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Zaker's Sister Has Got An Unknown Diseases!

My goodness! I never thought I will have to be involved in such nonsense drama! They are impossible!

The announcement situation is still running through my mind. I sit on the bed.

Few minutes later, Zaker comes inside. He comes to me. Bowing his head. He rubs his neck nervously.

Zaker : "Uh..I am sorry."

Me : 'Nothing to be sorry about."

I flash him a smile. He sighs.

Zaker : "I know. You didn’t think about these unnecessary drama before coming here. In fact, I am surprised too."

Me : "Hm..Mind to tell me everything about Lucy in details?"

He talked about Lucy there. They said Lucy were their first human prey who is a girl. I want to know everything in details.

Zaker : "Sure. So..Lucy were our first prey. She was—

Me : 'Wait. I have a question here. Why is she your first human prey who is a girl? When you zikaboos attack on our world, don't you also haunt a human girl?"

Zaker : "We are non-haunted Zikaboo vampires. We don't attack on anyone."

Me : "Then what about Lucy?"

Zaker : "She is the first one who dared to enter our world. Like you did."

Me : "As far as I know, a lot of people came to your world from our world. Where are they?"

Zaker : "They all became zikaboo vampires after some weeks."

What?! They became zikaboo vampires? That I will be also a Zikaboo soon?

Zaker : "No worries. You won’t be a Zikaboo vampire."

Me : "How do you know that I was thinking about it?!"

Zaker : "It's common."

Me : "Oh..Can you read mind?"

Zaker : "Yeah. Only girl's."

Me : "Huh?"

Zaker : "I said I can read girl's mind."

Oh..What did I expect. No wonder he is good at flirting with girls.

Suddenly, I want to hear Zaker's Story. I don't know why. At first I thought we never can get along.

I still think. Then why I even care about his life story? I don’t know. Hearing it won't hurt, right? I decide to ask.

Me : "Hey, Mind telling me your life story? It's fine if you don’t want to."

Zaker : "?"

He seems surprised at first. But only for a short moment.

Zaker : "Ok."

H leans toward me. A bit. I didn’t move. Stayed at the spot. He whispers into my ears-

Zaker : "I want to tell you everything about me and other things. After all, you are my special gift of the year."

Huh? Special gift? Me? What does it mean?

Me : "What do you mean?"

Zaker : "Forget it. Will tell you later."

Me : "Ok, then tell your story."

Zaker : "Oh, yes. I am the king and queen's son. As you know, The king and the god of us aren’t the same person..Then..Uh.."

He covers his face with hands in embarrassment.

Zaker : "Uh..It's embarrassing! I don’t know how to say clearly."

Me : "It's okay. Just continue telling in the way you are doing. I will understand from it."

I wink at him.

Me : "I am not as fool as you."

Zaker : "What?! Ey!!!"

I burst out into a big laughter! It looks funny to me. What is making him so nervous?

Zaker : "You f***k!!"

I continue laughing. He is quite funny and awkward sometimes. Not that I hate it.

I try to stop laughing but my heart does not want to. I support my chest with my hand to stop laughing.

Me : "Enough. Tell your story. Not matters if It become a mess."

Zaker : "I have 4 brother & 1 sister."

Me : "That's cool..Where are they?"

Zaker : "My four brothers are currently living in another place. They don’t like to stay in the palace so they said they will live in another place. They hate all palace and castle."

Me : "All of them?"

Zaker : "Yes.Since me and my brothers have same blood in common so, my four brothers have got this disfavor in common. But surprisingly, I and my sister haven’t got this. I and she don't hate palace."

Me : "Oh.. That's interesting. What about your sister? Where is she?"

Come to think of it..I never heard something like this. They all have same blood.

But only 4 brothers out of 5 brothers hate palace and castle. All siblings should have hated palace and castle right?

Zaker : "She lives in another place with extra security."

Me : "Great! I can't wait to see her! I will play with her!"

Wait..What does he mean? His sister is lives with extra security? Why?

Zaker : "No..She is so younger than you. 7 years old. But she is very sick lately."

Zaker looks sad.. He must really cares about his siblings. But his sister is sick? What happened to her?

Me : "What happened? What is her disease?"

Zaker : "Complicated to describe. The disease is of her mind. No one understand. Her disease is whole new type of disease. We never saw this disease in anyone.The doctor said It's a mind disease. All experts are trying to find more about it."

Me : "Oh..I am so sorry. Poor she, she must is lonely alone."

Zaker : "Yeah.. I go to visit her once or twice a week."

Me : "Where is she now?"

Zaker : "At a nearby place. The extra security is needed for her. What if she has got a virus in her body? The virus will attack eveyone if she touches someone or someone touches her touched thing. We can't risk it."

Oh..I feel so helpless and sad. That girl is innocent. She should not be suffering like this.

I places a hand on his shoulder. To comfort him. Zaker grasps it tight like he will die if I take off my hand from his shoulder.

He seems to think something for a moment. Suddenly, he asks a puzzling question which is complicated to answer.

Zaker : "Why do you care about my sister?"

Me : "Um..Oh..It's complicated to answer. I don’t have any answer of this question."

Zaker : "You must give an answer."

I consider his question. He asked a serious question. Which has no answer naturally. Why do I care about his sister? What can I say?

Me : "Ah... maybe because she is innocent! She doesn’t deserve this!"

I said nervously. His question was too complicated.

Zaker : "How do you know that she never did a crime or illegal action?"

Me : Because, a young girl like her can't do a crime. Little childrens are innocent. They don't understand everything like their olders."

Zaker : Hmm..You passed."

Me : 'Huh?..What passed?"

Zaker : "The question was a test."

Me : "A test?"

Zaker : "Yes.. I don't want newcomers to hate or dislike my sister."

Me : "Why would I even hate your sister?! I don't know her!"

Does he really think I will hate or misbehave with his sister? Seriously?!

Zaker : "No! Just saying. Because I love her the most."

Me : Understand."

Although, I can't blame him. He cares about his sister. That's all to him. He really don't want anyone to misbehave with her. Of course not when she is sick because of a unknown virus.

Zaker : "Thanks. You passed the test. That means you won’t hate my sister or you don’t."

Me : "Haha, thanks. But How does my answer prove it that I won't hate her?"

Zaker : "That's my own secret."

Wow..now he has got his own secrets? Interesting.......

What happened to his sister? What kind of virus attacked her? Will she be saved from it?

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