Hold On To Me

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A little adventure


"The princes are trouble Bella." Finn says as he walks me back to my quarters.

"I know they are Finn but it would be improper of me to cut down their politeness whilst in their home." Not that the massive portion of flirting is polite but nor do I want to cut it down. "Father expects me to find a prince whilst here. One able to marry me soon after my coronation." Maybe the one of his choosing. But I wont mention that.

"I am surprised your father agreed to allow you the time. You fought well in your argument." I almost scoff at his words but hold it in.

"He wanted my coronation and wedding on the same day. I could not agree to it. If I do not find a prince of my choosing in the next two months." I take a deep breath, steadying for the impact of the information I had yet to reveal to Finn. "My father will arrange my marriage to someone of his choosing." Someone he has already found.

Finn comes to a stop turning towards me. "You cannot be serious? When you said you had agreed to coming here for two months whilst Spain is rebelling. I assumed that was the bargaining tool you'd used to get your coronation for in three months and separated from a wedding." He shakes his head. "A true queen picks her battles."

"Which is exactly what I did." I begin walking again with my arm in his. Of course I couldn't move the beast of a man if he didn't want to but he follows as we begin to ascend the stairs. "Two months here. I have spoken with queen Corrina, many balls will be held. Many princes and princesses will come. If I cannot find a meaningful alliance. That will also give me hope for love in the future then I have to give up on love. My country needs me to be queen and not that I feel I need a king, but a wedding will give them cause to celebrate, maybe even have hope again."

"And what of you giving up your hope of love? Of a relationship more meaningful then a good alliance?"

He is right. It hurts when more than anything I wish to have something like queen Corrina and king Caleb but my country comes first. Their love is rare considering it was an arranged marriage yet it is evident in every action they share. Even when the queen glanced at him with a glare in her eyes as he went for another whiskey. The king had smiled, taken a sip as to push his luck and placed the glass down.

"We cannot always get what we want Finn but I will try to find a man I can see a future with whilst here." I smile at him. Hoping to reassure his falling dreams of me being happy.

"I guess the six foot rule is off then." He rolls his eyes, a smile pulling at his lips and I laugh. "Well Bella get your sleep as tomorrow the true hunt begins. If you only have these two months let's make it worth it. I am going to rest now but a guard is on duty if you need anything."

He hugs me and I smile as I wrap my slender arms around his middle. He is a mind reader. I had already decided to play the smug princes at their own game but with Finn allowing me more freedom, I will be able to truly live. To have fun as I don't expect to fall in love.

Walking into my room I find my phone and headphones. Humming away to the music as I undress and wipe my face clean of makeup. Pulling the pins free from my hair. That moment when you walk into your room and pull off the bra. That is me with every damn bodice or corset I wear. I brush out my hair after dressing into my silk night dress that finishes mid thigh. The matching robe with no rope to tie it. I assume this is meant to be for a man's eyes but I appreciate the silk against my skin. I look at myself and I will not pick at every fault or flaw I have but instead praise something not materialistic. Something real and about me.

It isn't until I see a shadow cross the window whilst brushing my hair. I take my headphones out placing my phone down. I walk towards the window, pulling them open. Sitting on the plush teal coloured cushions I lean forwards smelling the night air. It isn't until I hear a sneeze that sounds very close that I lean further out. Only to find Matteo leaning against the wall balancing on the thick ledge.

"What are you doing?" I eye him suspiciously no fear because what is there to be afraid of from a prince. He isn't here to kill me that is for sure. His eyes seem to be focusing elsewhere so I look down only to see my silk nightie has gaped forwards with me allowing him a view of my breasts. I sit back a hand over my chest.

"Well I actually came to ask you to join me but I got more than I'd hoped for." He climbs through my window and stands in my room looking around. As though he hasn't seen it before. Which is extremely unlikely.

"I'm sorry did I just fall into a romance novel where princes think they can climb through windows into someone's bedroom?" I ask standing from the bay window seat. He is still dressed in his suit but without the blazer. Just a white silk shirt being tugged tight around his broad shoulders and wide chest. That masculine scent hitting me again with all the force of a raging bull.

"If you want to call me Romeo I have no issue." He smiles smugly but I cross my arms and glare at him. He raises his hands in surrender. "I came to ask you to ride with me. There is a lake on our land and at night it is very active and beautiful."

"Least your brother had the decency to ask me whilst in company if I wanted to ride. Also in the morning. He did not make assumptions he could enter my room either."

He grins. "But you didn't accept his invitation did you?" I roll my eyes at his smug face. "Have you ever seen a lake lit by only moonlight? Fireflies hovering around the green grass and dragonflies floating over the water?"

"No …"

He cuts me off. "Then come with me. We can walk or ride a horse." So tempting. I've said I want to live right, but then the first opportunity and I am hesitating.

"Ok. But how are we to get out without my guard following?"

"Why don't you let me worry about that. Though maybe you should cover your ass because it involves climbing." He says with a cheeky grin.

