Hold On To Me

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More Than A Kiss


What am I doing? A second time now I have climbed this damn ledge to sneak to her window. I was leaving straight after her but when Franco spotted another cousin. A younger one in the club. We had to make sure she got home safely. I left Alessandro and Franco to solve everything once I knew they were all ok. I haven't climbed this ledge since I was a damn teenager. But I have to see her. I have to touch her. The urge was so strong that I entered my room and climbed straight out the window, knowing one of her guards would be at her door.

Her window is open. The curtains flowing out dangerously that I fight to get around without falling. I'd fall if it meant getting another glimpse of her silky tanned skin again. Climbing through the open window onto the cushions. The room is lit by a small bedside lamp yet Bella is not laying in bed asleep as I had half expected.

Instead as i had hoped she is pacing near her door. Walking towards it before stopping and moving back again. Is she planning on trying to find an excuse to come to me? Gone are the dark clothes she was wearing. Instead she is wearing a navy silk nightgown. Finishing high on her slender thighs. Just showing the roundness of her perky ass. Small straps on her shoulders. My heart clenches as my dick hardens further and I bite back the groan.

"Ugh." She snorts loudly.

"What is wrong my Bella?" I whisper, she turns her eyes going wide for a moment. But then her eyes meet mine and the hunger I feel is matched in hers. "Did you not know i would come?"

I climb down from the seat and move towards her. Stopping a few feet away, not trusting myself to go any closer. She has had a lot to drink and now her face is free of makeup. Her cheeks are still stained with a blush. I will not take advantage of her.

"I had hoped." She speaks in a confident tone. As though she knows exactly what she wants.

She moves closing the last of the gap between us and with a snap, my control is gone. She throws herself at me as I grab for her. Her arms going around my shoulders as mine wrap around her waist holding her to me and hauling her from the ground. Our lips meet in a messy collision of pure hot desire. Built up tension finally reaching a peak. I don't ask for permission as my tongue moves between her lips, making itself comfortable in her mouth. She tastes sweet and minty. Her soft moan into my mouth has me growling from the back of my throat. Like a caged animal finally being freed. I have never felt so savage. My hand grips into her hair holding her head hostage to me. Her tongue so compliant with mine, that seems to feel the need to dominate her. Mark her as my own. Punish her until she agrees.

I walk her backwards until her back meets the wall needing to let her slide down it and my body. Needing my other hand free to move down and take her ass. Squeezing harder than I should but unable to stop. She doesn't seem to mind as her hands move over my chest. Pulling at buttons with trembling fingers. That seems to pull self-control I didn't know I had back into me. I take her delicate wrists in my hands, stopping her.

"We can't." I say through clenched teeth that feel like they could crack any moment from the pressure.


"Because you are drunk. I can't do that to you." I say trying to reason with myself as well as her.

"I'm tipsy and have already had a pint of water and painkillers. I'm not asking you to have sex with me Matteo." As she speaks, looking up at me with her kiss swollen lips. I feel myself losing as she begins to flip buttons open even as I hold her wrists. I could of course stop her but I don't. Unable at this moment. Mesmerized by her dainty fingers undressing me. Unravelling my award winning control. "But I ache for you." She pulls her hand free as I groan at her words. Taking my hand she leads it down to sit over her most sensitive area. Through her silk gown and panties below I can feel how wet she is for me. "I ache right here. You can deny me but i am going to make it go away and you can either help, watch or leave."

Another side of her. A confident woman. As innocent as she may be, she is sexual and knows exactly what she wants. Fuck two of them options are really the only ones I'll be taking. Because i am not fucking leaving knowing she is playing with herself thinking about me.

"Lay down on the bed." I think she might deny me as I step away. Removing my hand with great difficulty from her.

Instead she walks to her bed lying down across the centre. Her dark brown curls sprawling out around her head. Her swollen lips and pale blue eyes. Her nipples pushing at the silk of her gown like pebbles begging to be played with, between my fingers or beneath my tongue. I have never struggled to breathe with a woman before. Yet right now I feel like I could do with seeing a doctor. Sweat forming on my brows and my lungs fighting for each breath as I moved to stand over her.

"Open your legs and show me exactly where you need me." I order. Ready at any moment for her to say no. She has so much authority, probably a lot more than even me. Instead though her feet come up and apart on the bed. Revealing a black flimsy lace thong, damp for me. I can smell her sweet sex and how tempted i am to taste her. "Show me how you want me to touch you."

"I'll show you under one condition?" She smiles. Not a warm smile. A fucking mouth watering cheek about it that i know whats coming. Along with me of course. "I want to see it. I want to see the cock that was poking me through every dance. I want to see you cum as you touch yourself."

"Dio. Do you know what you are asking?"

"Did I sound as though I was unsure on any of my requests?" She sits up and begins to undo the buttons of my dark denim jeans. I watch her as she watches me. When she pulls down my zipper and reaches for the waistband I stop her.

"Ok. Fuck, Bella i didn't come here to do this."

"Didn't you? Let's be honest with each other Matteo this is exactly what we both want. Well maybe not exactly but it will do." She lays back down spreading her legs for me once more. Her hand slowly moving over her breasts. Moving so slowly that all i can do is stand motionless watching as her hand finally lands sliding inside of her thong. "Show me Matteo."

