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Zaker's Unexpected Behavior!

Sibachu : "Stop joking around."

Zaker : "Who said I was joking?"

Sibachu : "Ask yourself."

Zaker & Sibachu were quarreling together. I somehow find it funny. So, I let out a big laughter.

Me : "Are you both done quarreling or should we go?"

Sibachu : "Go? Where?'

Sibachu is surprised. We haven’t told him yet that we are heading to test me if the unknown virus will attack me.

Zaker : " We are going to test Alice. To see if she will be infected by that virus which attacked my sister."

Sibachu : "What?! Are you insane?"

Sibachu seems he is against it. But why?

Zaker : "What is to be surprised about?"

Me : "Uh-oh..Let me speak!! It's just, I want to take care of Kleon. I want to spend time with her. So, he suggested to check me if the virus is worth to infect me."

Sibachu : "Ohh..whom are you going to?"

Zaker : "Dem. He is one of the greatest doctors."

Sibachu : "Hmm...Why did you call me?"

Zaker : "I don't know the road to his home. You know, right? It's your responsibility to take us there."

Sibachu : "All right."

But still he looks he doesn’t want to go. Is he tired? Or is Zaker annoying him? He is acting different than before.

Zaker : "Yes"

We three leave. We first get out of the palace. We keep going on by following Sibachu.

Me : "Huh...This is my first time . Seeing the kingdom peacefully."


10 minutes passed. We are still walking. How long do we have to walk more?

Me : "Sibachu, When will we reach there?"

Sibachu : "Don't worry. It won't take more time."

I look at left of my shoulder. Zaker is left to me. Something is really amazing here. They have only night here. It's totally dark here. But still I get tl see everything clear!!

Suddenly, I realize that i am walking between Zaker and Sibachu!! Sibachu is by my right side and Zaker is by my left side! I didn’t realized it earlier.

Oh...God! It feels so weird to be in between two young guys!

My face heat up. I feel my ears are getting red. I bow my head in embarrassment. Hope they don't notice my blushing face.

Fortunately, none of them noticed. Phew!

Sibachu : "Ta-da! We have reached to our target."

Me : "Great! But wait.."

What the—. I & Sibachu have stoped walking but Zaker didn’t. Instead, he keeps walking forward! It seems he didn’t hear Sibachu telling we have reached here.

Zaker is lost in somewhere. He is walking like sleep walking. He is not concentrating on what is front of him!

He might fall or get hurted by something if he doesn’t pay attention!

I screams out of my lung—


My scream didn't seem to work. He keeps walking. Shtt! Screaming won't work. Sibachu also joins me.


Still didn't work. Sibachu also failed to bring Zaker back to the reality.

Me : "Screaming won’t work. We need to take physical attemts."

I hurries over him. I am in front of Zaker now. I hold out my hands to both sides.

He stops immediately. I put my hands on his shoulders and shake him. I says while shaking him up—

Me : "Hey! Come to sense! Where do you think you were going? Stop daydreaming!!"

I continue scolding him. But he doesn’t reply for a long moment. He kept looking at me blankly.

Finally, he came back to reality! He is acting like he doesn’t know what is going on. He is looking around as children do after their birth.

Zaker : "Huh? Where am I? What's going on? What happened?"

Me : "You really don't know? You were sleep walking!"

Zaker : "What?! Sleep walking?!"

Zaker replied. He looks at me like I am crazy or something. Sibachu shouts from far-

Sibachu : "You nut head! You are dead today! You made us so late!"

I and Zaker come back to Sibachu. It looks like Sibachu is about to smash Zaker.

Me : "It's all right! We can hear his story later! Now, let's go inside!"

Sibachu : "Hmm.."

Zaker gives me 'thanks for saving me from him' look. I smirk. I am already worrying about what will be the result of the test.

(Knock Knock)

??? : "Who is this?"

Sibachu : "It's me lol~. Demmie!open the door."

Dem : "Oo..It's you Sich? Coming!"

Me : "Sich? What is Sich?"

I asked Sibachu.

Sibachu : "Sort form of my name. Sibachu to Sich. Dem calls me with the name."

Ohh..now I got it. Are they this much close that they even call each other with funny names? Dem opens the door.

Dem : "Hi. Ho- Who is this?"

He looks at me. His face looks like he have seen a ghost. He was too surprised to see me. But why?

Me : "Any problem?"

Dem : "No. Come in please."

We enter the house. The house is beautiful. In fact, all Zikaboo's houses are beautiful. We sit in the living room. He sits on a stone.

Dem : "So, What's the issue?"

Sibachu : "This is Alice. Our new prey. Remember the announcement?'

Dem : " Oh, that new human girl who was interested in our world?"

Sibachu : "Yes. She wants to take care of Zaker's sister Kleon. We need to be sure that the virus won't effect on her."

Dem : "We didn’t test any Zikaboo if it will infect them. Then why will we test her?

Sibachu : " Because we are 100% sure that any Zikaboo Vampire will be infected by the virus! But we are not sure that it will infect Alice because she is a full human and we are half-blood!!"

Sibachu's voice was getting louder when he was continuing.

Dem : "Ok.. No need to shout! I understand. I will test her. Come with me our prey."

Our prey?! Is he planning to flirt with me!?

Me : "All right."

I stand up to go with him. Zaker also stands up.

Zaker : "I will come along too."

Dem protests. He holds out a hand to stop Zaker.

Dem : "You can't. Because I use secret weapons and tricks to operate. I don’t wanna disclose it. Don't worry. I won’t do something to her. If that's what you are worrying about.She will be safe with me."

Zaker : "All right. But I will stay close! I will stay alert so you don’t do anything with her."

Dem : " Don’t you trust me? You are the one who always says I am the most trustworthy person."

Zaker : "But I don’t when it comes to her."

Zaker gives me a scary smile. What's on his mind? What does he meant by that?"

Dem : "Are you coming or not?"

Me : "Coming! But before, can I ask a favour?"

Dem : "Favour? What is it?"

Me : "What kind of machinery will you use test my DNA and more?"

Dem : "You will see. After seeing them, if you think they are not fair or I will do something weird, you are free to run away from the operation theater."

Operation theater!? He talks like I am a serious patient with critical physical problem! Why do I have a weird feeling?

Dem : "I said don't worry. I won’t do anything."

Zaker : "Better keep your words. You are sus dead if you lay a finger on her!"

Dem : "C'mon! How can I test her without touching her?"

In this atmosphere, Zaker & Sibachu should be the one to comfort me. But instead, I comfort them

Me : "Don't worry about me. All thanks to my grandma, I am a awesome fighter. I will attck on him back if he tries to do something."

Although, 'I am a awesome fighter'. The sentence is half-true and half-false. No one can beat me in fighting when It's with a human. But I am a weak girl with any animals or Zikaboo Vampires.

Me : "Let's go. I know I will be fine."

Dem leads me to the operation theater.

What will happen? Will Dem do anything weird with me? What will be the result of the test?

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