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Trying to find a work to do

Me : "Thanks for telling."

Zaker : "Sure. I have been saved by telling you."

Me : "How come?"

Zaker : "Ah!.. Forget it."

What's making him so anxious? He seems he is afraid about something?

Me : "What's wrong? Worrying about sister?"

Zaker : "Nope. Listen, You won’t go to see my sister."

Me : "Huh? I didn’t say I want to go to see your sister."

Zaker : 'No, just in case. I don’t want anyone get because of my sister."

Me : "I know.. That's why you probably don't let someone come near to her easily."

Zaker : "Yes. She has a Taicon butler. Viruses don't infect Taicons."

What?! Taicon? What the heck is it?

Me : "What is Taicon? I never heard this name. We don't have anything in our world with this name."

Zaker : "Taicon is a machine—especially one programmable by a computer— capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. ... Taicon may be constructed on the lines of zikaboo form, but most Taicons are machines designed to perform a task with no regard to their aesthetics."

Oh! Now I got it! He is talking about robot! The structure he gave was of robot!! They call robots by Taicons!

Me : "Understood! You are talking about robot!"

Zaker : "What's Robot?"

Me : "We call taicons of robots in our world!"

Zaker : "Oh!"

He seems impressed. Probably because of the 'robot' thing. I am actually impressed too because they also have robots like us‌!

My mind feels suddenly deezy. I want to explore the whole kingdom now. But will Zaker let me?

Who cares? He is not my scary grandma anyway!

My grandma has excellent skills of physical attacks.

Her Physical attack's DNA always wakes up when I try to skip school or do any action which she marked as illegal for me!

Me : "Who is the older one among you and your siblings?"

Zaker : "Me."

What?! That's it. I bet his brothers left the palace because they were irritated by their big brother! Being the big one doesn’t suit him.

Me : "What are your brothers's names?"

Zaker : "The 2nd one is Peter, 3rd one Ellison, 4th one Samagi & 5th one Zolf. My sister is Kleon"

Me : "That's great. Names are good."

Zaker : "What will you do now? You can't stay here doing nothing forever."

Actually... Yes. He is right.That's the main thing to worry about. I had no idea that I will be living here forever. If knew, I would have come after thinking of how will I pass the time.

Me : "I don't know. Why don't you suggest anything instead? After all, you are a residence of Zikaboo Vampires world."

Zaker : "That's really a hard matter. I am also speechless."

Hmm...What can I do? I would rather die instead of being gloomy.

Oh.. Grandma, Why are you betraying me?! You always suggested something to do when I had nothing to do in my hand!

We both thinks for a bit.. But nothing pop up in our mind. Suddenly a idea enter in my mind.

There is a work I can do! But I am not sure Zaker would let me do it. I will take care of his sister. Plus, she won't feel lonely anymore.

Me : "I have an idea!!"

Zaker : "You do?"

He looks at me surprisedly. He must didn’t expect me to find a work to do where he coudn't find one as the prince of the kingdom.

Me : "But I am not sure you will agree."

Zaker : "Why won't I?"

I hesitant and think for a bit. I know he will disagree.

Because if I take care of his sister as a nurse, her virus may infect everyone following by me. But giving it a try won't hurt.

Me : "Can I take care of your sister? I want to spend time with her."

Zaker : "What?!"

He seems to think that I am crazy. I knew it.

Me : "I know you would disagree."

Zaker : "Uh-Oh.."

Me : "Look, I know the reason of that reaction, but I don't think the virus will effect me because I am a human. Not a half-blood. Don't you think so?"

Hope the logic will do.. He looks confused and more anxious.

Zaker : "Are you acting to be gentle?"

He told with a fishy look. Is he assuming that I am acting good but I will turn out be a bogus person?

Me : "Are you assuming that I may turn out to be a bogus person?"

Zaker : "No! It's just I am surprised why you want to take care of my sister."

Me : "Because I want to spend some time with her! I know we can get along!"

Zaker : "What about the virus?"

Me : "The virus?"

Zaker : "If you get infected from her?"

Me : "Would I? The composition of my body isn’t as same as Zikaboo Vampires. I shouldn’t be."

Zaker : "Still.."

Me : "Is there any way to test if the virus will infect me?"

Zaker : "Well..There is."

Me : "So, Let's test!"

Zaker : "Are you sure?"

Me : "Of course!"

Okay.. Then. I am calling Sibachu. He knows the whole kingdom better than me.

He gets up and goes out of the room. He screams aloud–

Zaker : "Sibachu! Come here! I need you!..Sibachu? SIBACHU!!!"

Sibachu : "Coming! Uf! Shut your mouth!!"

Zaker : "Geez.."

Sibachu then comes to Zaker. He seems annoyed by Zaker.

Sibachu : "I am here. Now what?"

He told with look on his face. The look tells: 'Zaker is so dumb. Why does he always calls me when I am busy with my own work?'.

Zaker : "Think whom you are speaking with before talking."

Zaker told like he often tells that.

Sibachu : "Oh? I think I am taking to the gatekeeper of the kingdom."

Zaker : "What?!"

Sibachu let's out a soft laugh. Zaker is angry out of limit. His face looks so angry. I doubt if I saw someone more angry than him expect our math teacher in school.

Our math teacher is soooo angry. He never talks nicely with us. When he enter the classroom, he screams aloud first. Says : 'Show your homework right now!!'

He always brings an sharp stick with him. He even hurts us with that sometimes. He did with me too.

One day, a boy from my class peeped in the teacher's bag. He found an axe there!! We were scared about why was he lifting around that axe with him.

Zaker : "I am the gatekeeper of the kingdom?!"

Sibachu : "Why not? You always goes to the gate of the kingdom. Others might think you as the gatekeeper instead of the prince soon."

Sibachu giggles. Like he was having fun.

Zaker : "How dare you!!!"

Zaker attemts to attack on Sibachu! Are they going to fight?! Before I can do anything, Sibachu protests.

Sibachu : "Hey! I was joking!! I didn’t mean that!"

Zaker : "What?!"

Zaker seems surprised. He puts his hands off immediately.

Sibachu : "I said I was joking! I didn’t say for real!!!"

Sibachu told angrily.

Zaker : " Sorry!!!! I thought you meant that!"

Sibachu : "Yeah.. Yeah..Stop."

Zaker : "You talk so mean "

Sibachu : "Shut up!!"

They were joking with each other. How will be the test? Will the result be positive?

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