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Hollywood Boarding School

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Famous kids from famous parents in Hollywood go to boarding school to learn what they love to do. Each have a skill they love. Some will follow in their parents' footsteps, some do their own thing. Some are models, some are popstars, rockstars, rappers, some plan on acting.

Romance / Erotica
Hayli Hill
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Chapter 1: Two Popstars Clash

Paisley looked at the school that is gonna be her home for the next 4 years. She takes a deep breath and goes up to the high school. She goes in the school, takes a picture of herself, posts it on her social media sites, and captions the posts " first day at a new school. Wish me good luck fans. " She ends the caption with a kissy face and a period. She puts her cellphone in her designer purse and looks for the Dean's office. As she continues walking, she spots a group of girls with their arms around who appeared to be their boyfriends. One boy locked eyes with her and for a moment it felt like they were the only two people in the foyer. She falls on the boy's girlfriend and they both land on the floor.

The boy helps her up while his girl's friends help the girl up. The girl was blond with blue eyes and rose beige skin. She had what looked like a big bust and an hourglass figure.

The boy, had brown eyes, brown hair and dark tan skin which had a few tattoes. He looked at Paisley and opened his perfect mouth. " Are... you okay...beautiful? " He looked at her lips.

Paisley blushes." Yes."

The boy looks at his girlfriend. "Babe. Are you okay?"

The girl, who was glaring at Paisley, hating that her man called another girl beautiful, opens her mouth. " I am fine.

The boy smiles and nods. Paisley looks at the group. " Um. I am trying to find the Dean's office. Can any of you tell me where that is? I am Paisley Tipton by the way. "

The boy looks at her, holding his girlfriend who, along with her friends, were still glaring. " I can take you there. My name is Zues Rubystine. This is Bart Gardener."


"Derek Shannon".

" hey."

"Zackary Lancaster".

" How you doin."

" Leo Baker".

" Hello".

" Damion Walker".

" Hi."

" my girl. Uh. Friend. Annaliese Thornbottom. And her friends Darla Washington, Freya Maryland, Joanie Darington, Fiona Templetonia , and Laverna Lancaster. Zackary's big sister. "

The group of girls just pout and glare at her. Paisley wondered why the girls were glaring at her but she knew she had to get to the Dean's office to make a schedule and get her room number. " Well. It is nice to meet all of you. But can someone lead me to the Dean's office"?

Zues smiles. " I will help you. All of us just came from there."

Annaliese speaks up. " Why can't Joanie's boyfriend take her? He already has a dorm room. "

Zues sighs. " You can come with babe. "

Annaliese blushes and smiles. " Ok."

Annaliese waves goodbye to her friends and their boyfriends and she links her right arm to Zues's left arm and they both walk Paisley to the Dean's office. They reach the office and Zues smiles at both Paisley and his girlfriend. " This is the Dean's office. I will show you around after you get settled in. Babe you coming?".

Annaliese smiles. " I will catch up with you baby boy. "

Zues nods and gives her kiss on the lips. " ok babe. "

Paisley looks away. Wishing she had someone to love, realizing she has feelings for Zues. Annaliese turns to Paisley in anger. Paisley smiles sheepishly. Annaliese glares at her and gets in her face. " Stay AWAY from my man bitch. HE IS MINE. and if you EVER. Go near him, talk to him, or touch him in any way. If you steal him from me. I will make your life a LIVING HELL. GOT IT?"

Paisley frowns And nods. " Yes. "

Annaliese smiles. " Good. " She leaves and Paisley goes in the dean's office. The dean smiles and motions for her to sit.

" Welcome. Annaliese. I am Mr. Fitzgerald. The Dean. You room number is 9. Your roommate is already up there and I will have someone take your suitcases up. "

" Thank you Mr. Fitzgerald. "

" You are welcome. Now on to your class schedule. What classes would you like? you can have eight classes for each semester. "

Paisley smiles. " French class, gymnastics, voice acting, theatre, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, and Greek. For the first semester and Greek, Spanish, Norwegian, German, French, Italian, gymnastics and Chinese. For the second semester. "

" Okay. I will put those in your schedule. Have you learned any of these languages before?" He types up the schedule and prints it out.

" Yes. But I only know fifty words. And I wanna know all of them. "

" Okay. For semester number one you have French for first period, Gymnastics second period, voice acting third period, theatre fourth period, Spanish fifth period, Norwegian sixth period, and Italian seventh period, and Greek for eighth period. Second semester you have French, Gymnastics, German, Chinese, Spanish, Norwegian, italian and Greek. " He hands her the schedule and she smiles.

" Thank you."

Mr. Fitzgerald nods. " you are welcome."

Paisley walks out the door to the Dean's office and follows six vallets carrying her stuff to her dorm room. When they reach the dorm room. The vallets put her suitcases on her side of the bedroom on her new mattress. She waves goodbye to the vallets and puts blue sheets on her bed. Her roommate helps her.

" Hey. I'm Alexia . I am from New York, New York. What is your name? "

Paisley smiles." I am Paisley. Nice to meet you. ' She puts her zebra print bedspread on her bed and big matching pillows.

" Nice to meet you to. Where are you from? "

Paisley puts a sparkly silver pillow and a white furry pillow on her bed. " I am from North Dakota. "

Alexia nods. " Cool. So do you have a boyfriend?"

Paisley puts a ocean scented candle on her nightstand and puts it on a protective plate in the far corner of the nightstand so she can safely charge her smartphone. She puts her smartphone on the clean nightstand and charges it. " No. But I am in love with a guy named Zues Rubystine."

" Well don't let Annaliese know. She is his girlfriend."

Paisley winces. " yeah I know. She threatened to make my life a living hell if I speak to, look at, touch, or go near him. But when I met Zues. It was like no one else was in the room. " She goes to her own bathroom and puts her perfumes and nail stuff in the cabinet. Next she sets up her make up station and then puts her clothes in her very own walk in closet.

" Well. I can't blame you. I feel the same way about Derek. " Alexia sighs. " But he is dating Fiona Templetonia."

Paisley puts her hundreds of shoes in her closet and accessories. " Yeah.... I saw. Hey when I am done setting up my half of the dorm, wanna do something together?"

Alexia smiles and nods. " Sure. And we can get to know each other more."

Paisley smiles at her new friend as she goes back in the bathroom and puts hair stuff in another cabinet and on the bath counter. Then she puts her bath and body stuff on the bath counter to. After an hour she is done setting up her side of the dorm. She looks at Alexia and goes over to her.

" So... What shall we do?".

" First of all, get each other’s numbers and turn on the TV. "

Paisley nods. " Ok. ".

Paisley gives her new best friend her number and gets Alexia’s number. They turn on the tv, Alexia switches it to Hulu and they watch a fantasy movie.

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