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Mysterious Rox Party & all things talk!

Finally It's time for their mysterious Rox Party. Who knows what are they going to do there.

I need to stay calm. I can't let them do anything weird with me! If they try to do, I will scream and run! But if the door is locked, I will try to fight them back!

I am in the room. I am confused if I should call this room the prince's room or my room. I walk up to the closet.

There is plenty of beautiful dresses in the closet. All look perfect on me. What should I wear? I end up choosing a red dress with a red ribbon.

Blue is my colour but today, I don’t know why I wanted to wear something red. I get to work.

The dress is more easy to wear than the blue one I weared in the morning. I stand at the mirror and look at myself head to toe.

I sure look awesome! I bet grandma wold have told me 'Alice?! You look more beautiful than anyone ever!' if she was here. I wonder what is grandma doing.


Me : "Who is it?"

Sibachu : "Me! Are you done? Party is about to start!"

Me : "Coming!"

I go ahead and open the door. I come outside of the room. Sibachu looks at me head to toe.

I know Sibachu sure is thinking I am beautiful but he don't tell anything. He just looks at me.

Me : "Umm.."

Sibachu clears his throat and says nervously-

Sibachu : "Ahem. Le-Let's go the party!"

We start walking through the corridor. I feel very awkward to live with zikaboo vampires! We finally reach the room.

Sibachu opens the door and I am horrified about what I am seeing there!

A lot of Zikaboo Vampires have come here. It looks like all the zikaboo vampires of the kingdom have come here!

I didn’t even think about this! I thought I will just have to party with the 3 zikaboos! Oh god!

Me : "Sibachu? What is going on here?! Am I supposed to party with all zikaboos of the kingdom?!"

Sibachu : "Of course! That's what peoples call a party!"

Me : "Why didn't you tell me before? I would have come prepared! "

I am nervous. My legs, my hands, my whole body is shivering! Someone get me out of here!

Sibachu : "Let's go."

He grabs my hand and takes me at the middle of the room. The room is more bigger than the palace of Reymond village! The party has begun already. So, No one is noticing me.

There are many sizes of zikaboos here. Some of them are wolf size, some are vampire size, some are human size.

??? : "Hey, look! Our prey is here!"

Someone tells my presence from a corner of the room! He points at me.

Then, all the zikaboos attention come to me. All of them are looking at me! I have never been into a embarrassing situation like this before! There gazes are fixed on me!

I bow my head and look at my shoe. I don't know what to do. Tears want to drop through my eyes. Grandma! Save me!

Hypto : "Oy, what are you all looking at? Mind your own business. She needs some times to be comfortable around us. "

I tilt up my head and see Hypto is scolding everyone for making me uncomfortable!

Suddenly a zikaboo speaks-

??? : Oy, muscle head. We were just looking at her. "

Hypto : "But, Can't you see that she is feeling uncomfortable because of you looking at her?"

??? : " You are so mean! I thought you wanted to have some fun with her like us and now you are defending her? "

Hypto : "Someone needs to defend her against you mad dogs! "

??? : "How dare you! "

The zikaboo slaps Hypto! Hypto falls on the floor!

Me : "Hypto!"

I am scared. I don’t want anyone to fight! I embrace Sibachu tightly. Sibachu whispers into my ear-

Sibachu : "Shh..Don't worry. I am here. They often fight so It's normal."

I hide behind Sibachu. Hypto is getting furious! He stands up from the floor and ready to slap the zikaboo!

Oh no! Please don't fight!

Hypto grabs the zikaboo's collar and punch him at his face! The zikaboo covers his face in pain! The zikaboo grabs Hypto by the waist and lifts him up from the floor! He throws Hypto on the floor!

Hypto : "OUCH!!"

Hypto gets up from the floor and give the zikaboo a hard slap trickily!

??? : "YOU—"

Before the zikaboo can finish the sentence, Hypto throws him to the wall!!

I can't see this fight! I can't take it anymore!


They both look at me.

Me : "Look, I don't want anyone to fight now. Please stop! It's scaring me!"

They both stop and break apart from each other. They are listening my words!

Me : "Thank you. I need some time first to be comfortable around everyone, then do whatever you want. I won't protest."

??? : "Fine. First make yourself comfortable, then just see what I do with you!"

Hypto : "What does that mean? I swear if you lay a finger on her, I —

??? : " Oy, I am not into this sort of things so cut it out!"

Hypto : "Shut up!

Me : " Hey! Don't fight again!"

??? : "Enough! My reputation is important! I am leaving! You will pay for this Hypto!

Hypto : " Yeah, We will see."

Then the zikaboo storms out from the room in anger. Hypto bursts out of the room too.

I can't imagine what was going to happen if I didn’t interfaced between them! One zikaboo speaks up-

??? : "That's it? The fun ended when the fun even hasn’t begun?"

Sibachu : "Shut up! Don't make her more uncomfortable when she already are!"

I am still shivering. Sweat drops through my forehead.

Sibachu : "That's it! The rox party won’t happen! It ends up now. We will announcement about her to the whole kingdom."

A lot of zikaboo disagree but Sibachu warns them and shoves them away. Then he comes to me and grabs my hand.

Sibachu : "Let's go to your room. No need to arrange any useless party. I don't know why they always arrange unnecessary parties whenever we get a prey!"

I am still shivering. I have come to their kingdom 16-20 hours ago and I am not ready for everything!

Sibachu and I go to my room. I enter inside. Sibacbu attempts to go but I clasp his hand briefly before he can leave.

Me : "Please can you stay for some minutes? I don't want to stay alone in the room."

He smiles and says—

Sibachu : "Ok, but just 20 minutes. I have errands to do."

Me : "Deal!"

He enters the room. I sit on the bed and he sits on a nearby chair. We sit there silently for a moment. Sibachu gets up and go to a side of the room. I hear a sound.

Me : "What are you doing?"

Sibachu : "Pouring a glass of beer for me. Would you like some?"

Me : "You have beer too? Thanks but no. I don’t like drinking."

Sibachu : "Ok,then mind if I drink?"

Me : "Go ahead."

Sibachu comes with a glass of beer.

Wait a sec! The beer is changing colours every seconds!!

??? : "Sibachu? Who is this girl?"

Me : "Ahhh! Who is this?"

I nearly jumped out of my bed!

Sibachu : "Oh, It's Plom."

Me : "Who is Plom? Where is he? I don’t see anyone around."

Sibachu : "Plom is the beer. He always scares new peoples."

Me : "The beer? You mean the beer was talking?!"

Sibachu : "Yeah, everything you see here can speak like us. The bed, the celling, the foods, water, walls, chair, table, window, door, flowers everything can speak."

Me : "What?! You kidding me?"

Beer : "He is telling the truth. We all can speak human lady. Always call my name when you want to drink me, I am always at your service."

Me : "Gah! Please don’t talk anytime without my permission! It scares me!"

Sibachu : "Don't be scared. He is a good boy. Listens to others."

Me : "If everything speaks, then when I came into this palace, why any of them except us didn’t speak?"

Sibachu : "Because I told not to sound because I figured that you will have a heart attack if they do. But seems Plom has lost his patience. That's why he talked without permission. He is less patience."

Me : "Oh, ok. If I ask anything to talk with me, will it talk with me?"

Sibachu : "Yeah, they will. Whenever you feel lonely, ask them to talk. Suppose, you want to talk with the chair, then tell 'Chair, talk with me. They will. I handle all thing's talking system."

Oh.. What kind of weird thing It's?First, the rox party and now eveything I see speaks?!

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