"O no." He couldn't seriously be thinking? "You want me to climb out of a second story window? Which is more like three because of the high ceilings."

"Come on Bella. Have an adventure with me."


I hadn't thought it through when I slid across the ledge from my room two doors down to hers. Then I could hear her happily humming away. I'd been patient right until she had leaned out the window and her little sexy gold nightie had given me a view of her medium but round firm breast. Just the side though if I could have tilted to glimpse the colour of her nipple I would have.

She had hurried away and got changed in the walking wardrobe. Coming out in a pair of dark denim jeans and a black plain long sleeved t-shirt and a pair of black converse. Still looking beautiful just as beautiful as she had in a ball gown.

"Lead the way oh Romeo." She says sarcastically and I bite my lip trying to hide the goofy grin that tries to fight free.

She follows me, no moaning or even any form of complaint. Shocking me again. So formal. So proper and yet there is someone else hiding beneath. We climb down the trellis that has morning glory growing all over it. I keep just below her, watching my footing and secretly shitting myself in case she falls. Her one single royal guard could slaughter half of mine.

"Watch your foot …" I say too late. Close to the ground and only another foot for me but Bellas foot slips from a gap in the trellis. With some force kicking me just to the side of my chin. I lose my grip and fall landing sprawled out on my back. What the hell is happening? I'm meant to be the prince of damn charm and she has just knocked me on my back, literally.

"Oh my god. Matteo I am so sorry." She elegantly climbs the rest of the way like an Olympic gymnast. She comes leaning over me checking my chin. A hand on my chest, another on I imagine the reddening area of my face yet she kneels on my cock and seems to have no clue.

"You might be light." I groan out removing her knee from my now very sore manhood and cupping it. Her eyes widen almost looking apologetic and then she laughs. So loud and part way through a tiny snort escapes her.

I quickly put my hand to her mouth lowering her to her back. Looming over her as her pale blue eyes meet mine and widen. Her thick lashes flutter and I feel her warm breath against the side of my hand from her flaring nostrils.

"What is funny about kicking me in the face and then kneeling on my dick?" I don't move my hand from her large luscious lips. How easy it would be to kiss her now. To remove my hand and replace it with my lips. To taste her like I've wanted to from the moment she landed those tiny feet on our property. Then a light comes on to the side of where we are lying on the grass. I place a finger to my lips and remove my hand from her with great difficulty.

We wait a few minutes before the light goes off again. Both laying perfectly still on our back like teenagers sneaking away. Finally I take her hand standing us both up. Moving quickly leading us down a path lit only by moonlight. She doesn't pull her hand free which I am grateful for, because the hard path below is uneven and I don't want her to fall. Though I am also intrigued at how comfortable I am holding her hand. I don't do romantic things, I charm a girl and complement of course but hugging, holding hands and romantic kisses under the moonlight is nothing I've ever done or wanted to. Until maybe this woman I could imagine those pale eyes being enhanced in dark, those luscious lips will feel like heaven against mine. Finally the lake comes into view, thank god because my mind is racing in directions I didn't see myself considering for a few more years.

"It is beautiful. I didn't expect it to be exactly as you described but it is." She beams. Her smile meeting every part of her stunning face. The gentle breeze whipping her hair back sending the sweet smell of grapefruit to me.

"It is." I find myself void of my usual charismatic charm and shaking my head to try right myself. Watching her grateful almost youthful expression.

"You must have so many fond memories here."

"I do. Me and Alessandro were taught how to swim in this very lake by our father. My mother isn't the biggest fan of water but over to that side it is shallow and she would walk through it there." I say pointing to the right hand side. "Do you have a lake on your land?"

"No. We have an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. The outdoor is measured to a replica of a standard olympic pool. Salt water so that I could get used to swimming in both. My instructor was always very good." I turn to look at her and she is still smiling but I notice that it lacks some of what it did a moment before.

She was born and her mother died within hours of it. Her father is a ruthless king by all standards. My father and hers work well together because they have to. It sounds as though her whole life has been based around being a future queen. Somehow though I see more in there. A woman trying to break free at any point she can. Soft and kind in a way that as a queen will be taken advantage of.

Such a small precious woman being taken advantage of doesn't sit well in my stomach. Making it churn in a way that I dislike. Feeling like a bundle of nerves I cannot control.

"I would ask you to go skinny dipping but i guess that is an adventure too far." I smile as she turns to look at me with a shocked expression. Her wide eyes widening further her lips parting in such a way my gut takes another punch with the urge to kiss her. How am I to cope with her being here for two months?

Yet she looks back towards the lake and a small smile comes to her lips. We stand silent watching the wild bugs and listening to the gentle noises of free creatures. Strangely I don't even feel the need to push her for conversation. Just happy with the silence and close proximity. I had brought her here with intentions of flirting but now. I'm just happy in the company with her being relaxed. Something I imagine she doesn't do often.

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