Hold On To Me

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A Kind Kiss


After racing or more Bella letting Lady run free. We retrieved the side saddle and headed back to the stables. Finn, her royal beast, stood at the barn doors watching us walk inside. His eyes hold no warmth when they look at me. Yet with Bella a slight change, a softening about him. Her warmth to him is understandable when he has single handedly rescued her twice and stopped many others. She continues to mingle with people outside of her castle. I've seen the reports I've searched more since meeting her and she is admirable but putting herself at unnecessary risk.

We climb from the horses and the waiting stable boy comes but I usher him away as Bella seems content, walking Lady to her stall and removing the saddle. I stop whilst still holding an impatient Zeus watching as she strokes Lady to keep her calm, whispering sweet words in spanish and a mix of english. The princess is nothing as I had imagined. Feeling my eyes on her she looks over and up our eyes meeting and for a moment i am lost in the pale blue orbs. Finding myself lost of words. Zeus nudges me and I give her a smile before leading him to his stall. Once unbuckling his saddle and giving him a treat I found Bella standing inside Bravos stall. The strong stallion is taller than her.

"You take risks Bella. Bravo and Zeus are not …"

"O please they are soft, sweet and handsome. I couldn't leave without giving him some attention. It would be unfair." She responds not looking to me but continuing to stroke him with her small slender fingers. How they'd feel running through my hair or down my back has my groin hardening and pulse racing.

I move closer to her blocking out the outside world as I pick up a brush and begin grooming him. When was the last time I groomed Zeus? Yet Bella seems to be smiling as she does this, enjoying herself whilst giving the shiny black stallion some love and attention.

Bella keeps her free hand resting on his side as she uses her other doing large strokes. I unintentionally move my hand over hers, we both seem to stand still. I watch as her tanned cheeks stain red. The women I've bedded do not blush but something about that shy, innocent blush has me stepping to her. She steps back, dropping her brush as mine follows and lands in the hay. She doesn't look up but has no where to go when her back meets the wooden wall behind her. I keep moving until I am crowding her space. She smells so fresh and sweet.


I place a hand to the wall caging her in as my other hand comes up and after what feels like a lifetime touches the gentle, silky, smooth tanned skin of her neck. The heavy sigh isn't in my imagination nor the way her thick dark lashes flutter almost closed. Her skin is silkier than I'd imagined beneath my fingers and palm.

"Dio." I muttered. God. The woman makes me want to push her against the wall and take everything she has, to kiss the soft skin my hand is caressing. "Why do you smell so sweet?"

"I … it's my shampoo and body oil. Grapefruit and coconut." She mumbles barely recognisable to the normal confident even sassy tone she has had with me.

I lean forwards taking a handful of her hair and inhaling the scent. "Grapefruit has just become my new favourite dessert." Running my fingers through the curls letting them fall down her back. My hand finds her dainty shoulder and pulls her against me.

"Alessandro you shouldn't…" She gasps.

"I'm not doing anything Bella." Not anything I'd like to be doing but I lower my head into the crook of her neck and smell the sweet coconut on her skin. The scent is so sweet and mouth watering it takes a great deal of restraint not to lick the throbbing pulse bobbing happily at the base of her neck. "Dio mio."

"Do you always speak of god when doing ungodly things?" She may be breathing heavy but her sassy nature is still in there.

"No I praise him for giving such a beauty as you whilst also wondering what I did wrong to be tortured so." I say as my lips almost drag against her skin. So close. So tempting. "So many things."


"There are so many things I'd do to you if only you were not so proper. Such a princess and soon to be queen." I had not meant it offensively nor as a challenge but once the words leave my mouth I immediately worry at how she has taken it. Leaning my head back an inch from hers. Her eyes are a storm of blue like a raging sky before a thunderstorm.

"You mean things like …" Her eyes do not leave mine and for a moment I have no idea why she has stopped speaking. It isn't until I feel her hand move between us that I step the smallest amount possible away so I can watch her. Those dainty fingers move slowly from one breast covered by large white ruffles of her dress to the next. Then slowly. Painfully slow over her non-existent stomach to between her legs. I have never been so painfully turned on and shocked before in my life. "You may not touch me because I am soon to be a queen but do you truly believe I am so naive. I wouldn't know what my own body wanted."

"Dio. Are you trying to kill me?"

She lets out a heavy breath more moan and god if I don't hate that damn dress now that her hand has become lost in the material of it. "What if I was? Is it not a good way to go?"

"Watching your cheeks flush with arousal and your chest heave with pent up energy is fucking unreal but…" I put my hand over her forearm and pulled her hand away holding it between us. "I'd take you slowly. I wouldn't allow you to rub one out quickly because you cannot bear to wait. Your eyes would be weeping tears of frustration before I finally allowed you to cum."

The woman is a killer. A sweet subtle one but she is deadly all the same. Like an onion with so many layers each one I peel back shows a whole new potent side. She is prim and proper but knows exactly what her body wants. I look at her small slender fingers and then to her wrist that her dress has moved down her forearm revealing. The small slender skin has clear coloured but shiny scars that doesn't match the rest of her tanned complexion.

"What happened?" Suddenly gone is the urge to possess her instead an instinct of protection. How did her wrist become so scarred. She tries to pull her hand free distress written all over her face. "Tell me." I demand. Needing to know so potently that it makes my voice stern.

"It is none of your concern." She says with a harsh tone trying to pull her hand free of my tight grasp again. "Let me go."

"Was this one of the two successful kidnappings? The one they had you and you believed Finn your guard wouldn't get you?" I ask trying to hide the sudden horror hurrying through me. Not at the scars but at the fact she was hurt.

