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The Horrible Announcement!

Sibachu : "Ok, I need to announce soon. So I am going to prepair everything to announce."

Sibachu leaves without saying another word.

It sucks! It's totally out of limit! I attempt toward my room. I find Zaker there. He is looking through the window.

Me : "Hey"

Zaker : "Huh?"

Zaker looks behind and find me. He relaxes that it was me.

Zaker : "What's up?"

Me : "Sibachu told me that he is going to announce about me soon "

Zaker : "Oh, yes. I am looking forward to hear it."

I enter the room and sit on the bed.

Me : "Is this really necessary?'

Zaker : " It's one of the rules."

Me : "Don't mind but the rules are very awkward for me."

Zaker : "I know but we can do nothing against it"

Me : "Oh."

I bow my head. I want to hear what they tell.

I go to the window and stand beside Zaker. I look through the window. I stare at the scenery.

Unexpectedly, I catch Zaker staring at me. He seems to understand that I caught him staring at me. So, he looks away.

Me : "Be aware of what I will do."

Zaker : "What?"

I raise an eyebrow cockily.

Me : "You will obey my words soon."

Zaker raises an eyebrow cockily like me instead.

Zaker : "Oh? I thought I was the commander because I am the prince. I don’t think you are the commander."

Me : "I may not but I will be the one soon."

Zaker : Oops. You need to do a thing that you might not like if you want to be the commander."

I starts laughing at my own joke. I was kidding. Does he think I was serious?

Me : "Oh, then? What's it?"

Zaker : "Considering the rules, you need to marry me. I don't think you would say yes."

Me : "What if I say yes for real?"

Zaker : "You maybe will say yes but I won’t. I won’t marry you."

Me : "Why not?"

Zaker : "You really want to marry me?"

He raises his eyebrow more cockily now. That is fearing me right now.

Me : "I would rather die than marrying you."

??? : "Hello, Hello, Hello! Is everyone hearing me?"

A lot of scream blow through the air. What was that sound of? I look out of the window. Zaker follows.

Zaker : "Seems they have started announcing."

Me : "Oh.."

Butterflies are flying in my stomach. I don’t know how to react.

I hold the grills of the window. It's morning now. I focus on hearing what they announce.

??? : "Good! We have an announcement from the royal court. Recently 2 days ago, we have gotten a new prey! That is a human girl! Her name is Alice! As you know, we have gotten only 1 human girl till now. That means Alice is our second human prey who is a —"

The announcement seems like a nonsense to me right now. I mean is it necessary to announce about something like this?

Zaker : "Hmm...Fine enough."

Me : "Huh?"

Zaker : "They are announcing pretty well."

Me : "Seriously? It is nonsense!"

??? : "Don't you dare to call our culture a nonsense!!"

Me : "Eh?! Who is talking?"

I look around and realize the glass on the table is talking. I have seen a thing. That's when anything speaks here, it moves.

Me : "Um..sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude."

I really feel guilty to say that. Meantime, I see Zaker lost in thought. He speaks up-

Zaker : "What's the matter? Why did they stop? The announcement is not finished yet!"

Me : "Oh? I thought it was over."

Zaker : "Something is definitely wrong! I need to go there!"

Zaker storms off from the room. I wonder what's he doing. I decide to follow him.

Me : "Ah! Wait for me!"

Before I can lose him, I chase after him. I keep following. We get out of the palace. For the first time, I realize the difference between the illusion and the reality.He then enters a small house. The house is different from human's houses. I follow him and enter the house.

Zaker : "What?!"

I hear much noises in the house. When I go ahead and enter the largest room by following Zaker, I see something that I totally didn’t expect!a lot of zikaboos are falling on Sibachu's legs and some other zikaboo's legs who works for announcementing!!

They seem like they are requesting something. They all are speaking together so I can't hear what they are saying. But I can smell that something is definitely wrong! What do they want? I see Zaker is also dumfounded. He is as confused as me.

I go near to everyone. At a spot where everyone can see me. I stand beside Zaker and ask quietly.

Me : "What's going on here? What do they want?"

Zaker : "I don't know either. Sibachu is in trouble. Everyone is making a lot of noise about him. He can't manage everyone together. I need to lend a hand."

Zaker shoves everyone away and go to Sibachu. He shouts angrily—


Everyone shut their mouth immediately. Guess maybe everyone are scared of Zaker. I never hear Zaker talking this angrily. No one ia noticing me.

Suddenly a zikaboo speaks up—

1st zikaboo : "Oh, look! We have our diamond here!"

Everyone looks at me. He points at me.

Me : "Um.."

Yikes! Seems I have attracted everyone’s attention again!

Zaker : "Sibachu, what's going on here?"

Zaker asks Sibachu seriously. Sibachu seems helpless against all zikaboos.

Sibachu : "Utter choas. After half-announcement, they all became desperate to see Alice! They aren’t hearing to me. They said they will meet Alice by all means!"

Zaker : "What?! I wonder why everyone is THIS much attracted to her. Even Lucy wasn’t this much attracted by everyone like her!"

Sibachu : "It will be a problem soon. We need to give them a warning about it."

Zaker : "True"

I was hearing their conversation. Did I really attracted too much attention to myself?

Zikaboo Vampires : "Argh!! Let us meet her or we will destroy the whole kingdom!"

Suddenly I feel something is on my shoulder. I gulp with fear. I am suddenly too afraid to look behind.

I carefully but too slowly looks behind and AAHH!!

A vampire put his hand on my shoulder! He is too scary!! I scream aloud—

Me : "AAAH!!"

I cover my face with my hands. I am taking small breathes in fear. Whole body shaking without any reason.

I was thinking he was going to fling for me. But he didn't. That makes me a bit surprise.

I carefully move my 4 fingers to left and right side but didn’t move off from my face.

I see Hypto is grabing the collar of that zikaboo vampire. Huh?

Hypto : "You dare to call yourself a gentle man? You should be ashamed of yourself."

The zikaboo tries to get the rid out of Hypto's hands. But Hypto is more strong than him.

Hypto pushes him away. The zikaboo runs off immediately.

I finally moves off my hands from my face. Tears start running down my cheeks in happiness. I laughs softly.

I am so happy that Hypto saved me from that zikaboo.

I run toward him and throw my arms around him openly and tightly. He is surprised.

Hypto : "Wh-What?!"

Me : "Oops! Sorry, I should have asked first. "

Hypto : "No-no. It's not that. It's just-um.."

I hear someone clearing his throught. I Look around. Of course It's Zaker.

Me : "Uh-Oh.."

Zaker : "Hmph!"

Zaker leaves immediately. I know that he didn't like it. I am blushing now. Hypto places a hand on my shoulder.

Hypto : "Who cares? We will do together what we want to. Who is he to decide what will we do?"

His words make me feel good but also surprised. I hear Sibachu is screaming loudly from far.

Sibachu : "Ey! Get lost!! No one was this excited when Lucy came and now everyone is being crazy when Alice came? What's the matter? Get lost!"

Oh..Seems Sibachu is having trouble to control them. I think I should leave now. Otherwise, they won't calm down.

I leave the house without a word and make my way to the palace. I have sharp memory. That's why I know the way to palace from here.

I reach the palace few minutes later. I go to a big window. The illusion is showing It's afternoon now. When I left following Zaker, it was night outside.

The announcement was a horrible moment! Everyone was excited to see me! What's next?

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