Will I be able to love you

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Ria , the little girl who never manages to win the love of her parents , one autumn night leaves the city where she had spent her worst moments and sets out in search of happines . Will she ever come to bealive that someone can love her for what she really is ? But when He finds her , will he manage to make the icy girl to fall in love with him ?

Romance / Other
Black Rose
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Chapter 1

She kept standing in the window of her haunted room . She had lost so much time in her life and now she did not know where to start again .

She had returned to the place she had once left behind pursuing her dream.

But now she was back .

And it was not certain that she made the right decision.

She had thought a few times wondering if it was the right thing to do , but in the end decided to give a chance to the little country she once hated so much .

A small house filled with so many memories . How can it contain so many moments , so many dusty memories , childhood moments that she had forgotten .

Every corner of that house remembered what it once was . The girl she had tried to forget for years . But in the end she had to found herself again turning to the little one , to that innocent child with no more desire to live .

But whether she could turn into such an innocent child , as everything she had experienced ; she did not know .

Maybe she had missed the painful life she once had or missed the people who had turned their back on her without the slightest explanation .

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