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Result Of The Test

??? : "Why aren’t you responding? Answer! Don't die now!"

I keep hearing many things but don't understand any of their words. All words are fuzzy. Uh.!

Eyes & ears, why are you two betraying me? Don't leave me making me a lame person!

I wish I died when Dem were testing my body! I don’t wanna live as a gimp! I am screwed! Can't I hear or see anything again?

I didn’t need a mirror to see how my face looked like that time. I knew I was looking at nothing with no expression.

They keep speaking non-stop. I can realize. But I don't hear it clearly. It's making weird sounds. So noisy at a same time.


I suddenly feel a thumb finger at the top of my lips and a index finger at the bottom of my lips. I have no energy in my body at all. So, I can't protest the person.

The person forces down his thumb and forces up his index finger at the same time to open my mouth.

My whole body is frozen. I can't move any part. I have zero energy. I even can't close my mouth if I want.

Then I felt something entered into my mouth. I swallow the thing. It tested like a capsule. Did someone fed me a medicine? Strange..

I see some blur colours removed from my vision. It means Zaker,Hypto,Sibachu and Dem left? They left me alone!? No!

Yeah.. My guess was right. They did leave me alone. I am so disappointed!

Huh? Disappointed!? Why would I?! I am must crazy. I am definitely crazy. They are none of mine.

They mean nothing to me. I don’t care about them. They are my nothing. Why would I be disappointed? I have no kind of feelings toward them!

My eyes are feeling sleepy. Too much. I can't keep my eyes opened. Someone is bringing me in dark. Don't want me to survive.

My eyes closed. I can't keep my eyes opened. I never felt this much sleppy. Soon..I got lost in a deep sleep.. Zzzz..


My eyes wink slowly several times. My body finally awakened from the bad condition which I had before sleeping.

Oh..everything looks clear. I can hear every thing. Even better than before. There they are. Zaker and Sibachu. Staring at me with relieved eyes.

But wait, I can't move! I have enough energy to move my hands and legs. My body is tied to something!

Zaker seems to notice that I am trying to get up.

Zaker : "Oh! I forgot about the lock! She can't get up with these."

Zaker immediately comes to me. He remove something from my hands, then my waist, then my foots.

My face heated up when I felt his hand's warmth against my skin.

Zaker : "Here you go..you can get up now."

I get up. I am fully a wealthy girl now. I feel more better than before. I look around. I see only Sibachu and Zaker.

Sibachu : "Feeling ok?"

I look at another direction to avoid making an eye contact with him. Somehow, everything is making me so angry. That's strange.. I am not like this.

Zaker : "Hey.Hello(?"

Me : "What?"

I said with an annoyed voice. They are making me angry.

Zaker : "What's wrong with you? Aren’t you happy to see us?"

Me : "Happy to see you!? Why would I? Are you two my father or my brothers?"

I said with anger. I don't know why. I might burst out anytime if they say one more word!

What's getting over me? Why am I angry on them. I hear those two are whispering---

Sibachu : "I think that's happening what Dem told us. She is really getting angry."

Zaker : "Yeah...Going to be hard to control her."

Sibachu : "We should apply that trick which Dem told us."

Zaker : "Yeah"

What? What are they talking about?

Me : "What does that supposed to mean?"

Zaker : "Pfft. Whatever."

Why am I getting suspicious about him? It doesn’t seem that they told that without any reason. I hear Sibachu clears his throat.

Sibachu : "You are a monkey."

Me : "What!?"

Is he mad? What does he mean that I am a monkey?

Sibachu : "You were born as a monkey. You have special power to change in human form. You like humans so you wanted to stay in human form forever."

What nonsense is he telling?! I have powers to change in human form and most of all, I am a monkey!?

Really? I don’t think so.I have a feeling that he is lying. They are suspicious.

Me : "Do I look like a silly? You think I will believe your words?"

Sibachu : "Why not? It's the truth."

Me : "Prove it."

Sibachu : "What?!"

Me : "Prove that I am a monkey."

Sibachu : "Uh-Oh.."

Sibachu goes to Zaker and whispers to him..

Sibachu : "Hey..What do we do now? How can we prove that she is actually a monkey when she is not?"

Zaker : "I don't know either. I didn’t think about this. Seems we are caught."

Yup. They were lying.. Liars..! But not for too long..

Me : "Hands up! I know you two are lying. You are caught!"

I stands up on the bed where Dem operated me. I put my hands on my hip. Stand there with a bossy style.

Zaker : "No-no! It's nothing like that!"


Zaker : "Ok-okay."

Zaker and Sibachu raise their hands. It was kind of funny scenery. They were obeying me like a child with no expression and feelings.

Me : "Now..admit that you two lied."

Zaker & Sibachu : "We admit that we lied to you about you being a monkey!!"

They said together. They didn't like the atmosphere. Anyone can see that on their face.

Me : "Now.. Swear on your god that you won’t lie again. Not even light false!"

Zaker : "What?! Swear on the god!?"

Me : "Yes! Otherwise you won’t change. You know that it will be a great sin if you two break your words in future! You will even get cursed by your god if he hears you break your words!"

They both gave me a 'how did you know' look. Actually I am also confused.

I didn’t know much about their rules and culture. Absolutely didn’t know that their god curses his creations if they break the rules!

Sibachu : "How did you know?"

Me : "Ah..Uh..I don’t know."

Sibachu : "What!?"

Me : "I don't know how did I know that."

Zaker : "Are you kidding? How can that be?"

Me : "I said I don’t know!"

Sibachu : "Listen.. We can talk about it later. We need to tell her the result of the operation first."

Me : "Result?"

Sibachu : "Did you forgot that Dem tested you if the virus will infect you which attacked Zaker's sister?"

Me : "Oh! I almost forgot!! So, What is the result?"

Sibachu : "I will be sad and cry after hearing it.'

Me : " I don’t get sad and cry easily."

It's true. I had a friend name Maya. She always told me that I am a person with no feelings.

I never cry over something which is almost touching and have the power to make everyone cry. I always was a person with stone heart.

One day, I and Maya were watching a movie in the movie theater. The movie was very touching. It made everyone cry in the movie theater except me.

What am I supposed to do if nothing makes me cry!? Not that I want to cry.

Nothing ever made me cry. Nothing! I guess nothing will make me cry anydays. That's for sure.

Me : "So.. What's the result?"

Sibachu : "The result is negative. The virus will infect you. If you touch or get near to Kleon."

Me : "Huh?!"

What? I wasn’t prepared for this result! How can that virus infect me? I am a full human!

Me : "Why? I am a full human!"

Zaker : "That's because my sister has human's blood too! She has vampire, werewolf and human's blood."

Me : "What is the connection between these?"

Zaker : "The connection is.. My sister has vampire, werewolf and human's blood. Since the virus infected her.. That means it will also infect peoples who have vampire's blood or werewolf's blood or human's blood. You have human blood so it will also infect you."

Me : "Eh!?"

The logic seems useless and meaningless to me. It can't be! I planned many things about spending time with Kleon. Now, that was thrown out of the window?!

Me : "Lies."

Zaker : "No! We swear on the god!"

Me : "Okay."

Like I said, I am a person with no feelings. So, the news didn’t make me so sad.

Sibachu : "Aren’t you sad?"

Me : "Nope"

I flash them a smile. They looks startled. They didn’t expect this reaction from me.

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