Hold On To Me

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Out Out


"Do you always come to this area and not down there?"

"O no. The boys here have a table area that gets cornered off with bouncers down there. How else are they to go fishing?" Franco says laughing.


"Franco." Alessandro has a warning tone to his voice.

Franco shrugs and leans over to me speaking into my ear. "The women down there know the princes. Very well. Not all of them of course. Even they wouldn't manage that. But my cousins don't have to throw on the charm to get a woman. Usually. So whatever you've been doing. Keep at it. It's nice watching them have to put in some effort for once. Living how most of us do. Not me of course as i'm far too handsome, women fall at my feet in the street regularly."

I laugh loudly and cover my mouth with my hand as it falls from me in a fit. Franco chuckles and then pretends a hurt expression for seconds.

"Whatever he told you will not be true." I barely stop laughing as I look to Matteo with a knowing smile. "Fine some of it may be true, but my cousin here is only trying to make us sound bad so he looks good."

"I'm primed and ready to be a king." Franco says moving his hands slowly down his lean chest and stomach. I am hysterically laughing when the waitress unloads numerous drinks onto the table. So many colours and different shapes and sized glasses.

I am like a kid in a sweet store. With France and his jokes. He even keeps dancing in his seat which has me moving along with him unable to help myself. I take a small green shot glass and place it in front of me. I then pick a tumbler that has what seems to be mint leaves in, and another that is a red and orange colour in a taller glass.

"I'm not sure …" Matteo says looking at me but Franco picks up the shot glass passing it to me.

I smile at Franco and wink at the princes. Before copying Franco and throwing the green, extremely sour and strong tasting liquid in my mouth. Swallowing it down I know before they laugh the face I pulled. Very unlady like. Yet I go in for another and another. Tasting numerous drinks I landed on the red and orange one. Loving the fruity taste it has.

"I like this one best. What is it? Maybe i should have it made for me at home." I ask and Alessandro smiles, shaking his head.

"It's sex on the beach, Bella." Matteo says with a flirtatious tone. His smile spreads wider as my eyes bug out. They named a drink that?

"Well i couldn't possibly say to Marco the head chef please add sex on the beach to the drinks menu." I say with a serious tone before it falls and I laugh. After some more drinks and the fact my ass is behaving like a dog with worms dragging its bottom on the floor. I turn to Franco who also shifts on his seat ready to dance. "Franco would you dance with me? I've seen them dancing down there and i am pretty sure i can do it."

"Yes. I've been waiting to knock you off your feet all night." He smiles standing up and barely giving me a chance to stand. His hand taking mine like an excited child pulling me over to the small empty dance floor. "679 by fetty wap. Might not be your cup of tea." He says leaning into my ear but I ignore the explicit words and feel the beat.

As I begin to move my hips Franco smiles and begins to move holding my hands in front of him. His shoulders and hips moving in time with mine. As the chorus kicks in a second time. The alcohol and the fact no one can see us in here bar staff and guards has me daring. I turn around and give my ass a shake at Franco. He does a pretend slapping of my ass with a drastic reach out. I have never laughed or smiled so much. I put my hands up to the sky and swirl my hips and move my head completely relaxed.


She has shocked me. She still sits poised as she drinks but the light colour that has held on her cheeks gives me the idea she is drunk. She has drank and mixed them and for someone who drinks a few wines or champagnes that's a lot. Her and Franco seem to be having a laugh at mine and Alessandro's expense. Even more as he takes her to the dance floor.

Obviously I know she can dance but formal dances and this are very different. She has slowly been moving more and more to the music on her chair. Yet she had asked Franco to dance? Out of all the people. When she moves with a delicate almost shy sway of her hips. Her ass running circles in my head before this. Fuck the woman is killing me. I watch with a large spike of jealousy that it is Franco holding her hands. It's when she turns round bending over and almost perfectly twerking her ass at Franco. I stand up, my seat nearly knocking to the floor. Alessandro following suit. But she is oblivious as she looks over her shoulder watching Franco slapping the air. He touches that ass before or after me and I'll cut his hand off.

Her smile and laugh floats through the air knocking all the breath from my lungs. It's like stepping in the rain for the first time after a long drought. She seems to bring out the best in people. Makes them flourish like parched grass being watered.

"She told you herself about our kiss." Alessandro says as we both sit down again picking up the nearest drink. Neither of us checked if it was actually ours. I find my fingers clasping a shot glass but I knock it back needing something between my parched lips. My eyes still focused on her beaming smile. "You were right."

"I had told you she would tell me. Because one thing for sure is clear, she has no experience with men. Not in the way that we are throwing at her. She seems to like us both and fucking Franco."

