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Found Another Way To Meet Zaker's Sister!

Me : "Hey. What did I do untill now?"

Zaker : "What?! You don't remember what were you doing all the time?"

Me : "No. That's why I am asking."

They look startled. They look at me surprisedly. I am also confused. What were I doing? I don’t remember.

Sibachu : "You told us to raise our hands. You told two rules in our world which you didn’t know. That's strange."

Me : "I said two rules that I didn’t know by all means?"

Sibachu : "Yes."

Are they kidding me?! How could I tell those rules which I even don't know? So weird than the limit.

Me : "Everything is getting awkward and awkward by seconds! What's happening to me?"

Zaker : "Don't worry. We knew something like this would happen. Dem told us. Said you might act like this after the test."

Me : "Oh..you knew?"

Sibachu : "Yes."

They flash me a funny smile. Like they knew I will be surprised. I am satisfied that I am not in danger.

Me : "Uh..what else I did?"

Zaker : "You forced us to swear on our god."

Me : "Eh!?"

OMG!! I did these things?! No wonder I feel too guilty! I did these unconsciously? Oh no!

Sibachu : "Have you any idea how you knew about those rules?"

Me : No."

Zaker : "Let's just keep the thought away. It's just an coincidence."

Zaker moves his hands to blow up the matter in a funny way like he doesn’t care about the situation.

Sibachu : "Coincidence?! You crazy? It can't be a coincidence! It's extremely unusual!"

Zaker : "Yeah. But–"

Sibachu : "You mad? We can't avoid it."

Zaker : "Why?"

Sibachu : "It's an unusual issue. No one can't know our rules without telling them!"

Zaker : "Maybe she somehow saw it written somewhere."

Sibachu : "What?"

Zaker : "Yeah. Maybe Hypto told her."

Sibachu : "But–"

Zaker : "Listen, you are going way too much about it. You are worrying about nothing!"

Sibachu : "Ah"

Zaker : "Let's just avoid it."

Sibachu : "Are you sure It's just an coincidence?"

Zaker : "Sure. Don't you say one more about it, I will fire you."

Sibachu : "You are no one to fire me."

Zaker : "Yeah. Pray so you don’t get fired."

Yet, I am walking to one side from other side in the room. My hands are behind my back.

I am deeply thinking about this.How did I know those two rules and why did I act like that. I am in serious mood now.

The two thoughts are driving me crazy and there? Those two are quarreling?! They are driving me nuts! So I have no choice left except interfacing them.

Me : "Stop! I am having my own problems here and you two are fighting? Shut up!"

Those two immediately stops talking. Sibachu was going to say something but I gave him a warning look. He got scared of my look.

I start walking from one side to another again in a serious mood.

Zaker : "Um..Alice?"

Me : "What?"

I said with a disturbed look. He is irritating me! Zaker seems to see that so he said nothing. I am glad that he understood.

Me : "Is there any other way I can meet your sister without anyone being infected?"

Zaker : "Why do you want to meet my sister so badly?"

Me : "I don't know. My heart wants to meet her so badly. As you know, you should always listen to your heart."

My grandma told me this. She believes that answer of all questions are in your heart. You can't live without your heart. Like that, your feelings also can't live without your heart.

Zaker : "What's heart?"

Me : "You don't know what heart is!?"

Zaker : "No?"

OMG! Is he serious?! He doesn’t know what is heart? Does a heart even exists in his body?! Don't Zikaboo Vampires have hearts?

Me : "Sorry. I can't describe you what's heart. I am worried about something else."

Although, I wanted ask if a heart exists in a Zikaboo Vampire's Body. But I didn’t. I am kind of very worried about my unexpected reaction.

Zaker : "You believe these things?"

Me : "Of course! My grandma always tells me the truth. She never lies about something like this."

Zaker : "I never thought about it."

Me : "Heh..You barely know about humans. So, don't act like you are the most wise one."

I gave him a cocky smile. I expected a frown as a reaction but instead of that, he stares at me and gives me a handsome smile.

Me "!!"

I am too busy. So, I am not paying much attention to him. I let him do what he wants. He is the prince of the kingdom after all.

Me : "There is no other way?"

??? : "Of course there is!"

Huh!? Surprised, I look behind and find Dem coming toward us. Hypto is with him. Sibachu and Zaker are also surprised.

Zaker : "Hypto? Dem? What does that mean?"

Hypto : "It means there is still a way Alice can go to meet your sister without being infected!"

Me : "Really?!"

I look at them happily. They can see some hope and expectations in my blue eyes.

Dem : 'Sure! Yeah, but we need to do a black magic on you."

Me : "Black magic?"

Dem : "Yes. Agree?"

I don’t know what is black magic but I agreed anyways. As long as I can meet Kleon, that's worth to it.

I wonder why I want to meet Kleon so badly. That's strange. She is an unknown person to me after all. But I hope she will accept me because of my love toward her.

Hypto : "Come with me. I am good at black magic. The magic won't work on Zikaboo Vampires but it will work on humans."

Zaker : "Wait! I can also do black magic!!"

Zaker looks at Hypto angrily. I have a feeling that they are going to fight again about who will black magic on me. Before they can start, I stop them.

Me : "No! No fight this time!"

Hypto : "But-

Me : " I said no!"

Zaker : "Then? Whom will you let to do a black magic on you?"

Whom will I choose?Who will black magic on me? They both can't.

Zaker or Hypto?

I end up choosing Zaker. I want to know his skills.

Me : "I chose Zaker."

Zaker : "What?!"

He looks at me surprisedly. I ask him what's to be surprised about. He says he didn’t expect me to choose him.

Me : "Why not?"

Zaker : "No, It's just–

Zaker looks at Hypto without moving his head to him.

Hypto : " Wh-What?! Why are you looking at me like that?"

Zaker : "Nothing. Ok, Let's go."

Great! That's the spirit!

I start walking with Zaker. After a step, Sibachu and Hypto come to us running and telling–

Sibachu : "Wait!"

Hypto : "We will come too!"

We look behind. Zaker seems annoyed. He tells with serious mood.

Zaker : "What? What will you do there?"

Hypto : "Oh, c'mon! We all know you always make trouble while you do a black magic. So, I need to be careful so she doesn’t get hurt."

Zaker : "Hey!"

Me : "What's this all about Hypto?"

Hypto : "I bet you know."

Hypto giggles. He thinks It's funny.

Zaker : "Don't believe a word the bastard says! He is making me bad in your eyes so you choose him to black magic on you!"

Me : "Enough! I am going with Zaker. If he does anything, that will be my responsibility. No one need to protect me. Let's go Zaker.

I grab Zaker's hand and brings him outside. I hear Dem says something from behind. I didn’t hear it.

After coming outside, I release his hand and ask-

Me : "Now, take me there where you will do a black magic on me."

Zaker : "Did you just–

Zaker : " Released my hand?"

Me : "Yes? What else did you expect?"

Did he expect that I will keep holding his hand? Am I that much crazy that I will bw holding his hands without any reason? My all senses are awake.

Zaker : "Nothing."

Zaker is blushing. What's that all about?

Me : "Take me there."

Zaker : "Where?"

Me : "You know. You were going to take me somewhere where you will do a black magic on me."

Zaker : "Oh, Yes!!"

What will happen? What's balck magic? Can I meet with Zaker's sister?

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