Hold On To Me

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I Am Bella


"Where are they?" I ask Alessandro. They had been missing from dinner. Bella hasn't been back since this morning leaving right after breakfast with Sofia. She hasn't even read the numerous text's i have sent or answered the calls when I have rang. "Do you have Finn's number?"

"O yeah because me and the beast exchange text messages all the time. We are the best of mates now." Alessandro's sarcasm does not go unnoticed.

The girls had been so excited when we had arranged going to the club. I hadn't expected to be standing here ready to go without my damn princess. Alessandro looks just as frustrated.

By half nine having stood around waiting for another half an hour I am pacing the room. The guards have no information and they are not worried or concerned. Bella's other guards are off duty and not in the palace. So I cannot even gain Finn's number to find out if she is ok.

"Ok now this is taking the piss." Alessandro mutters, throwing back the rest of his wine. "Wherever a princess goes the media follows. Even if the paparazzi isn't hounding them our people will. Two princesses they'll assume they are dating us by now with the long extended stay. The love triangle no longer."

He picks up his phone and starts tapping away sharply at the touch screen. I stand looking over his shoulder. Sure enough his quick thinking has pulled up recent photos of them both. Smiling with people at a local flower stall. Another Bella bent down, her knees to the floor so she could place a large daisy flower into a little girl's hair. The little girl has a big broad smile with a large gap in her missing teeth. The transition from baby teeth to adult i imagine. Her cheeks flamed red. Bella. She looks stunning. Her side profile, she is concentrating wholey on the little girl in front of her. She isn't posing for a photo. She is being her. Loving, caring and magnificent.

Another photo shows her and Sofia with an Italian teenager in the middle. Sofia taller than both and Bella just an inch above the young girl's head. They all smile and it is obviously a selfie from the young girls phone.

"So they are safe." Alessandro breathes out.

"That was hours ago."

I take his phone and continue flicking through the articles. So many have been posted over the last three hours. Everyone seemingly wanted to hear about the two princesses and their little tore around the village.

The next is taken through a window. Sofia and Bella sat at a table drinking a colourful cocktail. Another showing them laughing. Another shows them leaving that same restaurant in very different outfits. Bella's hair is no longer in a neat chignon. It is cascading down her back free and making me want to reach through the photo to touch it.

"Dio mio." I start breathing heavy. She is wearing that? By god an instant hard on. Restrained against my zipper. Alessandro snatches his phone back zooming the photo in with his finger and thumb. I see him move it from head to toe of Sofia and her short red shimmering dress. The flash of the camera has caught the dress perfectly.

"This is from half an hour ago. I have a feeling brother we've been stood up."

Matteo crushes his phone in his hand. If it hadn't been so strong he would have broken it. I can only run my hand through my hair and chuckle. She has had fun. I want to possess the hell out of her. I hate the idea of someone else seeing so much of her skin. Every delicious inch of it that i have touched, tasted and smelt. I also want her to have fun and be the free spirit I know she so badly wants to allow free.

"Women are confusing creatures." Alessandro says. Obviously frustrated.

"Sofia is just keeping you on your toes."

"Then what is Bella doing to you?"

Good questions. But I already know the answer. Bella isn't considering me. She isn't doing this to get at me or stand me up. She is just having fun and living life to its fullest.

"Bella is having fun. She is doing exactly what she pleases and I imagine so is Sofia. Though Sofia may enjoy that it winds you up along the way." I smirk at Alessandro and he huffs again. "So are we going to sit around here all night waiting for those ladies to come back? Or are you going to pull those baby pants up and let's go get our girls."


Between sipping at beer. Which by the way is not my thing but the more i drank the more i enjoyed it. By the time music began to thump through the speakers loudly me and Sofia needed no encouragement. Our six inch heels were off left at the table and we were on the small private dance floor. This night club doesn't allow us a view of the night club below. Instead we are completely alone in a closed off room. No windows and only two doors. The one we entered and the fire exit. A bar for us and our guards. The small yet lit dance floor and the dj who continues to play music smiling occasionally at the pair of us.

A kygo song comes on, Sofia and myself look like we've been taken over. Hands in the air jumping around. Stumbling into one another. Drunk and disorderly would be an appropriate description for us both right now. Even Finn has moved to stand on the edge of the dance floor.

"I need water." Sofia says. Having suddenly become the sensible one. As she wobbles on shaking legs over to the bar. I head back towards our table. Sipping at my still not the nicest beer. The condensation building on the glass makes it nearly slip from my fingers. Or is it me?

When you reach that level of drunk you no longer care if it is the table moving or you? Or maybe just your eyes not holding still. In fact water might be smart. Laughing to myself I sauntered over to the bar.

"Water with ice princess." Finn says sliding over the large glass of water. I take it gulping frantically at it.

