eyes shut, as much as I wanted to look at him, because the sensation was that overpowering.

Our breaths mingled hotly; we kept tasting each other, over and over again, we were devouring each other with an unfamiliar desperation I’d never felt before.

His tongue pulsed rhythmically against mine, flicking playfully, then mercilessly, my knees felt weak, I felt weak, everywhere. His kiss was a storm, intense as a category five cyclone, and he was unleasing his full devastating force.

I was running out of oxygen; I didn’t care. I was feeling dizzy and disoriented, but nothing could rip my lips from his. He suddenly lifted me, turning me around, backing me into that brick wall, smashing my body right into his. I moaned, shots of thrill were injected into me every single time his tongue pumped into my mouth.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” he whispered hotly against my lips, darting his tongue through my lips again, just giving me enough of a reprieve to gather a desperate gasp of air into my lungs. I fisted his hair, he groaned into my mouth, licking me, tasting me, his heat slamming into me. Waves of fire pulsed through me as I cupped his angular jaw, feeling the rough contrast of his stubble, and I felt that fire burning higher as I thought how good those stubbled cheeks would feel between my thighs.

I never thought that this would happen to me. That I’d find myself being kissed absolutely senseless by a guy whose name I didn’t even know, in a dark alleyway to the side of a bar, where my closest friends, my sister, and my ex-boyfriend were sitting, a few mere yards away. The way we were destroying each other’s mouths was a fair indication that I’d let things go further than just kissing, too, if it came to that. It was as though I’d lost control - as though it wasn’t me inside my body anymore, because I didn’t feel so much as a shred like my old self anymore.

My hand disappeared below his shirt; I felt his warm, smooth skin against my fingertips, the hardness of his muscle, the grooves and indentations as his abdominals contracted underneath my touch.

“Snow...” he groaned as our lips and tongues collided again furiously; we were creating so much kinetic energy with our mouths we’d be able to power a whole grid, I was sure.

“Angel...” my lips smiled into his, and he slowed our kiss, an eyebrow shooting up.

“Angel?” He asked with amusement.

“Yeah. You seem to turn up exactly when I need you. Like a guardian angel, almost,” I explained, our lips half-an-inch apart, and his mouth curved into a smile.

And our lips just collided again, when suddenly I heard my sister’s frantic voice...

“Mel? Mel? Shit, she’s gone missing! Something’s wrong...”

I tore my lips from his, my heart coming to a complete standstill for a second as we both froze, his hand still steading my behind against that wall.

"That’s your sister, isn’t it?” He whispered, and I nodded, my lips and skin still on fire everywhere we made contact.

“I... I...” I stammered...

“Mel?” Hailey sounded like she was panicking right now, and I felt guilty as sin.

“I’ve got to go,” I said reluctantly, trying desperately to make out some more of his features, but it was just too damn dark to see properly.

“I’ll find you again, like I always do,” he teased, stepping away from me so that I was no longer imprisoned against the wall.

“Who are you?” I asked the question I really should’ve asked first.

“Mel? Shit! It’s all my fault! I never should’ve left her alone...” Hailey’s panicked voice traveled again, and we both sighed at the exact time.

“Find me. Soon.” I ripped my hand out of his and hastily stepped out of that alley, still feeling hot and flustered, but knowing that putting my sister’s mind at ease was my first priority right now.

And I’d just turned the corner when I saw Hailey, looking frantic with fear, standing next to Davis, who had his hand on her arm, trying to calm her down.

“I’m over here. I’m fine,” I raised my voice, and immediately Hailey and Davis’ heads whipped around, and Hailes looked close to tears as she took me into a hug.

“Are you okay? You just disappeared on us. No-one knew where you went...”

“I’m fine.” Her hand slid over my exposed back, and she froze.

“What happened to your back?”

“What do you mean?” I asked innocently, my pulse racing again.

“Turn around,” Hailey demanded, and I felt self-conscious all of a sudden.

“No, I...” But Hailey unceremoniously grabbed my arm and turned me forcefully around.

“What happened to your back, Mel? It’s red, and there’s a scrape mark...”

“Shhh!” My cheeks felt flushed at the thought of Angel overhearing this conversation, a mere few steps away from us...

“Let’s go inside. I’ll tell you there,” I whispered into her ear, and her eyes widened.

And the moment we stepped through those doors, she was onto me again.

“What the hell happened, Mel?” She looked at me through narrowed eyes.

I bit my bottom lip, knowing that I’d had to tell her a partial l truth, at least. We took our seats again, and Hailey was onto me like a bulldog who’d found a bone.

“Spit it out. You nearly gave me a heart attack,” she insisted again.

“Fine. I... I was kissing a guy,” I admitted, feeling my cheeks explode with embarrassment.

“You were kissing a guy?” Hailey raised her voice, and I swear our whole group fell silent, all eyes on us.

“Go Mel!” Caitlin laughed, raising her hand in a high-five. “Two guys in one night - impressive!”

I wanted the earth to swallow me whole. EVERYONE in our group heard that, and I heard a few sniggers.

“Keep it down, Hailes,” I hissed, as the conversation started up around us again, but I could feel Heath’s eyes burning like lasers on me.

“Who are you, and what have you done with my sister?” Hailey’s jaw dropped. “Who is he?”

“I don’t know,” I admitted, and her jaw dropped even further.

“You mean you kissed a guy without even asking his name?” She asked with disbelief.

“I... I did ask... but he didn’t tell...” I felt like I was digging a bigger and bigger hole for myself. “You told me to loosen up. I loosened up. End of story.”

And that whole night, my eyes kept darting across that bar, looking for a tall, athletic guy with dark hair and blue eyes. But Connor Blake was by a mile the guy inside that bar who fitted the description best, although I knew it wasn’t him.

And I knew that he’d escaped me again. But I was determined as hell to ask the most important question first, next time...

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