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Exploring The New Palace (New Home)

After bumping into each other, I and Zaker are standing there awkwardly.

Zaker : "You already got a debt to pay."

Me : "Debt? What debt?"

Zaker : "For bumping into me."


Me : "How to pay for the debt?"

Zaker : "Later, Now come to the Rox Party room. "

Me : "What the heck 'Rox Party' is?!"

Zaker : "Rox party is a prey party where we party with with our prey. Since you are our prey, you will party with us too."

Me : "What?! Prey party?! Are you mad?"

They party with their prey they get?! What kind of culture is this?

Zaker : "Why? Weren't you interested of knowing about our culture and lifestyle?"

Me : "I don’t want to argue now. So, I will go to the rox party."

Zaker : "Be ready by tonight. The party will be held at 9 p.m."

Me : "Weren’t I supposed to go now?"

Zaker : "We don't arrange many things on each rox party but we will need this time."

Me : "Why?"

Zaker : "Because you are our first interesting and different prey."

Here he goes again! I am scared about how the other Zikaboos will be!

The two zikaboos who showed me the room suddenly appear between us.

1st man : "Oh..you are out already?"

Me : "Yeah"

Zaker : "Where in the world were you two?"

2nd man : "We went to do other works"

Zaker : "You were supposed to finish this work I gave! "

2nd man : "Oi! What are we? Your butlers?"

1st man : "He is right! You can treat your friends as butlers!"

Zaker : "Shut your mouth! Go and arrange more things for today's Rox Party!"

1st man : "What? We are having a Rox Party tonight? "

Zaker : "Don't forget that we have gotten a new most interesting prey. So, shut up and arrange as many things as possible. "

2nd man : "You are such a weirdo! Have you noticed that you scared our pretty creature! "

The 2nd man gives Zaker a light push.

Me : "Wait a sec! I haven’t introduced with you two yet! Why don't you introduce yourselves? "

I point at the 1st & 2nd man.

Zaker : "Oh...yes. Totally forgot! So, the first one is Sibachu and the second one is Hypto. "

1st man : "Nice to be introduced with you. "

Me : "You too"

Sibachu : "Well..You can call us by our names. Consider yourself lucky that the prince decided not to eat you. "

Hmph! I don't think the Zaker guy should be called their prince!

Me : "uh.. Do you have anything I can eat now? I am starving. "

I wonder what kind of things does they eat.

Hypto : "Sure thing. Go to the living room with Zaker, we are bringing foods. "

Zaker leads me to their living room. It's as beautiful as his room!

Zaker sits on a big stone and pats on the stone beside him.

Zaker : "Take a sit. "

Am I supposed to sit BESIDE him? I guess I am.

I sit on the stone. I am shivering because Zaker is beside me and he is so close! Hope Zaker don’t notice I am shivering!

Soon, Hypto and Sibachu come with some foods. Sibachu puts the tray on the table.

Me : "What? You have human's foods?!"

Hypto : "Yeah. "

I didn’t expect them to have human's foods. Do they also eat human's foods or do anything else with human's foods?

Hypto gets me everything I need before eating. Finally, I dig in! But after eating a bit, I realize that I am the only one eating. The others are just seeing me eating.

Me : "Um..Aren’t any of you going to eat? It feels so lonely to eat by myself. "

They exchange glance wit each other like they are confused what to say.

Zaker : "We don't eat human's food. "

Me : "Then bring the foods you zikaboos eat. Then we all can eat together! "

Hypto : "Sorry, but we don't need to eat 4-5 times a day like humans need. We just eat 1 time and that's enough for us. "

Me : "Do you get enough energy by eating just one time a day?"

Sibachu : "More than enough. "

Oh...They don't eat human's food. Then, what do they do with human's food?

I finish eating. The foods were tasty!

Me : "Thank you! The foods were tasty!"

Zaker : "Welcome. The foods are cooked by humans. Each times we attacks on humans, we bring their foods. "

Me : "Why?You don't eat human's food."

Zaker : "But humans eat. We need their food to feed our god. He is a human and our goddess is a vampire.

Me : "I thought you were the god or king ."

Zaker : "No.. Our god and goddess is them who started the zikaboo nation on the earth. They started it by marrying each other and begetting a lot of powerful half-blood childrens. From there childr—

Me : " No need to tell more. I know about starting of zikaboo Vampires."

I hold out my hands as a stop signal.

Zaker : "You do?"

Me : "Yeah. That's why I came here. Because I like mystery and adventure. Zikaboo Vampires are a mysterious nation. I came here to know more about them even after knowing that I may die here."

Zaker seems surprised after hearing my reason for coming here. He can't quite believe my words.

Me : "Let's keep the talking for now. First I would like to have a ride around the castle."

Zaker : "It's a palace, not castle."

Me : "Whatever."

I swear Zaker is annoyed by my bossy attitude. I can't let him toys with me. Hehe.. Zaker. It's just the beginning! You can't be bossy with me. I won't be bossy with you much!

Me : "Let's take a ride around the palace."

Zaker : "Wh-what do you mean by let's take a ride? You mean you and me?"

Me : "No one is around except you and me"

Zaker's cheeks turns pink. What is to be blushing about?

Me : "Will you come or not? I don’t know the whole palace. I may get lost."

Zaker : "Coming!"

Me : "Good."

We leave the room. Zaker offers to go the garden first.

He leads me to the garden. I can't believe what is there!

Me : "OMG!!!"

The garden is more than a mess! Looks like they haven’t been watering the garden for thousand years! All flowers are dead. Insects are wriggling everywhere! It totally like a spooky place!

Me : "What happened to the garden?Don't you give it water?"

Zaker : "Haunted Zikaboos destroyed the garden when they attacked last time."

Me : "But haunted zikaboos attack humans!"

Zaker : "Yeah, But they also attck non-haunted zikaboos. We are non-haunted zikaboos."

Me : "Didn’t you started to make the garden again?"

Zaker : "I didn’t thought about it."

No way. I can't stay here like this! That's it. I will make the garden like before again!

Me : "I will make the garden again. I can't stay here like this."

Zaker : "Make the garden like before? That's fine by me."

Zaker : "Do you need all my butlers to help?"

Me : "One will be enough. I like to work by myself."

They don't care if the garden is destroyed? Whatever, I will have to see very unexpected things. So, I shouldn’t be surprised.

Me : "I will start tommorow morning."

Zaker takes me to all places of the palace. All places are beautiful except the garden. I am sure I will make the garden beautiful again in no time!

It's evening now. Zaker told me that it was morning when I got back my consciousness in the palace.

Me : "Thanks for the ride. I am going to take a rest. "

Zaker : "Rest? What is rest?"

Me : "You don't know what is taking a rest?"

Zaker : "No, we don’t do anyting like this."

Me : "Taking a rest means taking a nap. You take a rest when you are tired or weak."

Zaker : "I understood! But we don’t need to rest. We never get tired."

Me : "I see. But as you know, I am a human. Humans need rest. So, I am going to take a rest too if you don’t mind. You will need to let me do things that humans do if you want to stuck me here forever."

Zaker : "Humans are so complicated!"

Me : "Hey!"

I enter the room and close the door. I jump on the bed. Oh..the pillow, the bedsit is so soft! I feel like I am in the heaven!

Soon, it will be time for their Rox Party. What kind of party is it going to be? What will happen there?

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