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Clearing Off the Misunderstanding

The chair told me correct thing. Zaker really flirt sometimes! I feel more comfortable with Sibachu unlike with Zaker and Hypton.

Zaker is too scary! I have gotten scared around Hypto after what he did today at the party!

But I must say, he is attractively strong and adorable! His long brown hairs are horribly beautiful! I won't mind brushing his hairs with my fingers.

And Sibachu is the cutest one I have ever seen! His white hairs are awesome! His glowing red eyes are stunning! Mostly, he is friendly and the only one supports me. I should thank him for what he did.

And Zaker, I don’t like him much. I mean I don’t like his behavior but I like his hardworking! He works really hard. I bet he will be the perfect king of the kingdom!

Me : "Al right, I am going to Hypto. I want to know about something. "

I take a step to the door. But when I am about continue, Zaker grabs my collar and pulls me near to him!

His left hand is around my waist and right hand is around my shoulders! He is holding me from behind!

Then he whispers into my ears –

Zaker : "(Whisper) What is to be so hurry about? Wait some minutes."

My breath stops at my neck. I gulp.

Blush runs up to my cheeks. I look below at the floor. His chin is pressed against the top of my head.

Zaker's lips are coming near and near to my neck! His eyes are closed.

Is he going to kiss me??!!

He stops when his lips and my neck is about to touch. He moves off his lips away.

What?! I thought he might was going to kiss me!

Zaker : "You look sad. Did you want me to kiss you?"

I don't know why but I was disappointed at him for not kissing me. I decide not to tell because it will cause more drama.

Zaker : "You seem you wanted. Then ok, I am going to kiss you now for real."

He brings his lips near to my neck as a prove that he really will kiss me! But before his lips can touch my skin—

Me : "No!"

I shove him away from myself. I am blushing. He giggles. His giggling makes me angry.

Me : "What is so funny?"

Zaker : "You blush cutely."

Me : "Shut up!"

I push him and storm off from the room. I hold the pilar and breathing. Huff Huff!

He is the worst guy ever I met! What's his problem?

I look around and start walking to find the library. Maybe Hypto is there. Before leaving, I can hear that Zaker is laughing.

I avoid his laugh and step to go to the library. After many steps, I suddenly see someone familiar. I take a closer look at him and recognize him! It's Sibachu!

Me : "Sibachu!"

Sibachu got surprised. He looks behind and sighs in relief.

Sibachu : "Oh, It's you. Good that I met you here now. I was looking for you."

Me : "Looking for me? What's the matter?"

Sibachu : "Come with me."

Sibachu leads me to the kichen. He starts-

Sibachu : "Listen Alice, I know that you are still horrified after what Hypto did. But you should consider about him. Please don't think him wrong without knowing about him!"

Me : "Look, I am not thinking him guilty. But what he did was kind of horrified for me today."

Sibachu : "I know. It's not your fault. But please forgive him! He did that to rescue from every zikaboos! He guessed that you didn’t want everyone to stare at you."

Me : "He did for me?!"

The reason somehow makes me surprised. I didn’t thought that he did that to defend me. But Sibachu is right. I didn’t want everyone to stare at me.

Sibachu : "Yes, he did. Now, I know he is begging your pardon. Please forgive him. Trust me, he is a good guy."

I believe Sibachu. At least I think I do. Sibachu knows Hypto better than me. So, I think I really can trust Hypto.

Me : "Alright. I do. You know him better than me so I am defeated."

Sibachu smiles. He really cares about everyone. He comes closer to me and places both hands on my both shoulders to reassure me.

Sibachu : "You have nothing to worry about. I will always protect you and support you. Don't hesitant to come to me whenever you have any problem or need support."

I feel comfortable and peace already by his sweet words.

Me : "Thank you so much, Sibachu. You really saved me at the party. Thanks For supporting me. Is there anything I can do to repay you?"

Sibachu : "No need. I didn’t help to earn any reward. As long as you become comfortable with everything and know everything about us and the kingdom, you can live freely like everyone. But now, someone need to keep an eye on you. Because you don't know the place and you might get in trouble."

Me : "I am fine with it. Well.. I was finding Hypto to know more about the kingdom from him."

Sibachu : "Oh! He is in the library. You should talk with him about today and put an end to the breeze!"

Me : "You are right. We can't live apart from each other forever. I am going."

Sibachu : "Ok, Take care."

I rush out of the kichen. I make my way to the library. I see Hypto is standing by the window.

Me : '"Hypto!"

Hypto is surprised. He looks around and find me behind him.

Hypto : "Oh..You? Why standing when there is chair here? Sit down."

He turns his attention from me to the window. He looks pale. I know the reason.

I sigh and sit on a stone. They use big stones as chairs.

Me : "Look, Hypto. I know why is your face like that. But please! Don't avoid me. You can't avoid me all the time."

Hypto says nothing. He is afraid to talk with me. I try again.

Me : "I am begging you! Please talk! We need to put an end to the breeze!"

Still he says nothig. Seems I need to take a physical movement. But before I can do anything, Hypto starts walking to another direction!

Before he can cross my line, I grab his wrist and spin to meet with him face to face. I gaze into his eyes.

I put my hands on his shoulders to comfort him. He is trembling in fear. Even more when I put my hands on his shoulders.

Me : "Listen Hypto. You have nothing to worry about. I am not thinking you wrong. I know you are a good guy."

Hypto : "Forgive me. I don't want to talk about this. I am screwd."

Me : "You have to! We need to finish this!"

Hypto : "Fine."

Me : "Please. What you did was horrible for me. It's true. But then, Sibachu told me everything. You did that for me because you guessed I didn’t want everyone to stare at me. And then, my wrong anxiety about you removed. I trust you now."

Hypto : "Really?"

Hypto seems surprised. I have no idea why.

Me : "Yeah."

Hypto : "Now and Forever?"

Me : "Now and Forever."

I hold his both hands tightly to my chest. He suddenly pull me into an embrace. He seems in happy mode now.

I am surprised at first but then I also wrap my hands around him as a friendly hug. A pure smile is playing through my lips.

Hypto ; "Thank you! Thank you so much! I was feeling guilty too much. I didn’t know how to face you."

Me : "You know, I trust you from now. So, don't hesitant to be around me. I want to be friend with all zikaboos. Zikaboo vampires have become very amazing and wonderful organism to me. I won't mind being friend with all."

Hypto : "Really? You don't feel uncomfortable at all?"

Me : "I do a bit. I need time to capture everything."

Hypto : " Take as much as you need."

Me : "Sure, So.. Everything is better between us now?"

Hypto : "Yes."

Me : "But you need to promise me one thing."

Hypto : "What is it?"

Me : "Please never break my trust. Promise me."

He hesitant and thinks for a moment. In the meantime, I hold out my one hand.

He takes my hand. That means he accepts the promise.

Hypto : "I promise."

We smiles. I am glad that the misunderstanding has ended.

??? : "Both seems to have a special moment together, huh?"


We break apart from each other. I look behind and then I wish I haven’t looked behind. Behind us is—Zaker!!

He is furious! I never saw someone this angry! It's not what he is thinking!

Me : "Zaker! I can explain! It's not what it looks like!"

Zaker : How could you?!"

No! The problem between me and Hypto has ended recently and right then, another misunderstanding came?

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