Hold On To Me

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I huff as I look around the walk in wardrobe. Now sitting on the floor after being in here for over twenty minutes. I have worn a dress already with no sleeves. I have some but have a shawl to wear with it. I don't need one of course and right now i don't feel like I want one.

Biting my lip with nerves. I have agreed to go in with Matteo. Yet Sebastian is here and I know that he will be even more suspicious then he is. Luckily he is going home tomorrow. Will my upsets fly away with him? Shoot off into the sky without a return date? I doubt it, but wishful thinking has to help, right?

"You still haven't decided?" Lucy. Popping her head around the doorway. Smiling at me cross legged on the floor.

I look at her with pleading eyes. Like a lost puppy begging for a home. I just want the responsibility of making the choice taken away really. I am capable and usually this task is simple. I walk in, choose two and then try them on. Tonight nothing feels perfect, that just right when you put it against you.

"Come out and i'll pick two. You chose one of them." She suggests and I nod. Standing up from the floor and walking out to flop down on the end of the bed.

She walks out not even two minutes later. A navy dress. Silk floor length, tiny silk straps at the shoulders, it would hug every inch of me, a slight ruffle of excess material that gapes around the breast area. It shimmers in the night. In her other hand is a pale pink dress, finishing just above the knee, thin straps, a tight bodice and layers of lace.

"You picked pink?" I ask with wide eyes. I rarely wear the colour as it is my least favourite. It needs to be the right day for me to choose pink.

"I favoured the navy and thought it was the best way to make you decide." Lucy smiles.

"Smart. Just what I needed. Could you grab my black block heels please? Then I should be good." She walks into the wardrobe grabbing my shoes and placing them at the dressing table. "Thank you Lucy my hair looks brilliant. You go and have fun. Take tomorrow off as well. I'll probably spend the day in the garden anyway."

"Thank you. I hope you enjoy your evening."

Lucy leaves and I undo my silk short robe letting it fall to the floor. Walking over to my dresser and pulling out a tiny black g-string. Feeling the lace slide up between my thighs and sitting snugly against me. Stepping into the gown pooled on the floor. I slowly raise it above my hips with a tug. Slipping the tiny straps on and arranging the ruffles at my breasts properly. Then checking twice that my nipples that are slightly hardened are not able to be seen. They are, just. Peeping from beneath the extra material.

My dark brown curls are pooled in a large messy bun. Spilling out like a spray from a waterfall. Brown eye shadow has been used to form a wing effect on my eyes, mascara finishing the look. The pale blue of my eyes looks more prominent. I look taller with the silk navy dress hugging every inch of me. My heels give me extra height. I place a thick bracelet on either wrist. My phone pings and I move quickly to check it.

Matteo: Tell me you are ready. I've been waiting. Dressed and ready for an hour. x

I chuckle and blush. Putting the back of my hand to my heated cheeks.

Bella: We don't need to be there for another forty minutes. x

Matteo: That isn't an answer my Bella. x

My phone pings nearly immediately. I smile harder at knowing he is waiting for my response. Almost tempted to make him wait.

Bella: I am ready. x

I click the screen off on my phone. Walking over to the mirror and checking my hair and pristine makeup. This is how I will look every evening. Every morning I will be freshed face and hair down. Free like a bird. Until my coronation anyway.

The knock at my door just before Finn opens it. Standing broad shouldered and arms crossed. I see Matteo behind him. Looking much smaller. I could laugh because Matteo's broad shoulders and chest are tantalizing. Finn on the other hand is monstrous, to be scary he has only seemed to have gotten bigger with age. His arms flex.

"He's here early." He says tilting his head towards Matteo behind.

"It's ok Finn. Let him in, we'll leave in half an hour anyway." I say sweetly. Finn with a nod turns walking out into the hall and pushing Matteo inside. A gentle push I know but Matteo jumps through the doorway just before it is closed behind him.

"Holy shit he's scary again …." Matteo says turning away from the door and towards me. His eyes trailing over my body from head to toe. Devouring me. Making my nipples harden further. The hairs on my arms and neck rise. "Dio mio. You are beautiful, stunning …"

"Thank you. You don't look so bad yourself." Putting it mildly. But I won't pamper his ego. Still remembering the first night he wanted me to.

He looks better than cigarettes to an addict. Chocolate or sweets to a child. His navy suit fitting perfectly around his wide shoulders and thick chest. His lean waist and legs snug, never endingly long. My breath quickens when my eyes make contact with it. The large forming bulge in his trousers. My eyes don't make the full length of him. Glued to the one area. The few feet between us seem to shrink away.

