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Making The Garden Like Before-Part 2

Zaker starts telling about Lucy—

Zaker : "Lucy were our first female prey. Our god said that 'female persons are special. We need to take special care of them.' You are our second female prey. She was also a human like you. We trusted her."

Me : "Hey wait. You said Zikaboo's king is the Zikaboo's God."

Zaker : "No. The king is different Zikaboo and the God is different person. Our god is the creator of the Zikaboo Vampires's world. He was also a human. He married a vampire lady and they exchanged their few drops of blood. Like that, they both became half-blood. Then they had powerful half-blood childrens. But one of the—"

Wait! I have read the story from the book!

Me : "Wait! Don't need to tell more! I have read the story!"

Zaker : "You do? How?"

Me : "A person from the village gave me a book where many things are written about Zikaboo Vampires!"

Zaker : "Oh? I think that's the book our god wrote

about our world."

Me : "But I have lost that book. I don’t know where is that now."

??? : "You maybe don't know but I do."

Zaker : "Huh?"

We both look around and see Sibachu is coming toward us.

Sibachu : "I have the book. I found it earlier when I was passing by the place where We found you."

Me : "Oh..good."

Sibachu : "I am reading the book now. I wonder what were the book doing in human's world."

Me : "I don't know either. But you know? The handwriting is kinda familiar to me. Like I have seen this handwriting somewhere else before."

Zaker : "What?! Are you kidding?"

They both are too surprised. They look at me like I am joking or something. In fact, I am surprised too. Why do I think that I have seen this handwriting before?

Me : "Nope. Not joking."

Sibachu : "It must sounds silly but we can't avoid her words. Are you sure you have seen this handwriting before?"

Me : "I am not 100% sure. I need to remember."

Sibachu : "All right. Let us know when you get the answer."

Me : "Sure."

Zaker : "Well..That's enough. Let's get down to business. Next step is, smear some 'papira' with the mashed flowers."

Sibachu : "Smear 'papira' with mashed flowers?"

Sibachu gives Zaker a puzzled look. He Isn't understanding what Zaker means. I answer instead of Zaker.

Me : "We are making the garden as beautiful as before. The garden was such a mess!"

Sibachu : "Is that so? We never thought about making the garden again when it got destroyed. I will watch you two's work nearby."

Zaker : "It’s all right if you don’t interface."

Sibachu : "What do you mean?"

Sinachu glares at Zaker.

Zaker : "Nothing. Just shut up and see."

Sibachu : "Hmph."

Sibachu sits nearby and I get to work. I bring a few drops of 'papira'. Then I mix it with the mashed flowers.

The dough of flowers smells so good! I feel like I am preparing a dough of flowers to make a flower pizza!

Me : "Done! Then?"

Zaker : "In the field of 'papira', make small cipher of the flower dough as much as possible. Then plant each cipher in the field of 'papira'. Keep some distance between each cipher."

Me : 'Ok. But How to plant the cipher in the 'papira'?"

Zaker : "Just cede each cipher in the 'papira' with keeping some distance between each cipher."

Me : "Got it."

I get to work. Zaker goes to Sibachu and sits beside him.

I first make many small pieces of the flower dough with my hand. I round every pieces with the help of my palm.

I am not good at cooking. Specially I make everything dirty when I try to make a dough. I don’t know how did I manage to make a perfect dough of flowers.

From the corner of my eye, I can see that both Zaker and Sibachu are watching me. Well, This is awkward. I feel weird with them staring at me.

I try to push off the thought from my mind. But It's hard to avoid their stare. Ugh!

I carefully cede a cipher in the 'papira'. I try not to let go off my attention to something else. I carefully cede another cipher too.

Like that, one time, I finish all the pieces. Phew!! That was quite hard. My hands were shaking when I was ceding the ciphers!

I come back to them. They are still staring at me. I wave hand in front of their eyes.

Me : "Hello? My work is done. What's the next step?"

Zaker: "Huh? Oh yes. Next step is waiting."

Me : "Waiting?"

Zaker : "Yeah. Your job is done. Now just need to wait a month then Ta-da! The whole place will be covered in flowers!"

Me : "Oh..Great!"

I finally feel happy to be able to make the garden like before again! Just waiting then.

Me : "Do you need to water flowers everyday in your world?"

Sibachu : "Yes. But we don't use water. We use a liquid called 'pairas'. We use it instead of water like your world do."

Me : "So 'pairas' huh? I will do the work everyday! I will water all the ciphers with 'pairas' everyday!"

Sibachu : "You really think you can do the work everyday?"

Me : "Yep!"

Zaker : "Always water them with 'pairas' when you will see evening at the window. This is important. If you ever water them at different time by fault, it will effect on their behavior and type. If any cipher gets less 'pairas', he/she turns out to be bad. So, be careful."

Me : "Got it. I am used to water plants EVERYDAY in our world."

Zaker : "Good."

They both stands up.

Me : "Um..Sibachu, If you don’t mind, can I borrow the book to read remaining pages? It's okay if you need it."

Sibachu : "Sorry, Forgive me. But I can't. I am reading the book to know what our god wrote about us."

Me : "Not a problem."

Sibachu : "Thanks for understanding."

Me : "Hey Sibachu? I noticed a thing. All zikaboos are with different size. Like you, Zaker, Hypto and the zikaboo Hypto flighted with. You all are human size. Then I saw some zikaboos with werewolves size, some were Vampire size, some were totally different. Why It's like this?"

Sibachu : "I don't know either. It's still a mystery."

Me : "Uh. Okay."

Sibachu : "Why are you so interested to know about us? I mean Zikaboo Vampires?"

Me : "Because I love adventure and mystery. You know? I met a Zikaboo Vampire when I was living in my previous home! I got so scared of him that I screamed and ran away!"

Sibachu : "What?! Really? You already met Zaker?"

Me : "What do you mean?"

His surprised face throws me into a confused puzzle. Is he telling that the zikaboo I met at my house was Zaker?!

Sibachu : "That means you actually met Zaker! That Zikaboo was Zaker. Zaker went to your world to do some research a few days ago! I can't believe!"

Me : "Oh..That makes sense."

Honestly, The idea surprise me too. I feel more horrified. But how can it be him? The zikaboo I saw was totally different looking from Zaker!

Me : "Wait! The zikaboo I saw was totally different looking from Zaker!"

Sibachu : "Because Zaker went with a disguise! So no one reconize him as a Zikaboo vampire!"

Me : "He came with a ghost disguise?"

Sibachu : "Yes."

Me : "Well, I think that disguise wasn’t perfect enough. I reconized him as a zikaboo vampire right away."

Sibachu : "Hm.."

Sibachu seems disappointed and angry. He tries to hide it from his face. What can possibly make him furious?

Me : "Who are you angry on?"

Sibachu : "What?! Nothing!!"

Me : "Ok."

I look around and realize something or someone is missing. It's Zaker. He is not here around. Where is he?

Me : "Hey, where is Zaker? When did he leave?"

Sibachu : "I don't know. He has no trace."

Me : "Yeah"

Sibachu : "By the way, we will announcement about you in the whole kingdom."

Me : "Why?!"

Sibachu : "Because, we announcement when we get a prey."

Me : "Don't you think it sounds ridiculous?"

I hate to admit it but it really is insane! It's totally awkward and weird!

Sibachu : "I know,I am sorry. We can't go against rules."

Me : "Who made these ridiculous rules?"

Sibachu : "Our god."

i won't bother to slap him when I meer him!

Me : "Ugh"

What will happen? How the announcement is going to be? How will all zikaboo vampires react on this announcement?

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