"Yeah shall we ban him from the palace for the remainder of her stay." Alessandro pries his eyes away from her, smiling at me. I pick up a glass of champagne and tap it to his cocktail. Cheers to that. The last thing I need is another person competing for her time. Even my mother is taken with her. Describing her as an amazing girl that she'd wish was her daughter in law.

I'd been so certain she would tell me about the kiss with Alessandro because I saw it the first night. When i'd been so close to kissing her. Hanging dangerously on her trellis. Yet the risk of falling nearly three flights wasn't what felt dangerous in the moment. It had been her. She felt like she was dangerous. Pushing too soon I didn't want her to step back. Or is that all a load of crap and truthfully I felt the pull and urge so strong that I'd been scared shitless.

"She can dance." I mumble not to Alessandro but he obviously hears me as he sighs heavily. Running his hand through his curls.

"Fuck yeah she can." He grumbles back. "You did something good for her. Convincing the beast." He lifts his brows towards Finn the royal guard. "She is glowing with how happy she is."

She really is glowing. Her hair shakes down her back as she looks up to the ceiling. Shaking her hips. I grind my teeth together and rearrange my cock. Not caring as I put my hand down my trousers and point myself down. The straining against the buttons of my trousers is killing me.

"O fuck no. Excuse me brother." I grind out. The song changed and I didn't originally know what it was. Not until it quoted 'I'm feeling sexual, we should be sexual.'

Yeah Franco began to slime his way over to her shaking his chest like he had breasts. She laughs as he descends on her. I made it to her just as his hand was about to come down on her waist. I look over her head at him as I hold her hips from behind pulling her against me.

"I believe this dance is mine." I say with a dominance I've never heard before. It rumbles from my chest that her back leans against. Franco winks at me the menace and then bows to Bella making her giggle. "Are you feeling ok?"

I say into her ear. She relaxes her body against mine and begins to slowly move her ass against me. My hands tighten on her, biting into her slender hips.

"I feel great. I don't think i've ever had so much fun." She gives a relaxing sigh and I begin to move with her. Our bodies move in rhythm as the song begins to finish. I wish i could tell her i've never experienced a more painful night myself. My cock has been hard for you all night long. Yet I bite the comment back. Enjoying having her against me, my hands on her body. My fingers itching to move both down and up her front. "Thank you."

She barely whispers as she leans to one side tilting her head and looking up at me. My heart seems to have come to a stop. If my body wasn't moving on it's own accord with hers I would have become a statue. Her pale blue orbs meet mine with such gratitude. Yet I've done nothing but convince her royal guard to allow this. How did she even know? I want to kiss her. That need is so strong that my cock that now points down one of my trouser legs leaks cum. My lips burn with the temptation.

Yet I don't lean forwards. Instead I move against her. Leading her hips and holding that firm ass against my body. I don't kiss her because my brother is here. We may both be gunning for the same woman but a respect needs to be had. A line needs to be made. I will not use her to hurt him nor will I hurt her. I won't have her thinking I did it to get at my brother. When really it has taken everything in me not to kiss her from the minute she stepped out of the limousine the first day.

For how many songs I don't know but I hold her. Her hands found their way to sit on top of mine. Our fingers are holding one another. We move together and if my trousers don't hold a wet patch from cum I'll be shocked. I feel ready to burst and the brushing of her against me has only made that harder. Literally. Throbbing hard.

"Princess. It is time to leave. For security reasons we need to get you out of here an hour before closing minimally. Statistics …" Finn says, looking almost regretful for interrupting us.

"It's ok Finn. Thank you for allowing this." She reluctantly stepped away from me. A sudden cold seemed to hit me that I hadn't felt before from the air conditioning. Missing her body against mine and holding her hands. This is all so new and unfamiliar but I cannot deny the instant connection I felt to her.

"You can thank Matteo here for that. He had already found most of the things i would need to know and was very persuasive as to why i should allow this."

"You did this?" Bella turns looking at me. Her face is a mixture of emotions all moving so quickly through her eyes that I cannot pinpoint any individually. All I can do is nod to her question. She rips me of charm and sarcasm. Leaving behind a mess of confusion but one that I want. Strange.

Finn puts his arm out and Bella takes it. Walking away with a wave to Alessandro and Franco. A large real smile still held on her blushing face. Then she looks over her shoulder again just before being swarmed by the guards. Her eyes met mine and I saw the tell-tale signs of her desire for me. That amount of time being as close as we were didn't only affect me. Why is it I smile knowing her clit aches and is begging for release as my cock is. Both tortured. Both feeling many things that are overwhelming.

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