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When love finds you, do you believe?

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Samantha Curtis
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Accidental Meeting


The car ploughed through the giant puddle on the road.

Can this day get any worse? Sarah-Lynn asked herself.

Just as she was shaking herself off trying not to cry she realised that she saw the car had stopped!

"Great, some rich person coming to laugh at me, that's all I need. I just want to get home."

The door to the car opened and the most handsome man she had ever seen stepped out and ran to her with an umbrella. "I'm so sorry, I was a little distracted by my son. Please let me take you home?"

Sarah-Lynn tried to think of an excuse why not when she heard the cry of a toddler.

"Why is your child crying?"

Josh looked at her with his big blue tired eyes "we are just coming from the doctor. He has a fever and I just can't get him settled. He is teething"

Sarah-lynn walked over to the car and gasped. The child had the biggest clearest eyes she had ever seen but they were red rimmed from crying and his cheeks were glowing.

"Poor kid, I know it sucks." She turned to Josh and said" I missed my bus so I would love a lift home. Do you mind if I sit in back with your child though?"

Josh smiled... "if you don't mind ear damage from the crying."

Sarah-lynn stepped into the back and started talking to the boy and put his pacifier in and Josh couldn't believe it.. His son smiled and stopped crying!

"How did you do that?" Sarah-lynn looked up and his heart melted.... Her big brown eyes were laughing as she said "sometimes all it takes is a pacifier and a stranger as distraction."

Josh jumped into the front seat, "OK where I can I bring you too, your wish is my command."

Sarah-lynn smiled and told him her address. Josh looked at her and couldnt stop thinking how his luck had changed today. He was glad there was nothing serious with his son but after 2 days of little sleep it was nice to just hear nothing. He looked in his mirror and his son had finally drifted off. "I think you might be an angel."

Sarah-lynn laughed "he is adorable, what's his name?"

Josh looked at his son and Sarah-lynn could see his eyes glowing with pride.

"His name is Ethan, he just turned 2 last week." Sarah-lynn laughed "ah the terrible twos. Is he a climber too?"

Josh smiled "I think he is part monkey, he climbs everything and has no fear."

Sarah-lynn laughed hard and it was the prettiest sound he had ever heard, soft and gentle. He knew then that he was in trouble. After his girlfriend got pregnant and ditched the baby at his house he hadn't even thought of being in a relationship again. Ethan was his whole world and he wasn't going to confuse his son by bringing a woman into his life. But this woman just pulled at him and he didn't know why.

Sarah-lynn was lost in her thoughts, this guy was too cute, such a shame he was taken. I mean there was no way a guy like this with a child would be single, right? She caught him looking at her in the mirror and dropped her eyes quickly embarrassed to have been caught staring.

Josh just smiled. He wasn't going to let this girl get away easy. He knew he had finally found her. Who knew love at first sight actually existed? He slowly pulled up at her door and stopped the car.

Sarah-lynn looked up and smiled, slightly crooked still from embarrassment. Thanks for the lift. I really appreciate it." she quickly stepped out hoping to get in her house quickly when Josh called out.

" Wait!" He ran up to her "listen I really am sorry for soaking you. Can I make it up to you and take you out to dinner some time?"

Sarah-lynn didn't know what to say, it couldn't be he was single could it?

Josh stood looking at her and could see all the emotions flicking across her face. "Please, my treat anywhere you fancy. I would really like to get to know you better."

"Okay, what about meeting up when Ethan is feeling a bit better? Maybe we could do a picnic at the park? Just when Josh thought she was perfect she surprised him be being even better, she could have asked to go anywhere and she just wanted a picnic with him and his son! "It's a date!" And he looked at her and knew he would never let her go again. She had just captured his lonely heart forever.

Thanks for reading my first ever chapter. Please let me know any tips or should I just stop right here?

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