"How did you know? Are you a mind reader Finn? Have you kept it from me all this time? Finn, has your head always been so shiny? Can you draw a smiley face on it again? I liked the smiley face. Maybe i should order you to have it tattooed on your head." I have diarrhea of the mouth. It's all flying out and I am on some drunken level where everything seems possible. Including using my power to tattoo a smiley face on Finn's head because it would always remind me. Remind me that the very first time we met he cared more for me in that moment then any other had. He has been my constant. My consistent guard and my guiding angel.

"Yeah. That is not going to happen." He smiles, shaking his head.

"You would deny an order?" My eyes bug out and I try to play it seriously. That lasts a single second when I trip on the spot. Finn of course catching me with lightning reactions. Righting me back into a standing position. "Flash. You should be called flash instead of Finn. Thanks flash." I say swinging a hand out and slapping his huge shoulder.

"And that is why the water is ready. Drink up unless you want to be tucked up in bed before half eleven."


So I do. Me and Sofia sit with our guards at the bar and drink pints of water. We talk and try to involve the guards. Mine speak more freely all having been in employment with me for years. Sofias two hold back a bit but after an hour everyone is smiling and chatting. It's nice. It is so relaxed even with the loud music.

Then the door opens and my mouth falls with it. Matteo, Alessandro and two of their guards walk in. Matteo looks edible. Skin tight black jeans hugging every inch of his thick muscular thighs and calves. A black shirt unbuttoned for the first three top buttons. The sleeves rolled up revealing his large forearms and tanned skin. His eyes meet mine from across the room. Drawn to one another like a magnet. His movements are slow. His smile content as he moves towards me with a steady grace.

Alessandro on the other hand walks in brooding. Strides right over towards Sofia. Standing right behind her chair. She doesn't turn round to him, instead she stays looking forward. Her shoulders squared but a playful smile tugging at her lips.

"Hey Alessandro. Looking dashing." I giggle but stop just as quickly when Matteo stands before me.

Blocking my view of anyone else. All him. Everything is him. His scent. His body. Just him. A few specks of chest hair peep from beneath his open buttons. His musky scent is palpable. His luscious lips are so close but still feel too far away. My body seems to go up many degrees. Alcohol no longer heavy in my stomach but still coursing through my veins. I reach out placing a hand in his. Loving the welcome surprised smile that engulfs his entire face.

"I missed you." I breathe out. His fingers tightening around mine as he leans even closer.

"I've missed you, my Bella. I thought you may have wanted some time though. Girly time."

"I did. It has been fun but I've still missed you."

"You are very drunk."

"A little. I have had three pints of water now though. It was Sofia's cocktails. We must have tried ten different types. It had been fun but some had not been very nice." I scrunch my face up and Matteo laughs. His hand coming up on my cheek. Large and warm, instincts and habits have me lean into his hand.

"Shall we dance?"

"Bout time. I wondered when you'd ask." I say dryly. Loving the husky laugh that floats towards me from him. As he withdraws his hand I turn my face into it. Kissing his palm before he can retreat away.

He leads me onto the dance floor. Twirling me beneath his arm until my back meets his front. His arms wrapping around me. Holding mine in each of his. His forehead falling to my shoulder. We move slowly to the music. Completely out of tune but finding our own rhythm. I briefly look up to find Alessandro and Sofia. They look as though they are bickering. Their faces screwed up in anger. Then in the next second they are kissing. Fiercely, hands cupping one anothers faces as their lips collide into each other. The passion is so hot that I feel my cheeks heat but I don't want to look away.

"Matteo take me home." I said home. I didn't say his home. When has Italy become my home? Was it the princes? Or Caleb and Corrina who are so loving. The definition of relationship goals.

"So early?"

I turn in his arms putting my hands to his shoulders. Realising only now that I am still barefoot in a nightclub. How reckless, I smile to myself.

"Is it ever too early to be in bed with your person?" My god has the verbal diarrhea not gone yet? My person? Who says that? I want to slap my forehead but that would be even more obvious.

"So i am your person now?"


It was a simple answer. I said it too quickly. There was no hesitation or doubt in my voice. Then there was none from his lips. They met mine in the most sweet and tender kiss he has ever given me. The gentle caress of his soft mouth against mine. Over and over in small fleeting kisses that make my head fuzzy and heart race. I may not voice the words that want to scream from between my lips. But in my heart, soul and mind I know. I love Matteo. I love him more than anything else. But I know I will break my own heart leaving here. Because a queens heart does not come before her people. A queen prioritises she isn't reckless with her decisions. She does not dance barefoot in a nightclub nor does she make out with a prince because she loves him. Tonight and for as long as I can I am Bella. Princess Isabella rather than queen Isabella of Spain. Please just be so much longer.

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