Zikaboo The Vampires | Zaker's Ending

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New beginning from a new situation

What do i do now? I Don't Know the place! How do i get the rid out of here?

----MEW! MEW! MEW! MEW! ----

What was that?!

Surprised, I turn back to see where is that sound coming from. Is it that creature again?!

Me : "Captain Nebula! Is that you?! "

Captain Nebula is my pet cat and one of my best friends.

But what is she doing here??

Me : 'How did you find me Nebula? Were you looking for me? "

Nebula nods in agreement.

Me : " Ah! You must were worried about me. Weren't you? I am so sorry! "

I take Nebula in my lap . She is licking my cheeks.

She often do that . She is so innocent and cute!

I am laughing and patting her to stop licking me.

Me : "HaHa haha ha! Hey! I am not a sweet candy! So, Stop licking me or you will regret it! Ha ha! "

She doesn’t seem to stop. To be honest, i like it too when she licks me.

Wait, What is that?

I notice a piece of folded paper attached with her neck belt.

I carefully take the paper piece in my hand and fully open the paper to see if anything is written there. Sitting down Nebula Beside me.

A short letter is written there. It's from my grandmother Merila!

I start to read the letter quietly.

The letter :

" Alice,

WHERE ARE YOU!!?? I didn't see you anywhere since you had left to work in the garden! I went to the garden but you are vanished! I am so worried about you! If you are reading it then i take it Nebula has found you. Please come home as soon as possible! I am going to dye of worrying about you here!Please take the letter seriously! Waiting for you to coming . Besides I have something Very important to say!

Your grandmother --

Merila "

Oh, grandma! I Know you always worry about me. I don't doubt it.

Hehe. But what has grandma so important to say? Is there in problem or unexpected situation? I Don't remember any.

Shtt! I totally forgot about finding a way to go home! Beacuse of my thought of that horrible creature! How could I ?!

Me : "Nebula let's go. grandmother is worrying about us. "

I take a step to go home.

But hey! I don't know the way to home from here..!

Me :" Nebula, Do you remember the way to go home from here? You found me earlier. You should know. "

Nebula : ( Nods in agreement)

Me : "Good. Let's go home and make grandma happy. "

I and Nebula starts walking. She is jumping running ahead of me. i am walking slowly and following her. I am a bit distracted.

Is there anyone who can help me to know more about Zikaboo vampires?

Maybe grandma will know. I will ask her.

Nebula : "MEW! MEW!MEEEW! "

ME : "Huh?! Nebula, What's wrong?"

Nebula gives me a signal that we have reached home.

Me :" Oh! Reached home already? Sorry, I was off mind. "

Phew! I am happy to come home finally! I rush toward the door and knocking -

Me : Grandma! I am Alice. Open the door. I am back!

No sound comes from inside.

What's wrong?Why grandma is not responding or opening the door?!

I punch the door. The door opened at my first punch.

I rush inside and screaming

Me: " grandma? GRANDMA?! WHERE ARE YOU?! "

No sound comes! I start to search through all rooms. I go to the dinning room first.

No sign of her!

Now kichten.

Still no sign of her!!??


Me :" Grandma! "

Finally, i find her in her bedroom!

Me : Grandma, Are you ok? What's wrong with you?! Why Weren't you responding?!

Grandmother : "Oh, Alice you are back? I am so sorry dear, i was totally distracted from thoughts"

Grandma looks pale and sad. I suddenly fell guilty for snapping at her like that.

Me: "Uh -oh, Grandma are you oka-

What is these? !!? "

I notice some packed bag and luggage.

Me : "Grandma what is this? Why are the bags packed? Are we heading somewhere? "

Grandmother : " oh, these? Well, yes. We are heading to a place and never going to come back. "

Me : " What?! What does that mean?"

Grandmother : " ah, i mean -"

Me : Wait a second, Does that mean- "

Grandmother : "Well, Yes.We are moving. To a village. We can't stay here anymore. Even if we want. "

Me : But Why?!

Grandmother : " Promise you Won't be sad or cry after what am I going to say. "

Me : " I promise! "

Grandmother : " You know Alice. I am a bartender."

Me : " Yes, so? "

Grandmother : " I lost my job "

Me : Eh?! Why?! I believe you didn't do anything wrong to be fired!

Grandmother :" I know. Listen, No one is to be guilty about me being fired. "

Me : "Then, Why-"

Grandmother : " Let me speak! My boss told all the employees that no one will have their job now. Beacuse they had an super damage in their business. For that, they can't continue their bar business for sure. That's why everyone lost their job. "

Me : "oh, I am so sorry " When did you get fired? "

Grandmother : " A few days ago, I didn’t tell you because you will be sad and worried. I thought It's the right time to tell you. "

Me : "Oh, okay, "

Grandmother :" Don't worry. after losing the job, I contacted a man and found another job "

Me : " Really?! That's great! "

Grandmother :" yes, The job is at a bar of Reymond village. We will be living in that village from now. "

Me : " oh, Okay. I am gonna pack up my things now. "

Grandmother : " No need. I already packed your things up. Just go, fresh up and sleep. Noon time is NAP taking time, Remember? I will talk with you at dinner, "

Me : " Shtt! It's already noon?! I would rather go to room now! I am so tired all of a sudden. "

Grandmother : " Yeah! You better enjoy your meantime before the dinner young lady! you have a lot explanation to give. "

Me : " Hehe, Okay- dokay! Let's go Nebula! "

I am walking toward my bedroom now. But what did grandmother mean by that " you have a lot explanation to give "?

What explanation? Is it about that time when i suddenly wasn’t here? Running off from that creature?

She didn't see any if these, did she?

I feel much sad to leave the place. And my friends. Ah..

Ha, Let's throw the thoughts out of mind. Maybe i can come here to travel someday.

I enter my bedroom and close the door behind me. Now only me and Nebula is in my room.

I go to bathroom and change my clothes. I know that in my room bedsides me is only Nebula. She is a cat but i feel embarrassed to change clothes in front of her.

After changing, I get out of the bathroom and ready to give a jump to sleep on my bed!

Me : ( moving in the bed)" Haaa! It feels so good to finally throw my head to pillow.! "

Then i fall into a deep sleep. This much deep sleep that nothing can wake me up.

How the journey is going to be to the Reymond village? What is going to happen after reaching there? And what is the thing i need to explain to her at dinner?

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