Her words bring me back to life. I push at the waistband of my trousers and boxers pushing them down my thighs. My cock springs out already leaking cum and straining thicker and harder than I have ever known.


God he is huge. I had expected as much with the fact it ran down his thigh but seeing it is different. I want to run my hand over it. Feel if it is as hard as it looks. A large thick vein that looks almost angry running over it. The head is swollen thicker than the rest. I imagine it would be painful to be filled and stretched by him. Yet something about that idea sends another wave of need through me.

I bite down on my lip as my finger grazes over my clit for the first time since he set an ache, that feels like I've been punched in the vagina. So swollen and ready I almost see stars at the first touch. It isn't until Matteo climbs between my legs. Holding himself on his knees a hand next to my head balling the quilt. His other wrapped around his throbbing shaft.

"Don't bite your lip. I am barely holding on here my Bella but I need to hear it. Hear every raspy breath and quiet moan you make." His words seem to egg me on further. My back arches up towards him as I move my fingers against my needy swollen bud.

When I can force my eyes open to look between our bodies, Matteo strokes himself slowly. So slowly his face is taut almost in pain. His breath is coming out fast and hoarse. I stop watching the mesmerizing act of him jerking himself off. Instead I looked into his brown eyes. His straight now messy hair has fallen over his forehead, some strands sticking to his skin. So damn handsome.

"When i come i am going to unload it onto you. I want you to feel just what you do to me. I want to mark you and hate the idea you'll wash me off."

"Matteo." I moan.

"One day I'll suck on every inch of you. Your fingers will never feel the same again. Never bring you the pleasure I can."

"Yes." My eyes are heavy but I force them to stay open. Watching him. His every action and tremble of his toned body.

"That's it Bella. I'm close. Cum for me. Look in my eyes. I want to watch you cum apart picturing me fucking you."

Fuck that was it. It was enough to throw me over the edge. That last wall that was a defence to the inevitable orgasm. I try to force my eyes open to follow his command but they nearly roll back as I see stars. Wave after wave of ecstasy gloriously flowing through my body. He grunts and his body tenses and spasms as warm stringy cum hits my thong. Aiming right where we both wish he could be. It's minutes of silence and staring at each other. Both breathing heavy and trying to come back to earth. To be what we really are. Rather than the man who climbs through my window to jerk off on my thong. The princess who rubs one off with the prince leaning over her watching.

"I … I just need to change my underwear." I finally say and he nods rolling away and looking up. I stand up trying to avoid looking at his cock that still seems to be standing rather hard considering how much he just came. I know because I can feel the sticky texture of us both down the inner sides of my thighs.

I grab underwear and quickly make my way into the bathroom. Cleaning myself up and changing my underwear. I wash my face trying to remove the glow that seems to be on it from the best orgasm of my life. I half expect to walk out and find Matteo gone. Instead he was lying on my bed, his head on one of the pillows. Put together again his cock hidden in his jeans though still swollen.

"Are you going to stand there all night?" He asks. He pulls back my quilt on the opposite side and I walk round climbing in. He throws it back over me and rolls over leaning on his elbow watching me. "Are you ok?"

"Yes." I say quickly. Too quickly. I wasn't nervous before but in the aftermath of that earth shaking orgasm. What's the protocol here? "Sorry. It isn't you …"

He silences me with a kiss. Keeping his body away from mine even as I soften to his lips. Opening my mouth waiting for his tongue. He doesn't give it to me. Instead gently kisses my cheek and down my neck before pulling away again to watch me.

"Don't be sorry. You are so sensible, honest, beautiful and smart. They are just a few of the things. Bella, I wanted nothing more than to sink inside of you. I wanted to touch you and not just with my hand. I wanted to lick and suck every inch of you. I hope someday I'll get the chance."


"But whilst you are still unsure it would be unfair to you. I won't confuse you further by adding sexual tension. Though I can promise i'll be back for more of that." He smiles.

"So kissing doesn't confuse anything?"

"Not as much as having sex with you, tasting and touching somewhere i imagine no one but you has?"

"I never said i was a virgin." I bite my lip.

"You didn't need to." He pulls my lip from my teeth with his thumb trailing it back and forth. "I can't promise at some point I won't have as much control and may push further than this. But you'll want it. You'll ask for it and some things i'd rather not do until you are sure it's just me."

"But you have sex with women all the time. I don't understand how I am different." Feeling a bit confused by his chivalry when I know his reputation.

"Because they are just someone who will be in my bed. I haven't ever slept with a woman more than three times. If I can help it, I try not to see them again after once. Though my playground has been too close to home for that." He smiles. "With you Bella we both know it won't be that. I couldn't take your virginity and one day see you marry my brother. I wouldn't be able to stand the idea. I already can't, so if i draw this line then if you choose Alessandro i can hopefully wish you well. With you Bella, not because you are a princess but because you are you. This is going to be different." He takes my wrists kissing my scars.

"He told you?"

"Alessandro mentioned you had a scar. Not the extent or where. I could guess from your many outfits but Finn confirmed."

I am shocked. "Finn?"

"Yes. He wouldn't give anything else away but did mention that not all scars are visible. What happened Bella? Will you some day tell me even if not today?"

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