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The Amazing And Exciting Garden!!!


Me : "May you go now? I need sometime alone."

Zaker : "Sorry, that's not gonna happen. I am the prince and you are the prey. You will obey me, not I."

Me : "But I am your special prey right? You need to do what I say if you want me to stay alive here."

Zaker says nothing. Instead, he closes the door and comes to me. He gets closer to me.


Me : "Wh-what are you doing?"

Zaker grabs my both upper arms. I pushes me to make me steps behind. He pins me with the wall.

What is he planning to do?

efore he does anything, he steps back.

No wait! He was pulled by someone!

Sibachu : "What do you think you are doing?"

Sibachu suddenly appears on the scenery. He pulls Zaker behind.

Zaker : "Ey, ey. Let me go!"

But Sibachu doesn't seem to do that. I know that I will have to see more drama if I stay here. So I decide to leave. I will go to the library again. I need to know informations from Hypto.

Me : "If you two are done, I am leaving."

Without waiting, I leave the room. None of them got a chance to say anything.

I make my way to the library. Luckily, I find Hypto there.

Me : "Hypto! Are you free?"

Hypto turns his head back towards me and smiles.

Hypto : "Yeah, I am. Do you need something?"

Me : "I want to know something."

Hypto : "Sure. Take a sit."

I sit on a chair. He follows too.

Me : "Let's clear about the window first. You said the time changing I was seeing at the window was an illusion? Would you describe it?"

Hypto : "Sure, At first, you saw morning view at the window. After some hours, you saw afternoon and evening view, right?"

Me : "Yes."

Hypto : "This is an illusion. We have only night. The person who created the world did this."

Me : "Who is the person?"

Hypto : "Our main king."

Me : "Main king?"

Hypto : "Yeah, the king who is sleeping now."

Me : "Oh.. That king?"

Hypto : "He told us something before leaving. He said, his daughter is the girl who will be our next queen. But she doesn't know."

Me : "Oh..?"

That makes some senses now. The king's own daughter will be the queen. His daughter even doesn't know that she will be a Zikaboo queen?

Me : "Why did your king made such illusion?"

Hypto : "We don't know. We are trying to know everything."

Me : "How long does Zikaboo Vampires lives?"

Hypto : "Million years."

What?! Million means 10,00,000! They lives this long?!

Me : "Wow! Humans lives 100 years. If someone lucky, he/she lives more than 100 years. But we have no exact time to die. We can die anytime. That depends on God."

Hypto : "We all will die exactly after 1 million years. You know? You will also die after 1 million years untill you go back to your world."

Is he mad?! I will live million years?

Me : "R u kidding me?! I will die also after 1 million years?!"

Hypto : "Yes. You can't even suicide with something. Whatever you do to your body, you won’t die."

Me : "Oh? I'm not planning to do that."

Hypto : "Good. There are many places here where you can fly like a bird in the air. Believe or not, the whole kingdom is in the sky. Not on the land."

Me : "You mean, I am in the sky now?!"

Hypto : "Yeah. That's why It's night here. You are too much far away from your world. We don't know where the world is located in the universe. There is no sun around from where lights will come and we will have morning, afternoon, evening like your world.

Me : "It's ridiculous. I wanted to fly in the sky but not like this!"

Hypto gets up from chair and hold out his hand–

Hypto : "Come with me."

Me : "Where?"

Hypto : "There is a place I want to show you. You will love it."

Should I take his hand or refuse to go?

I end up deciding to refuse his offer.

Me : "I would rather not. I am fine in the palace. I don’t want to see other zikaboos right now."

Hypto seems disappointed. He doesn’t say anything about it.

Hypto : "Al right. If you change your mind, let me know."

Me : "Thank you."

Hypto : "I am kinda hungry. Care to join me?"

Me : "No, thank you. I am not hungry. Go ahead."

Hypto leaves the library. I lean back to the wall. Everything is so ridiculous.

I am living in the sky, they have only night, but I see morning, afternoon and evening at the window also because It's an illusion.

Somehow, I think that the illusion is specially made for me. Because I am used to see morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Judging by their time system, 2 days have passed and judging by our time system, 7 days have passed. I will follow the illusion.

When the illusion will show It's morning, I will do those works I do on morning. When it will show afternoon, I will do afternoon activities. When evening, I will do evening activities.

I wonder what do I do now. It's kinda boring to sit here by myself.

I am thinking about what can I do now.. But nothing comes in my mind.

I wonder what grandmother is doing now.. 7 days have passed there. She has already trown a search party for me.

I also wonder if someone has known that I broke the rules and entered the crimson jungle?

Wait, that's it! I have an idea! I can make the garden! I was planning to do it.

I gets up and leave the library. I walk around but don't see someone. It would be good if someone can help me with making the garden. Seems I need to do by myself.

I go to the garden. Their garden is on oil. I am surprised how does plants grow in oil. Maybe It's also the king's magic too.

But how do I clean the garden? I don't know about how to grow up a plant in their kingdom.

I may can give it a try. Insects are wriggling everywhere in the garden. The kingdom's insects are different looking.

I didn’t noticed but now that I know the whole kingdom is in the sky, I can spot that the garden is also swimming in the air. I take a step toward the garden.

I step my foot in the oil, then—Ah!

??? : "Got you!"

I was about slip and fall but someone catches me from behind! I look behind and see It's Zaker.

Zaker : "Got yourself in troble again?"

Me : "Let me go!"

Zaker was catching my waist. He lets me go. I flick my dress to clean it.

Me : "What are you doing here?"

Zaker : "I was larking around. I saw you were going to step in the garden. The 'papira' is too slippy so I came to catch you."

Me : "What is 'papira'? "

Zaker : "The liquid on where all plants grows in our kingdom. We call it papira"

He points at the liquid which I was thinking as oil.

Me : "That's 'papira'? That exactly looked like oil which is used for cooking in our world!"

Zaker : "You were standing at the wrong side. If you stand on the correct side, you will see the 'papira' changes colour and it even moves!"

Me : "Really?"

Zaker : "Why don't you see with your eyes instead?"

He grabs my wrist and leads me to the correct side to see the garden."

Me : "OMG!!"

He wasn’t joking. It's true! The garden is really changing colours and moving!

Me : "It's —It's more than beautiful!!" I can never imagine a scenery like this!

Zaker : "Well, It's not much interesting for us because we are seeing this from our birth. There is still a lot of things you will love to see."

Me : "Great! I am glad that I came here!"

Zaker : "Want to enter the in the garden? I will help you so you don’t slip."

Me : "Thanks."

I don’t feel uncomfortable around Zaker now. Maybe we can be friends after all.

Zaker holds my one wrist and sopports my back with another hand. We both go ahead. I step in the garden. I am about to fall but Zaker catches me and supports me.

Zaker : "Always be careful. It's very slippy. We don’t sleep because it adjusts with our body but yours one don't."

Me : "Oh.Thanks."

I thought he is just weird. But now I see that, he is also a responsible and protective guy. I am glad that he is supporting me. But sometimes, he is much ridiculous...Woah!

Zaker suddenly releases my hand! I am about to fall but I manage to control myself from falling. Phew!

But why did he release my hand? What's on his mind?

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