"If you look at me like that we won't be leaving here in half an hour Bella." He moves towards me and then, his hard solid bulge is pressing against me. His hand at my nape, the other slowly sliding down the silk at my back.

"If we only have half an hour?"

"I want longer."

"We don't have it." I respond. Yet almost in pain between my legs now. I want to touch him. Feel him.

So I do. Reaching out and tracing my hand over the bulge in his trousers. So hard and thick, I imagine it is painful for him.

"Bella." He grinds out before I am quickly turned around. My hands finding the dressing table. The mirror in front of me allowed me to still see the pained look on Matteo's face.

Automatically my back arches and I stay leaned over. He hisses and his eyes are not on mine but looking, watching as his hands glide over my sides and to my hips.

"Bella, I am trying to be good. The good guy you need but hell if you don't make it difficult. So now i'm going to make you cum. So unless you want Finn running in here i would keep it down."

My imagination shoots into overdrive. Is he going to take me like this? My thighs become slick. My core tightening and my breath shuddering in and out. His movements are not rushed. Lifting at the silk dress. Raising it up my calves and thighs. Revealing my ass to him. My g-string doing nothing to cover me up. I'm not embarrassed, shocks me most. Nor do I want to shy away. Instead I watch him as his smooth large hands glide over the tender, sensitive skin of my ass. Then he reaches around pulling at my g-string slightly. It pulls tightly between my folds and right against my clit. My knees nearly buckle and I gasp at the instant arousal. The large wave of it washing down to my centre.

"Remember to be quiet, my Bella." He whispers into my ear.

I almost cry out again as his thick fingers slide into my underwear. My back arching towards him now. I straighten up so my back reaches his chest. His thumb circles for a moment. Then when I gasp loudly again he begins rubbing in that one area. Exactly where I need him. Two thick fingers gently move at my entrance. Setting every nerve on edge. I groan and gasp, as quietly as my body will allow. It's almost painful how sensitive i feel. My body on the edge of a mind blowing orgasm. I am close. The familiar swell building but he slows.

I open my eyes and look in the mirror seeing his eyes on me. His latte brown eyes are so dark. His hard restrained cock hard just above my ass. I begin to move my hips side to side. His fingers tighten and become slightly more rough. When I moan again. Matteo skims his lips across my neck. Zigzagging a line of kisses across my overheated skin. Sending me completely over the edge as I came apart on his fingers. A flood gate is opened as I pump my hips against him. A heavy breathy gasp coming with each wave until finally they seem to stop. Matteo retracts his hand and sucks his fingers clean. All whilst I watch him in the mirror. My toes that had only just uncurled seem to have done so again.

"I knew you'd be the sweetest thing I'd ever tasted. I'll rub one out to what I just did to you." He whispers in my ear as his hands push my gown down till it falls to the floor again.

"I need to change my underwear." I say going to turn but he holds me in place. A hand wedging around me.

"I want to know that you're soaked for me. I want you squirming every time you feel the coolness against your underwear. I want you to be so sensitive when you come back here tonight. The first thing you will do is touch yourself, picturing it was my fingers."

O my god. Did he take classes in teasing? I need to ask him about this course. I'd just had a mind blowing orgasm and yet I am so ready to have it all over again. I nod in agreement and he smiles. Brushing his lips against my neck again made me purr.

Is there anything about Matteo I don't like? Could he be terrible with his mouth and cock? God, I hope so. For my sanity.

Matteo takes my hand and leads me to the ballroom. Just as the doors are about to be opened Matteo pulls me to the edge and into a room. I look around realising it is a study. The king's study I assume with the beautiful artistic photos of his family.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"I never did kiss you." He smiles.

His lips come down to mine and I melt into him. Our lips gently come together and his tongue invades my mouth. Not that I complain. No I moan as I caress his tongue with my own. His hands grasping at my ass and hauling my body the last distance so I am flush against him. All too soon though he is putting me down away from him. Breathless. Maybe even more so then I am. He is so hard and hasn't complained once. I wonder how long it would take him to come. With my hands. Or mouth.

"Not today Bella. Stop looking at it like that or we'll miss the ball." He tries to smirk but looks pained. I hold back a giggle. Taking my hand again he opens the door and we are back at the ballroom entrance. Finn stood arms crossed looking the opposite way.

Matteo had said he would make this difficult. He is certainly not making anything easy on himself. Not that i am going to complain as i recently bucked away on his fingers until i had panted out an orgasm. The poor guy had a hardon that felt more like a steel pipe.

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