"Yes. Not that it is any of your business." She looks to the side but doesn't call out for her guard which she could. If she truly wanted to get away from me. Which reveals more than she will ever voice, too proud.

"They tied your wrists together?"

"Yes and rather than risking me being able to escape the rope was tight. Though I still tried to break them which is probably why it scarred me."

Without thinking I lean down and place my lips to the scars. Gently kissing the shiny skin that shows only her strength not a weakness as she may believe.

"What are you doing?" She asks now watching me as my eyes look up to her face but lips remain on the pulse on her wrist.

"I am showing a queen the respect she deserves. These scars are a medal of your bravery. Every time you see them you should remember the fighter you were and continue to be. You should never hide them. Be proud that every paper you appear in shows you with your people, playing in the street with children or opening a new cafe or restaurant. That you don't pose for photos or care for the media that want a glimpse. Maybe I should have seen it a few years ago when I found you doing a job I believed below me. Instead I should have seen that you lead by example and that is admirable as well as remarkable."


His words of praise are so kind that I don't know what to respond even if my brain could compute a sentence to put together. After Finn had carried me in his arms from the van into the car. He had cut the rope away with a knife and I had been horrified by the blood and ripped skin. The hospital had been flooded with media trying to capture pictures of me and my injuries. I had hidden the wound dressings behind long sleeved dresses and left with a smile and a speech of no major injuries occurring. It had been my father who said as the scars had paled that long sleeves may be best to not draw attention. But what of the mental scars I had received? My head covered as they poured water over my nose and mouth I'd truly believed I would die. He had suggested to not show weakness that someone had succeeded in scarring me. Hurting the queen in waiting. Yet Alessandro says I should be proud. I shouldn't hide them but be proud that even as it hurt I tried to break through the rope on my wrist. I had not given up.

His soft and gentle lips on the inner side of my wrists sends a warmth between my legs and a need humming steadily through my body. The boldness I feel is shocking but exciting. I place my hand to his cheek and bring my other up. When he looks at me I pull his head up, to fall height and rise onto tiptoe placing my lips to his. No intention of anything more than a pleasant kiss, a thank you for seeing me. Bella. Not queen in waiting or princess Isabella.

This is far beyond that. As his hand moves up from my wrist, his fingers twine with mine and pin them to the wall behind us above my head. His other hand sinking into my hair at my nape supporting my head at the tilted angle. He moves his head to the side finding a better angle as our mouths fuse together again and again. It's a kiss that takes my breath away whilst sending my temperature up a few notches. Tender and full of feeling enough so, behind my closed eyelids water wants to build. Not pushing for more as his body presses into mine and I feel the thick rigid length straining down the inner side of his thigh. His warm hard body against the soft tones of mine. Finally coming up for air he leaves another lingering kiss on my lips, before resting his forehead to mine.

"Dio mio." My god he mutters again. His eyes closed his thick dark lashes hanging low. His chiselled jaw. The toned chest beneath my hand that I have no idea when it found its way there. Even as my other remains bound to his. Every finger locked together like we have been doing this for years. My hand and fingers may be significantly smaller and skinnier than his but they fit together, like a key in a lock. Almost.

The clearing of a throat has me forcing my eyes open properly. They want to remain closed and in the moment of just Alessandro and Bella, but we are not just that and there is Matteo. The fingers at his chest now finally gently pushing him a step away which he reluctantly does. His hand releasing mine from the wall.

Matteo. It's as though the image of him on the trellis lingers in the back of my mind. I'd meant a kiss of kindness. A kiss because Alessandro's words had truly felt special. But now. In the warm light of day. Matteo still lingered.

"Thank you. For taking me out to see some of your lands." I straighten myself up pulling my sleeves down and picking up the long dress taking steps to exit.

"I meant every word. Bella or princess Isabella. Queen Isabella. You have nothing to hide. Everything about you is beautiful and your country loves you because you allow them to see who you are."

I falter for a moment but don't turn around not even when I can feel his eyes burning into me. I walk out to Finn who stands smiling. Taking his arm as we begin to walk back towards the palace.

"Did you enjoy your trot?"

"Do you know I left my room last night?" I ask not looking up at him but already knowing the answer.

"I did. I did follow for some time but the grounds are secure and I have access to the security cameras that are hidden very well and almost cover every angle."

"Its only day two Finn." I sigh. He walks us towards a bench and sits down patting the seat beside him.

I slump into it. Very un queen like. "And you seem to have caught the attention of both Italian princes. Did you expect any different?"

I shrug. "Well yes. I know that I am called beautiful but I want something more. Someone who wants to get to know me."

"And both princes want to." He says so matter of factly as he leans back relaxing and crossing his ankles.

"They are so different but both very appealing and one is able to rule here whilst the other …"

"Could rule spain, along side you. It doesn't hurt they are handsome. So why the long face?"

"Because it is two brothers! What if they begun to argue or I am a challenge to them?" I turn looking at him and hoping he can answer my worries and make them go away.

"They are brothers that have few options if they want a princess but with that. They'd be wise to challenge one another for your affection. You are one of a kind. Brothers will fight but they will make up princess. They are smart enough to know if they are both gunning for you that one will end up losing or both."

"You don't think it's wrong of me? Unfair?" I bite my lip nervously.

"No. I believe you are an eighteen year old woman who is many years ahead of herself. Other than in the experience of men. The attention will flatter you and you'll probably fall and fall hard. Because you are human Bella. Not just a princess. Every first of anything is scary, exciting and a hell of a ride. Allow yourself to have fun and find something for you. Whatever that may be but don't leave here with regrets of what could have been. Better to leave with a slight regret you did too much than too little."

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