Zikaboo The Vampires | Zaker's Ending

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Another Drama & A Horrible Nightmare!!

Yet, Zaker has become more mad. His eyes are telling that he can't take it. He bursts out–

Zaker : "How could you?! You are having a romantic moment with one of my friend on your first day here?!"

Hypto and I are dumfounded. Hypto must is thinking Zaker crazy! But to my surprise, Hypto suddenly starts laughing. His laughing is getting more louder by seconds. His laughter is scaring me! I whisper near to him.

Me : "(Whispering) What are you doing? Why are you laughing like that? Stop please! It's scaring me."

On the other side, Zaker is getting even more angry when Hypto is laughing. Seems Zaker will bite up Hypto right now if he doesn’t stop!

Me : "(Whispering) Hypto, please! Zaker might do anything dangerous by anger!"

Hypto stops laughing and looks at Zaker. Hypto is talks with Zaker in a dramatic way.

Hypto : "Why do you care if we were having a romantic moment?"


Zaker seems surprised at first then he looks angry again.

Zaker : "Why do I care? If I say the truth, I actually don't care."

Hypto : "Then why are you being jealous?"

Zaker : "I am not being jealous."

He says with a serious look.

Zaker : "I am angry because you both started dating without my permission."

Hypto : "Oh? When did you create any rule like this? I don’t remember any."

Zaker : "It was not but it will be from now.. No one in the kingdom will date without my permission!"

Hypto : "Great! That means, I and Alice can date each other now."

Whaat!!? Date Hypto? Is he serious or is he doing it to make Zaker angry?!

Hypto wraps his hands around my waist and pulls me close. I am confused how to react. I don't want another drama now.

Zaker : "What?! I didn't give you the permission!"

Hypto : "I am the colonel of the kimgdom. You yourself said that everyone who is realted in ministerial works can do whatever they want but they can't do anything which will cause damage for others. If I and Alice date, it won't damage anything."

Zaker : "It wi—"

Before Zaker can finish, I cut him off.

Me : "That's it! I already saw a high drama! I don’t want another one!"

Hypto : "But—"

Me : "Silent! I am new here. I need time to get used to everything. I will never get used to everything if you all cause high dramas like this! Stop it! Let a week go, then do whatever you want!"

They both want to protest but they don't dare because of my warning look.

They both understand that they have been defeated.

Zaker & Hypto : "Fine!"

Me : "Good. What time is it now?"

Without hearing the answer, I go to the Window. I see It's still night.

Me : "It's still night? I swear 9-10 hours have already passed from evening! How it still can be night?"

They exchange glances. They look confused. But why?

Me : "Are you hiding something from me?"

Hypto was going to answer but Zaker answers instead.

Zaker : "You don’t know but there is no morning, noon, afternoon, evening in Zikaboo Vampires's Kingdom. There is only night."

Me : What?!"

I didn’t expect this. If here is only night, then why did I see a morning and evening's view at the window?

Me : "It can't be! If there is only night in the kingdom, why did I see morning and evening's view at the window?! Even the sun's gleam was falling on the floor!"

Hypto : "It's an illusion. You are currently in a world which is too much far away from earth than you can imagine."

Me : "What? But the jungle, I entered into the place from Reymond village!"

Hypto : "No, When you entered the jungle, a light brought you to our world. But a human can't see the light or can't feel it."

Me : "Huh? Then what about the werewolve's attack on me? They can't be fake, right?"

Hypto : "They were. You were seeing an illusion when the light was transporting you to our world. Everything you saw before losing your consciousness first time was fake."

Are you kidding me? Everything was an illusion when I entered the jungle?

Me : "No! Stop! It's a lot to prosses! I need some times to capture all information!"

My head is dizzy. I might pass away right now if I don’t rest! Without spending another moment, I rush out of the room and go to my room.

I close the door and lay down on the bed. It's a lot to capture! All I need now is a deep sleep.

I throw my head to the pillow. Soon I fall asleep. I wanf it to last forever.


Maya : "Alice! Alice! Let's play football!"

Me : "No! I hate football! We'll play hide & seek! We played football last time!"

Maya : "Fine.I will count 1-50 and meantime, you will hide."

Me : "Deal"

Maya starts counting.. I run and hide behind some bushes. Her counting has finished. She starts finding me.

Maya : "Accept your defeat Alice. I will find you in no time!"

I giggle. Suddenly, I can hear her footsteps are coming near me! I am gonna get caught!

I carefully get up from there. So she don't find me there. I start running to another direction. From time to time, I look behind to see if she is seeing me. But suddenly—!!

Me : "AAHHH!!"

I was running beside a river. I suddenly fall in the river!

Oh no! I don’t know how to swim! I will sink in the river if someone doesn’t save me! Someone save me! Help!

Me : "MAYA!!! SAVE ME!!"

No sign of Maya! Suddenly I feel something is pulling my leg from below!

Huh?! AAHHH!!

The thing brought me under the water! Just water and water around me! For the first time, I see that a horrible looking devil was pulling my leg!

I try to scream but It's no use. I suddenly realize that I am breathing even under water! How can it be possible?!

The devil hugs me tightly. I am surprised. I even can't scream! I can do nothing. I know that he won't let me go.

Suddenly, his fangs are coming near to my neck. Is he going to bite me and suck my blood? I guess he is a vampire, not devil.

His fangs touches my skin. He imposes his fangs in my neck. The pain feels like a needle. I bite my upper lip to tolerance the pain.

But, the vampire suddenly —

Me : "AAHH!!"

I jump on my bed. I hug something hard. I look up and see that I have hugged Zaker! I push him away from me.

I look around and realize I am in my room and in my bed. I relax and press my hands to my heart. I breath heavily. Scrambling for air.

So, it all was just a nightmare? Maya and I played hide & seek, I fell into the river, a vampire pulled my leg, brought me under the water, bit me with fangs.. Everything was a horrible nightmare?!

I am glad that everything wasn’t real. I haven’t seen any nightmare for 2 years.

I am horrified about the nightmare! It will take a few days to clear off the nightmare from my mind or maybe more.

Zaker : "Come to your sense? I thought you died."

Me : "Stop scaring me!"

Zaker : "What were you doing? I saw you were doing something in your bed.

Me : " Was I talking?"

Zaker : "No, you were screaming."

Me : "So, I was screaming in my sleep, huh?"

Zaker : "What is sleeping?"

Me : "You don't sleep?! Don't you know what is sleeping? Don't you sleep?"

Zaker : "No, We don't do anything called sleeping."

Me : "Really? Then what the bed is doing here?"

Zaker : "I don't know what it even is. Hypto put it here. He knows everything about humans lifestyle. He put it for you."

What!!?? That means Zikaboo Vampires even doesn't sleep! I am the only one here who sleeps! My daily routine will must change fully because they don't have day, only night.

Me : "You kidding me?!"

Zaker : "Am not."

Me : "I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. You are fully different from humans."

Zaker : "Yes, we are."

Me : "But what were you doing beside me when I was sleeping?"

Zaker : "I was watching you. I was watching what were you doing. You looked so cute that I couldn't help it."

Me : "You never change."

Zaker : "Hahaha..!"

Me : "What is funny? Stop spying on me!"

I am bored by him. He is odd. He smarks.......

What is going to happen next? What was Zaker doing beside me when I was sleeping? Can I gef used to the place? What about the queen?

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