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Making The Garden Like Before; Part 1

Me : "Why did you release my hand? I could have fallen!"

Zaker : "Oh dear, did you want me to hold your hands? I thought you hated me "

Me : "It's not like that. I am just bored by you."

Zaker Suddenly stares at another direction. The garden is such a mess!! Some flowers are still alive.

I pick up a flower and plant it on my hair.

Zaker : "I released because you need to learn how to walk in our gardens. Our gardens are very slippy for you."

Me : "But I did it! I didn’t fall!"

Zaker : "Bravo! I knew you can."

Me : "Thanks!!"

I leave the garden. Almost unconsciously, I throw my hands around Zaker happily and hug him. He seems surprised at first.

Me : "Thank you! Thank you so much for showing this view! I really loved it!"

Suddenly I realize what am I doing. I immediately break apart from Zaker but Zaker catches me and pulles me back to him. Holding me to his chest.

My cheeks are blushing.

Zaker : "Don't you like it even more?"

Me : "No-no."

Zaker : "Should I kiss to make it more likely?"

Me : "No!"

He proves by laughing that he is messing with me again.

Me : "You are making me uncomfortable. Go away!"

I push him hard. Finally, I break up from him.

Me : "Tell me more about how to grow plants in the world. I will make the garden again!"

Zaker : "Fine. It takes too much time for a plant to grow fully in our world."

Me : "Whatever. I still will."

Zaker : "First, you need to clean up the insects."

Me : "How?"

Zaker : "I don't know either."

Me : "I don't want to kill insects. They are innocent."

Zaker : "I don't know. But—What is that?!"

Me : "What?"

I follow his gaze and look at the garden from previous direction.

OMG!! All the insects are coming toward us!

Me : "What? Why are they coming toward us?"

Zaker : "I don't know. But we need to do something! They are very dangerous!"

Zaker runs to a tree and picks up a stone. He comes to me. He is being ready for something. Is he going to hurt the insects with that stone?!

Me : "Are you going to throw it on them?!"

Zaker : "Yes!"

Me : No!!"

Before I can protest, Zaker already threw the stone on them.

Me : "Zaker! Why did you do this?!"

Zaker : "They could have biten you if I didn't."

Me : "That's not important! They are addicted to flowers, that's why."

Insects : "Ey Zakie! What's your problem?! Why did you heart us?"

I am surprised at first but then I remember that everything speaks here.

Me : "I am sorry, mr. Insects. He did that because he is a silly. He tried to protect me."

Zaker seems insulted by my word. But I don't care.

Insects : "He has done that several times! He need to be punished by someone!"

Me : "I promise that won't happen again!"

Zaker : "But we don't have any flowers with us! I don't and do you— what's that?

He seems to look at my head. But why?

Zaker : " When did you even planted that flower on your head?"

What? Flower? I touch my hand and feel that there is a flower on my head. I remember that I planted it here a few moments ago.

Me : "Oh.yeah. I planted it when you were looking at another direction."

Zaker : "So, That's why! They are coming to us for the flower! Throw it away!

Zaker doesn’t wait. He takes off the flower from my head and immediately throws it away. Then magically, the insects are also going toward the flower. It worked.

Me : "That flower was marvelous! I wanted to wear that all the time."

I feel sad. I liked that flower!

Zaker : "No worries. I will bring a same to same flower like that. You looked beautiful. I didn’t noticed that flower before."

Me : "Thanks. And on the other side, the insects are gone. Now, tell the next step."

Zaker : "Then, we need to clean the rotten roots."

Me : "We need a sharp thing to cut these."

Zaker : "No need. Magic will be enough."

Me : "Magic?"

Zaker : "Yes. Zikaboo Vampires have powers "

He moves his hands to magic. It reminds me of those fairy tales I got used to read.

The garden get covered in some lights. The magic is doing something in the garden. I don’t know what is it.

Me : "Oh my gosh!"

When all the lights are gone, I see that the garden's all rotten roots are gone! It looks more clean than ever!

Me : "How did you do this with magic?"

Zaker : "You will know when the time will come."

Me : "Ok..Then?"

Zaker : "Now..we need to finish the flowers which are left in the garden."

Me : "You mean clear off all the remaining flowers?"

Zaker : "Yes, First pluck all the remaining flowers.Then I will tell the next step. Let's apply another magic"

Me : "No! You already cleared the roots! I want to clear the flowers now!"

Zaker : "But that will take long time to finish."

Me : "Let it be."

I get started. I enter the garden and choose a blue flower to start. All the flowers in their world is different looking.

Me : "Ok.Blue flower. Let's get started."

I pluck it carefully from the 'papira' liquid. I can see from the corner of my eye that Zaker sits by a a tree and keeps staring at me.

The blue flower speaks up suddenly.

Blue flower : "What are you doing?!"

Me : "Don't fear little flower. I mean no harm. I will make you a beautiful flower again."

Blue flower : "Really? Are you going to betray me like Lucy did? Lucy betrayed me and others."

Me : "I won't. But.. Who is Lucy?"

Blue flower : "I won't tell you! You are her killers!!"

Me : "What?! Her killer? I even don't know her!"

Blue flower : "Don't act to be innocent!"

I try to avoid it and start plucking other flowers....

I am finished plucking flowers now. But the blue flower's words were haunting in my mind when I was working.

I come back to Zaker with the flowers.

Me : "Now. What's next?"

Zaker : "You need to mash the all remaining flowers."

Me : "Mash the flowers? Why?"

Zaker : "Because you need to."

Me : "Ok-okay."

I feel sad. I don't want to kill the flowers.

Zaker : "Don't worry. They won't die if you mash them. They will be more fresh and beautiful than ever if you plant them again."

Me : "Okay! Seems nothing to be worried!"

I start mashing the flowers. I feel like I am making 'mashed potatoes' for dinner! It feels weird. Like I am cooking!

Me : "Al right. It's done. Then?"

Suddenly, I remember the word that blue flower said. She talked about a girl called Lucy. Who is she?

I think about asking Zaker. But he is busy with preparing other works of the garden to help me.

Me : "Um..Excuse me."

Zaker : "Huh? Oh yes? Any problem?"

Me : "No. But can I ask something?"

Zaker : "Sure, What is it?"

Me : "Who is this Lucy?"

Zaker : "What? Where did you heard her name?"

Me : "Um..A blue flower mentioned her name. She asked if I will betray her and others like Lucy."

Zaker looks anxious and pale. Did I say something wrong? Maybe I shouldn’t have asked about her after all.

Me : "Hey..I am sorry if I made you sad by mentioning hee name."

Zaker : "No..It's okay. Let's just say she was a wonderful person at first but then she betrayed everyone."

Me : "What happened?"

His sad face makes me think that I shouldn’t have asked to expalin. He doesn’t show a mood for talking about it.

Me : "Um..You don't need to tell if you don’t want to. You are sad."

I place my one hand on his shoulder to reassure him.

Zaker : "No.. I want to tell you. By all means."

Me : "Al right."

Who is this girl called Lucy? And why did she betrayed everyone?

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