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Normal Date 1

We start walking together. We are maintaining some distance between each other. We keep walking..

Zaker : "The place is far away from here. Can you walk this far?"

Me : "Of course! Hey, Why do we need to go there? Can't you do it here?"

Zaker : "No, because It's not the place to do a black magic. There is only one place where you can do black magic. If you try to do it at another place, it won’t work."

Me : "Hmm..mysterious."

I remember the time when he asked me if I had released his hand a few minutes ago. Why did he ask that? Did he want me to hold his hand?

Me : "You wished I hold your hand?"

Zaker : "Wh-what?!"

Zaker is surprised. He looks like he didn't expect me to say something like this. He manages his surprised look and answer my question as calmly as possible.

Zaker : "If I say no?"

Me : "That's good."

Zaker : "If I say yes?"

Me : "That's also good."

Zaker : "Ha?! How came?"

I giggle in case, so he understand that I am messing with him.

Zaker : "I don't like this type of prank!"

Me : "It's not a prank. Now, tell your answer."

Zaker : "My answer is no."

Me : "You really didn't wish I hold your hand?"

Zaker : "Yes."

Hah..I didn’t expect this answer. I thought he would say yes because he always does that. He always acts like he loves me and pretends as a jealous boyfriend.

I know that's just acting. He doesn’t love me. I don't either.

Me : (Holding)

Zaker : "!!!"

I held his hand. He is surprised as expected. His ears are red.

Zaker : "Wh-what are you holding?"

Me : "Your hand?"

Zaker : "!"

I hold his hand more tightly as we walk. He can't understand why I am doing this. Actually, I also don't know why I am holding his hand without his permission.

Me : "How much path is still left?"

Zaker : "Another 15 minutes. Then we are there."

Me : "Zaker...You are smiling."

Zaker was smiling. I noticed that. I wonder why he is smiling.

Zaker : "H-h-huh?! St-stop looking!"

Me : "(Smiling) It's in front of me. What am I supposed to do?"

Zaker : "Then, try not to look!"

I burst out into a laughter. What's the matter? Why is he getting shy if I saw him smiling?

Isn’t it common that you can't avoid seeing someone smiling or doing anything if he is close to you? His personality always keeps changing.

Zaker : "We are here now."

Me : "Already?"

Zaker : "Yes."

Me : "Too soon than thought."

The place is very beautiful. It looks like a park. Maybe, they call it something else.

Zaker : "Now, Let's go there."

Me : "Where?"

Before I can ask, he holds my hand and brings me to the east side of the park. After coming there, he releases my hand. Then he stand at front of me. Face to face.

Zaker : "Are you ready?"

Me : "I was born ready."

I said anyway but I wasn’t fully ready. He looks at me with narrow eyes. I start to feel uncomfortable. Maybe because of the black magic he is going to cast on me.

Zaker : "I will cast some black magic spells on you. Are you sure you are ready?"

Me : "I hope so."

Zaker : "What am I going to do is something that you might won't like but I can't do the black magic on you if I don't do that."

What's he talking about? What is he going to do?

Me : "All right. I will take the risk."

Zaker : "ok..1,2 & 3.."

He steps closer to me. He takes another step. Now, he is too close to me. Only a meter away from me.

Then he puts his both hands on my both shoulders. I can feel his warmth of his hands. It's trickling my cheeks.

He moves his face closer to me. Is it what he was talking about that I might won't like what he will do? He looks straightly at my eyes. It's getting bigger and bigger in my vision.

Zaker : "Look into my eyes, look into my eyes Alice. Look into my eyes."

I look into his eyes. Suddenly, I notice a change. His eyes are blue but he has red eyes! It sure is looking beautiful.

As I look into his eyes, it feels like I have been taken to an unknown world. I am gathered by a powerful energy.

Like I and Zaker are the only persons who exist in the universe. His eyes are hypnotizing me.

His eyes are suddenly looking TOO beautiful. Like he is an angel from the heaven. His hands go to my hairs. He rubs my hairs with his hands.

I couldn’t move. I was feeing too comfortable by looking into his eyes. The more I look into his eyes, the more I feel good. I want it to be last.

He starts telling something. Sounds as a mantra. Is he casting a spell?

Zaker : (Casting Black Magic Spells)

After casting spells non-stop for 5 minutes, he stops. After finishes, my whole mind goes blank..

I am new baby now who was just born few minutes ago. Who doesn’t understand anything. Nothing at all.

He is now touching my hand. I can't see it because I am looking into his eyes but I can feel it.

He slides something in my ring finger. I don’t know what it is. But.. Smelled like a ring. I am too much blank to say something.

I start to feel the power of the ring. Suddenly, something is definitely going on in my body. My body is having a strange feeling. I can't explain what is it.

My blood circulation is getting high or low. It's an very strange feeling that I never felt. A feeling that no one ever felt.

I can't explain. My blood circulation isn’t getting high nor low. But It's for sure that It's not circulating normaly.

I have both experience of high pressure and low pressure. But it doesn’t feel like any of that. My blood circulation isn’t getting high or low. A very strange feeling I can't describe.

My whole body is weak except my eyes. It's still strong enough to keep looking at Zaker's eyes.

Zaker : "Alice..Alice..keep looking at me."

Zaker's eyes moved away all lf a sudden. Few moments later, something covers my eyes. It's Zaker's hands. His both hands are on my eyes.

My body is fighting. It starts to lose control. Zaker whispers into my ears–

Zaker : "Shhh..Don't worry. You're feeling the energy first time. That's why your body is having some difficulty to adjust with it.

My legs are shaking. They are being weak. They will give up soon. My legs can't stand anymore!

My legs gave up. My body is about to fall! But before my body can fall–

Zaker : "......"

Me : "........"

Zaker caught at the right time from behind. His hands are around my waist.

Suddenly, the air starts blowing around us fastly. My hair is flying in the air. So as Zaker's. The leaves are blowing in the air around us.

Zaker : "Alice....."

His voice is so soft that I can't hear. It feels like a dream. I am in the heaven.

Me : "What?"

Zaker : "I–"

Me : "You what?"

Zaker : "Nothing!!"

Me : "Ah!!"

Zaker pushed me away. I still can't believe what just happened. Zaker turned his head away. To avoid making an eye contact with me.

My mind is still blank. Can't remember what happened. He is standing far from me.

I am in an illusion now. It feels so. I start to talking nonsense.

Me : "Grandma? Is that you? Where have you been for 3 years?!"

I go near to Zaker and hug him from his back. I hug him tightly.

Zaker : "Wha-What?!"

Zaker looks behind and finds me hugging him. He tries to break off immediately.

Zaker : "Hey! Come to your sense! I am not your grandma! I am ZAKER!!"

He keeps shouting. But I don’t release him. I continue embracing him.

Zaker : "(Slap)!"

Zaker suddenly slapped me! Very hard. Why did he slapped me!?

Me : "Why are you slapping me grandma? I am a good girl."

Zaker puts his hands on my shoulders and shaking me.

Zaker : "COME TO SENSE!!!"

But I remained out of my sense...

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