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Testing My Body

Zzzz.. Oohh....

I am in the operation theater now. My whole body is shivering of fear. I am a strong girl in front of a human but I am the most weak girl in front of Zikaboo Vampires!

They are too scary.. I stay on my spot. I don’t know whether I should be scared or alert.

Dem : "All right. Come here now."

Me : "Why?"

Dem : "Why?! How can I check you if you are far from me?"

He points at him. Am I supposed to come near him? I am scared more than while I watch a horror movie in the movie theater!

Uh! What a silly question! Of course I need to go near him! How will he test my body if I don’t? I am such a fool!

Me : 'O-okay."

Is he going to mess up with me? Or flirt? I don’t know. Will he do something weird?

Dem : "I am not into that sort of thing of thing that you are thinking about me."

Me : "I didn’t say that out loud!"

Dem : "I could read it on your face, Dummy! I can read other people’s mind."

Oh...that's the spirit. He is good at reading minds. Unlike Zake, he looks at me more attentively. Like he is thinking something about me.

He is more weird than Zake! Definitely!

I carefully go to him. I remain some space between us. I am full alert. My all organs are awake! I am scared to go near him.

His eyelashes are serious looking under his glasses. I never thought that Zikaboo Vampires also wear galsses like humans. They definitely are amazing! And of course, Mysterious!

I see something is covered in a a big cloth near him. The thing is large in size . Is there something too scary there?

Dem take off the cloth from the thing. I see there is a big machine. It's totally different. There is no machine like this in our world!

It has many spiralled things, a thing which almost looks like a computer, many cans of blood. What

will he do with those blood? Whose blood is that? The whole machine looks like a horrible thing. It feels like it will start moving anytime!

Dem : "I will anesthetize you now."

Me : "!"

Dem : "What's with that surprised face?"

Me : "Is there any need to anesthetize me?"

Dem : "Of course! I can't test your body structure or others without anesthetize! Definitely not!"

Seriously!? Is something different on his mind? I guess I will have to trust him. I have no other choice.

Me : "How long will it take?"

Dem : "It will take maximum 2 hours because I never worked on a human's body."

2 hours!? Time blows very slow in the world than our world. That means at least 20 hours will be passed in our world when 2 hours will be passed in the world.

Me : "No Zikaboo did?"

Dem : "If I say the truth, actually another doctor of us did. He researched on Lucy. Our first prey."

Oh..so they did. If I actually hadn’t let them test my body, I will have to in future anyways, huh? I like or not, they will have tested me.

Dem : "Get down to business. I am going to anesthetize you now. Ready?"

Me : "R-R-Ready."

I said with hesitating. I don’t wanna get in trouble. Zaker...Hope you wil protect me from the horrible doctor!

Dem is acting like he is a dentist, not a doctor. His movements tells that he is going to teething me!

Which he is actually not going to do, hahaha.

I will be more than satisfied if the result come positive! I can't wait to meet Zaker's sister!

He goes to a shelf. There are many liquids placed in that shelf. He takes a glass of liquid.

The liquid is gray colour. It's shinning. I don’t think there is any liquid like this in our world.

He takes out a handkerchief from his pocket. Zikaboo vampire's dress are different but almost human's dress type.

That's why I somehow managed to wear their girl's dresses. I wonder what girl's dresses are doing in thier kingdom? Weird..

Dem puts the liquid on the glass and then inverts the glass. He was holding the handkerchief when he was inverting the class.

The liquid starts spreading immediately in the handkerchief. It spreads in the handkerchief with a flower design. It's a wonderful view!

Dem then comes to me.

Dem : "Get ready. I am going to anesthetize you with this now. Don't be afraid. You won’t even understand when the work will be done."

He tries to comfort me but I still am afraid. I am shivering. My full body is cold now.

I naturally have cold hands and body since my childhood. I don't know anything about my birth.

Even my grandma doesn’t tell me how I was born when I ask her. She makes a hesitating and worried face. I don’t know why.

Me : "All right. Will it pain?"

Dem : "Nope"

Me : "Oh, that's good. You can start your work now."

Dem takes a step closer to me. He keeps coming closer to me. He comes very close. Then, he lifts his left hand and places it at the back of my head.

Then he carefully lifts up the right hand. It was holding the handkerchief. It keeps coming closer to my nose.

It's getting bigger and bigger in my vision. One time, It touches my nose. I take a breath.

With releasing my breath, I felt a nice smell ran up through my nose to head. My eyes closed.

My mind is heavy. My mind is having a battle of life and death with the smell. It's buzzing. My.

I think I am flying. I am a bird. I blowed up my wings. I am a freedom bird. I will fly whenever or wherever or however I want...

Nothing can stop me...

My mind starts to dizzying. I feel I am falling from a airplane to the ground.

Just falling and falling... I will die immediately when my body touch the ground.

Soon... I totally lose my consciousness.. I am anesthetized... Oh.........


??? : "Great! She is opening her eyes!!"

I slowly open my eyes. What's happening to me? What happened?

??? : "Phew! I thought if she died already!"

What? If I died already!? Was I going to die? Did someone saved me from dying? Who?

What the f**k!? Why can't I remember anything? What happened to me?

I opened my eyes fully but it got half-closed again. My eyes are half closed and half opened now..

Everything is still so blur.. I see a bunch of blur white hairs and two red glowing eyes under the white colour. Is that Sibachu?

Why can't I see them? Why are everything blur!?

I wanna to kill my two eyes! What's the meaning of having eyes if I even can't see anything clear but totally blur!?

??? : "Hey!! Are you hearing us? Alice?"

I realized that someone said something. I couldn’t hear it clearly. I heard something sounded 'oyuhyaslice'.

??? : "Alice! Answer Us!! How are you feeling?"

Seriously!? Now even my hearing ability is ruined? Won't I see or hear clearly ever again?

I hear many weird sounds which has no meanings at all..

I wish I died. What's the meaning of living if I can't see or hear anything. Dying is more good than suffering like this. Uf!!......

What happened to me? Have my eyes and ears have damaged? How? Why I can't remember anything?

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