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𝟐 𝐀𝐥𝐩𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐈𝐧 𝐎𝐧𝐞 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐥 [𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐅𝐅]

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Where 2 Alpha's from the 2 famous packs meet and go to the same school... what will happen to them?? "SUBMIT!!" "Oh hell no!!" "What the fuck?! Why aren't you submitting to me?!" "Because I'm not like other wolves!! Now fuck off!!" #taekook #language #yoonminseok #namjin

Romance / Other
Xi An Lang
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CHAPTER 1: The Scent and the Unusual Meeting

THIRD PERSON’S POV (Taehyung’s side)

In the pack of the Solar Artic, a young alpha was sitting on top of their pack house roof while watching the sun come up turning the sky into mixed colors of orange yellow, he closes his eyes as he feels the cool morning breeze hitting his face and making his bangs sway, his sweater providing him warmth and giving him sweater paws, then he tightened his eyed shut as he felt another pain in his chest as another burnt bruise formed on his neck, he breathed heavily as he held his tears back in as he breathed in and out slowly... then he opened his eyes as he heard the artic birds chirping while flying in the sky, still breathing heavily, he looked down from the rooftop and saw the morning Deltas going on morning patrols through the forest and every border of the pack...

"Tae sweetie?” He heard his mother’s sweet voice in the link

"Yeah mom?” He asked still looking over the pack

"Come down to the dining room! Breakfast is ready!!” His mother said

The young alpha named Taehyung, stood up and stretched a little as he went down from the rooftop, he was finally already for his first day of school with his siblings and friends, actually... Taehyung is a high-class graduated student and trainee from the private school, Havoc Academy from the Lunar Dusk Pack and the only reason why he was attending his siblings’ school because they were being harassed and his father wanted him to protect them, so he only agreed.

When he has reached the dining room he saw his family and friends waiting for him, so he sat down on the chair opposite to his father so he was facing him, then he started eating as the maids brought him food.

“So! Your first day at our school huh?” His older brother, Kim Younghoon says as he looks at him

Taehyung only nods at his brother as he continued to eat, he’s sometimes talkative when the matter is serious but if questions are only easy to answer he only nods and shakes his head, he’s not that kind of wolf who is bubbly and friendly. Yes! He is kind and caring, but he’s not a talkative one even in his younger years.

But, he was once when they were still a complete family... but his older brother, Kim Seokjin disappeared one night when he turned 18 and never came back, but he learned that his brother found his mate at that night so he decided to run away with him to the Crescent Canine Pack, when Taehyung learned of this he disliked his brother for leaving him without saying anything and for having him worried for 2 years.

“Another one?” His father, Kim Gong-yoo and the Alpha of the pack asked him

Then all attention was on him as his mother teared up when he saw another burnt bruise mark on his son’s neck again.

“Yeah... but it was nothing dad, I can handle it” Taehyung says calmly and they all dropped the subject and continued eating

After they were all eating, they all stood up as they went outside of the pack house and saw the car they’re gonna use, his friends got in while he and his older siblings said goodbye to their parents.

“We’ll see you later eomma! Appa!” His older sister, Kim Tzuyu says as she hugs their parents and got in the car

“See you guys later” Younghoon says as he hugs their parents as well and sat on the shotgun seat

Taehyung was only silent with his parents, so he decided to hug them as well and give them a small smile.

“I’ll see you both later, and don’t worry I’ll look after them... especially Jihoon hyung Bogum hyung” Taehyung says as he looks at his best friend, Park Bogum

Park Bogum is the future beta of the pack and has finally graduated collage, then he finally sat on the driver’s seat and drove off towards the school his siblings and friends attend... Diac University.

THIRD PERSON’S POV (Jungkook’s side)

It was another day at the Crescent Canine Pack, and in a room a figure was lying on the bed naked as he had another one-night stand last night... he was still sleeping until he was knocked off his bed, the young alpha groaned and growled only to be met with his best friend Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok and Kim Namjoon behind him.

“Wake up you little shit” Yoongi says lazily

“Just shut the fuck up” Jungkook growls as he rolls his eyes

“Breakfast is ready you horny brat” Yoongi says again as he left his room with Namjoon and Hoseok behind him

Jungkook groaned as he got up and stretched he looked at his foot and saw the condom he used last night from the hard-core sex with their university’s school slut, Ruth Gulliem Gomez (Chunseo), well, he is a known fuck boy there... he went into the bathroom and threw the condom in the trash can and started taking a shower... after he took a shower, he decided to wear a black shirt and black ripped jeans with a leather jacket and paired it with his timberlands.

He went out of his bathroom and replaced his dirty sheets with new ones as he placed the dirty ones in the laundry basket, then he went out of his room and went downstairs and into the dining room and saw his parents and friends eating, so he went and sat beside his father and started eating the food, then he looked at his father as he heard him sigh.

