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Elizabeth | Mafioso Affairs #1.2

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Eliza-beth, where HIS secrets are revealed. Family breaks/unite, past is relived. Devil dies, heir rise, mafia politics...... After everything is at peace, at least I feel this way. After killing the man who destroyed my life, I find everyone played their part. They needed someone to put the blame and I was there with no one to defend me. So I paid the price of their mistakes. I lost my family, my life, my dreams but Karma is a bitch. Without doing anything, they all paid. But even after everything I loved them, I never wanted them to suffer but I can't fight with fate. Even with the mystery that my man in black hides. But I like to solve that mystery every day. "He said we were connected even before we born. I am his and he is mine. In this life and in next life." (must read 'beth' to understand Eliza-beth) *Excerpt* *Excerpt* "Valerio has his own issues." I snapped. "Calm down. You are behaving like a possessive woman." She tried to lighten my mood and laughed. But no....she failed. Because I didn't feel any humour in it. "I am a possessive Mrs ROGERS." I declared openly. "You are blind. Can't you see what he did?" She taunted me. "He's up to something...... Bigger. Heinous." She whispered.

Romance / Erotica
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Before You Start Reading

Thanks for clicking the story but I am sorry you have to read 'beth' to understand.

Beth is the first part and my first story, (so doubt my writing style may suck). And a lot of unknown characters make it confusing, so have patience while reading it. Any doubt, drop your question as a comment, I would reply to every comment to clear your doubt.

Your likes matters a lot. It keeps me motivated.

*It is a fictional story, any resembles with the characters, events, or dialogue or whatever is completely a coincidence. (Trust me, I am too busy to copy someone's creativity)

*Do read with patience (of course), the first part 'beth' to understand this story. You can't read it without reading that.

*There will differences in the opinion of characters of the story and moral opinion. Since, everyone thinks different. The characters of the story are just an immature person of the story.

*Events and their decision reflects their life journey.

*This fictional story contains colourful language. Even some events are mature. (You have been warned)

*there will changes in timelines... So italics is for dreams and past...

*Lastly, enjoy the story. Vote and comment.

The readers who want to visualise the characters can switch to my Wattpad account, where I have uploaded the pics as Inkitt doesn't provide the features of uploading pics.

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