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Learning About The king-Queen

I can't believe what he just told! Everything in the kingdom can speak?! I believe or not, It's the truth. The beer Sibachu was going to drink suddenly speaks up!

Me : "Are they born like this?"

Sibachu : "Yes, I just manage their speaking time."

Me : "When you finish drinking the beer, it won’t speak then right?"

Sibachu : "No, Nothing ends in the kingdom." Everything is endless except zikaboo vampires."

Me : "This is odd but amazing. Does they speak all the time."

Sibachu : "No, Only when they need or when we ask. They ask permission first.If anything speaks without permission, we ban toher for half an hour. "

Me : "I never imagined something like this."

Sibachu : "You will get to see more interesting things here. And there is no hurry because you will stay here forever."

Me : "Ah.."

I feel suddenly sad. I forgot that I will be here forever. I am confused. I don’t want to stay here. On the other hand, I like their amaizing things and don’t want to leave.

Sibachu : "Sorry, I didn’t mean to—"

Me : "It's okay. Um..I like the fact that everything speaks here, so I myself want to give it a try. If you don’t mind, I want to stay alone sometime."

Sibachu : "Sure, your highness."

Me : "Please don’t be so royalty. Thanks for staying with me."

Sibachu smiles and attemt to go from my room. Suddenly a question comes in my mind. I call out Sibachu before leaves.

Me : "Sibachu! Wait! I have a question!"

Sibachu spins back and comes to me.

Sibachu : "What is it?"

Me : "Why Zaker didn’t come to the Rox Party? I didn’t saw him."

Sibachu : "We had some problems so he needed to go."

Me : "What problems?"

Sibachu : "You won't understand. "

Me : "All right. You can go now."

Sibachu then leaves from my room. I close the door. It's almost unbelievable that everything speaks here. I am going to give it a try. I sit on the bed.

With whom should I start? After thinking a bit, I choose the chair.I start—

Me : "Chair,Talk with me."

I don’t hear any sound or see any movement. I try again-

Me : "Chair, talk with me."


The chair's strange words take me by surprise. I nearly fell from my bed!

Lower my voice?! I wasn’t talking loudly or screaming!

Me : "I didn't talk aloud!"

Chair : "I take it as a loud voice. But I will accept this time. Sibachu told me to."

Me : "What's your name?"

Chair : "K089L"

Me : "What kind of name is this?"

Chair : "We don't have exact names."

Me : "You know why am I here?"

Chair : "Yes, I didn’t like it but one thing is very certain."

Me : "What is?"

Chair : "You really are beautiful."

I have heard it several times. A chair really thinks I am beautiful?

Me : "Thank you. Can you tell me anything about the kingdom, yours culture?"

Chair : "We party when we have a new prey, a new baby zikaboo. We are finding our queen."

Me : "Finding about your queen?"

Chair : "We had different king and queen some years ago. One day, the king said he is going to the haunted zikaboo's Kingdom to do some works . Then he never came back. Last year, we found that, the king is actually sleeping. Each timw when we have a new king, the king sleeps for 100 years after 10 years of his king life. We totally forgot that our king's 10 years had passed."

Chair : "And our queen passed away. Before the queen left, she told that there is a girl who is supposed to be our next queen after her. But she told nothing about the girl. We are still finding the girl who is supposed to be our next queen."

Me : "How are you finding the girl? The queen told nothing about the girl."

Chair : "The queen told that, the girl who will be our next queen has the ice power. Her element is ice and she can turn anything or anyone into ice

on the spur of the moment and she is beautiful."

Me : "How are finding her?"

Chair : "Ask Hypto. he is working hard too. Our main target is now to find the girl. The queen told we must find the girl in 2 years. It's a lot time, but we still working hard because we don’t want to take risk. We are finding every places we can. As far as I know, Zaker, Hypto and Sibachu are trying most because no one is talented like them."

Me : "What is Zaker doing in the mission?"

Chair : "Zaker and Sibachu are going and finding at many places about info or the girl. Hypto is reading books."

Me : "What am I supposed to do here?"

Chair : "I don't know, I think they are hiding something from you."

Me : "Hiding something?"

Chair : "Yeah, I don’t know."

What is he talking about? What could Zaker hide from me?

Chair : "Be careful around them, They all are quite flirty sometimes, especially Zaker. He has hawk eyes. All the girls in the kingdom fights over him. He ia a heart breaker. "

Zaker : "Will you ever stop talking nonsense about me? Don't give her wrong informations about me!"

I turn my head back and see Zaker entered the room.

Me : "You have come back from work?"

Zaker : "Yes "

Me : "I ws surprised that you weren’t at the party."

Zaker : "Oh..sorry."

Me : "But the party ended in the middle."

Zaker : "Why?"

Me : "Hypto and another zikaboo fought. Then Sibachu stopped the party."

Zaker : "What?! Again?! I knew Hypto would do something like this!"

Me : "I am kind of happy that the party ended."

Zaker : "What did you just say?"

Me : "Nothing!"

Maybe he didn't hear what I just told.

Zaker : "Al right, we are arranging another Rox party tomorrow. Because the first one is ruined."

Again?! This can't be! I am so ruined! I don’t want to join their Rox Party!

Zaker : "Whatever you say, a full Rox Party will arrange whatever happens!!"

Me : "Uf!"

As long as, I want to go out of their kingdom, I also want to find the supposed queen with them. I will find by myself in secret.

Me : "I want to know more about the kingdom, whom should I go to?"

Zaker : "Go to Hypto. He will tell."

Me : "Thank you!"

Zaker : "You Didn't do it right."

Me : "What?"

Zaker : "You want to know more about the kingdom but not me? It's not good."

There he goes again! Flirting again!

Who is this girl Who is supposed to be their next queen? Can they find her? Will I be able to go back to my home? What will they do with me? What will happen at the next Rox Party?

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