“What is it dad?” He asked

“We were attacked again by the Black Blood Pack” his father, Jeon Jungho and the Alpha of the pack said as he massaged his temple

“Was anyone killed?” His mother, Jeon Lily asked as his father shook his head but glared at his son

“What?” Jungkook asked his father

“I thought we agreed about no one-night stands?!” Jungho asked with a growl

“Well, I don’t care about mates dad... mine hasn’t even showed up and I wanted to have fun” Jungkook says with a shrug and he grew silent as his mother slammed her hand on the table

“There was a fly on the table” she said and they all started eating again

“Seokjin, I heard that your brother id gonna be attending Diac university?” Jungho asks

“Yes my Luna, but I just hope he talks to me again... he’s in pain right now and I want to help him” Seokjin says with a pained voice

“Oh dear! What happened to him?” Lily asks him

“My sister told me that ever since he turned 18, his breathing became slow even though he’s an alpha...” Seokjin says as he sobs a little

All of them had wide eyes as Seokjin says that, and they all pitied the omega for his brother.

“Is... his mate?” His mate, Kim Namjoon asks

“I don’t know... but my sister says that he just ignored it, saying he can handle the pain” Seokjin says as he wipes his tears

All of them went silent again then continued eating as Seokjin wanted to drop the discussion, then after they were done eating they all left the pack house and the pack and went to the university since Seokjin still needs to meet up with his brother.

When they all arrived at the university, they went into the fields as that’s where Tzuyu messaged Seokjin about the meet-up, when Seokjin and the others got there... Jungkook smelled the most amazing and addicting scent he has smelled in the world, a scent of honey and lavender filled his nostrils, as for Taehyung he also smelled the scent he hated for weakening him, a scent of pine and mint that made his wolf whimper and him growl.

“Tae? Are you ok?” Younghoon asks his brother

“He’s here...” Taehyung growls

Younghoon and the others eyed widen and they looked at Seokjin and noticed the guy who was also smelling the air, Younghoon got mad and started marching towards the alpha, Seokjin looked at his brother confused until he punched Jungkook.

“Younghoon!!” Seokjin yells at his brother

Jungkook fell down and landed on his ass, and then growled at the person who punched him, his eyes turned crimson red from anger and stood up, ready to punch the beta until a hand stopped his fist, Jungkook was ready to hurt the one who stopped his fist but soon eyes widen when he smelled the scent again and he looked up to be met with chocolate brown orbs.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Jungkook asks his mate with a growl

“What the fuck are you doing?! Going to punch my brother?!” Taehyung growls

“That was his fault for punching me!!” Jungkook growled and that made the others submit to him

“And do you even know why he punched you?!” Taehyung yelled angrily holding back his tears

“I don’t care!!” Jungkook yelled

Taehyung let go of his fist and looked at his brother, sister and friends.

"Go inside, I’ll follow you guys there” Taehyung links

As his brother, sister and friends obeyed and left the fields leaving him with his other brother, the other wolves and his so called mate... once he was left along with them, he glared at Jungkook and pushed right passed him.

“Taehyung!!” He ignored his brother’s call and continued walking

"SUBMIT!!" Jungkook yelled using his true blood voice that made the others knees go weak but they were used to it

Jungkook’s eyes furrowed as Taehyung only stopped in his tracks and turned to look at him again.

“Oh hell no!!” Taehyung barked

“What the fuck?! Why aren’t you submitting?!” Jungkook asks annoyed

“Because I’m not like any other wolves Jeon! Now fuck off!” Taehyung snaps as he started walking again then left

Jungkook and the ones present there were shocked at Taehyung wasn’t affected by Jungkook’s true blood voice, because alphas also submit to him, but they were all snapped out of their thoughts as Seokjin started sobbing.


“He has burnt bruise marks!!” Seokjin cried as he saw his baby brother’s neck

The others only looked at him sadly, but they had to go and attend class, and Jungkook knows that this is gonna be a long day.


Back at the Jeon’s pack house, Jungho started getting stress from the surprise attacks from the Venom Blood Pack, so he decided to call a friend of his.

"Hello?" The voice on the other line says

“Gong-yoo?” Jungho calls

"Oh! Hey Jungho! What do you need old friend?" Gong-yoo asks

“Black Blood is making moves and I need a favor” Jungho says

"Anything for you my friend” Gong-yoo says

“Can you let my son and his friends stay there for a while? Seokjin will come with them” Jungho asks

"Of course Jungho! When will they come?" Gong-yoo asks

“Tonight” Jungho says

"Alright, I’ll let my wife and the deltas know" Gong-yoo says

Then they both talked for a while, until they needed to do their duties again.

Hey my Lovely Royalz!!
So how’s the chapter?
I hope you don’t hate Jungkook for what he’s doing to Taehyung...
And do you guys think Tae will accept Kook one day?
Hope you enjoyed!!
I love you!!

Author-nim, over ’n out!!

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