Hold On To Me

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Two Years



I sit with a just over one and a half year old Joseph on my lap. Sofia next to me, smiling and making her son laugh. His brown curly hair and pale skin, wide green eyes hidden in chubby rosey cheeks. She hadn't realised she was pregnant at my coronation. It was just after that and her and Alessandro had married within weeks of finding out. Not because they had to but because they wanted to. Me and Matteo had married and it had been the wedding of the century. I wasn't ready to be a mother for some time. I'd explained to Matteo and he had understood. Being only eighteen I didn't want to rush but enjoy our time together. He had said he was ready whenever I was. No pressure even with the eight year age gap between us.

"Where are those brothers?" Sofia says to me.

"Riding Bravo and Lillith." Lillith is my horse and whenever Alessandro and Sofia come here he rides her. "They'll be back shortly. Isn't that right Joseph." I blow raspberries into his neck and he squeals a loud laugh.

"My woman." Alessandro shouts as he comes walking through the garden. Finding us in the shade of the umbrellas.

"Your woman? You know that manly talk doesn't suit you dear. I wear the trousers in this relationship." Sofia barks back. Standing and running over to her husband. Throwing her hands around his shoulders as she leaps into his arms.

They still love to bicker at one another. It seems to be their biggest turn on. The love and passion they still feel for one another is nothing short of mine and Matteo's.

Matteo strides towards me, his brown straight hair blowing in the wind. His tanned face beaming with a jaw dropping smile that still makes my knees weak. Placing his hand to Joseph's head and a kiss to his forehead before his lips meet mine. He takes Jo from me putting him onto his hip and tickling his nephew. My heart fills with love and joy. He is so good with his nephew.

"Maybe we should get ourselves one of these." I say to him. He smiles at me then his attention is back on Jo.

"What do you think, mini man? Shall we steal you away from mum and dad? Uncle Matteo is definitely more fun."

"I heard that. You can have him over night. A night or two. Then return him or she will be asking for another." Alessandro says untangling himself from his wife.

"Me? You've been going on about another one since I gave birth. In all agreements we will start trying in a few months." Sofia nudges him with her elbow as they slowly make their way over to us.

"The trying is the fun part."

"Nothing to do with getting this little chunk then?" Matteo says giving his nephew back to his father. Joseph beams at Alessandro who raises him into the air like a scene from Lion king.

"Well I had actually meant maybe one of our own." I bite my lip as all eyes fall on me.

"Are you saying you are ready?" Matteo asks not able too hide his excitement from his voice. Sofia smiles so wide that I know she has already caught on.

"Yes. Now I'll get to be the cool uncle. You hear that mini man your uncle is going to give you a cousin at some point." Alessandro speaks to Jo like he can understand.

"Well actually, in just under seven months." I say. I watch as Alessandro and Matteo begin to do the math.

"I knew it. O i am so excited. Congratulations." Sofia pulls me into a hug and then lets go. Moving to Alessandro and wrapping an arm around his waist.

Matteo stands in front of me hands on my hips for a moment as he searches my face.

"You are saying …"

"I am pregnant. For another few weeks I would like to keep it out of the press because it is a risky stage but the doctor was happy. They have a heartbeat."

"We are having a baby?" He seems so shocked. His hand roaming over my still flat stomach. His eyes watching the movement before returning to mine.

"Are you happy?"

"Happy? I am beyond happy. I have the woman I love and you are pregnant with my child." Then he lifts me from my ass hauling me against him. Our lips meet in a passionate fuse of energy. Sending tingles down to my toes and every inch of my body.

"PG guys." Alessandro calls from behind us.

"Don't be ridiculous. We barely make it from the nursery before you have me naked." Sofia says.

"That's different. Joseph is used to seeing us." Alessandro gests. "Congratulations guys. I couldn't be happier for you."

"Thank you brother." Matteo places me back to the ground. Holding me to him with a hand around my waist. "I love you." He whispers into my ear.

"I love you. My king."

"My Bella." He kisses my lips with a gentle caress.

I had been wrong. I had left him when I should have stayed and fought for us. I needed to come back home and become queen but I was never going to be the queen I am without him. Without the help of my king. My Matteo.

I have kept to his conditions and every evening we eat together. We sleep holding one another completely sated every night and in the morning a tangle of limbs.

I release Matteo to walk inside. Finding Finn in his office. He stands putting his phone down.

"Is everything ok Bella?" He looks concerned. He often has dinner with us and I have spoken to him about retirement. Which isn't for some years but when it comes he has a home already in the process of being built. WIthin my palace walls.

I cannot lose the man that has been a father to me for so long. I smile brightly and some of the worry falls away from his face.

"I wanted to tell you that i didn't see the doctor because i was suffering with menstrual cramps."

"O is something wrong?" He walks around the table taking my hands. "We can get a second opinion."

"No everything is perfect. I am pregnant Finn."

His eyes bug out and look at my stomach. As though everyone assumes a bump automatically comes along with announcing the pregnancy.

"You are pregnant?"

"Yes." I bite my lip but cannot stop smiling.

He pulls me into a warm embrace. His arms engulfed me in every way. I sink into the hug and hold him just as fondly.

"Now I'll have two of you to protect."

"Three. Don't forget Matteo." I say and he rolls his eyes. He likes Matteo but still loves to pretend to be the beast on occasions.

"The king has his own guards. None as scary as me." He laughs.

I have everything I need in this life and the next. A father figure is better than any other. A husband who loves me and puts not only me but also my country first. A brother in law and sister in law. A nephew. I never pictured having a family. Corrina and Caleb will be so excited. The family I never knew I wanted until I went to Italy. Now that exact family is mine and more. I feel blessed every morning and night. My heart is full of love and happiness. My country is happy and peaceful. I never knew that life could be this good. I will never take it for granted.


Thank you for reading. I hope you've enjoyed and a big thank you to all who have commented, liked or reviewed. Thanks for taking the time out of your probably already busy lives to give my story a read ❤.

Filza, Kaylakayy and Steph Crabtree. Loved all your comments thank you so much ❤

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