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Finally Got To Meet Zaker's Sister

There is something that never changes. For me, it's my behavior. My behaviour with others usually never changes but..after coming to the Zikaboo Vampires's world, it keeps changing.

Sometimes, I am scared of Zaker & the others and sometimes, I act bossy with them. Sometimes, the whole thing seems nonsense to me and sometimes, it feels they are my closer friends ever. So weird....

Yet, Zaker has slapped me. I have understood that. After he slapped me and shaking me, I came to sense.

After Zaker told me everything that happened untill now from the beginning, I wished I die. I can't believe it!

What's happening with me? Why am I losing my senses so often? Now I understand that I have been showing too much marcy to Zaker's sister.

Whatever, I showed mercy from my heart. Really. I am Exaggerating too much about his sister.

Me : "I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hug you as my grandmother."

Zaker : "This is not right. Why are you losing control so often?"

Me : "That's what I want to ask too."

Zaker : "Maybe because your body and brain still can't with adjust with all environment of here. It still needs a lot of time to adjust."

Me : "Oh..I think I have exaggerated too much about your sister. I am sorry."

Zaker : "No! In fact, I am too happy that you wanted to meet my sister with taking the risk of being infected. No one ever wanted to meet her after knowing that they might get infected by her."

Me : "Really?"

Zaker : "Yes, you are the first."

I am blushing at his touching words. I didn’t know I was this much good. I never thought myself as a hero. But my mood suddenly went serious.

Me : "No time for playing. Have you done your work?"

Zaker : "My work?"

Me : "I mean, casting a black magic spell on me."

Zaker : "Yes, that's done."

Me : "What's next?"

Zaker : "Nothing. I have cast an spell on you. You felt that you blood circulation felt weird?"

Me : "Yes. Very strange feeling."

Zaker : "That means the spell and the ring effected on your body. That means the spell can protect your body for 2 days now. It will protect you from that virus."

Me : "Why did you gave me a ring?"

Zaker : "The ring has unimaginable power. Our god made this ring. He told us to use this ring only to black magic and when we will have a most danger in our kingdom."

Wow! That's marvelous. I wanted to have power like this when I was a kid.

Me : "Oh..I understood. Let's go to meet your sister!"

Zaker : "Wait!"

Me : "Huh? What?"

Zaker comes closer to me and holds my both hands together with his hands. I look at him surprisedly.

Zaker : "Sorry for slapping you. I did that to bring you back to your senses."

Me : "It's okay. I know you did that for my good. Thanks."

Zaker : "Really?"

Me : "Yeah."

I give him a soft smile. Then, he offers me to go with him. I accept it. We start walking together..

Zaker : "You might not like something about her."

Me : "Huh? Don't worry! I won’t!"

Zaker : "Wait a minute. Let me tell Hosuge first that we are coming."

Me : "Who is Hosuge?"

Zaker : "Her butler. The Taicon."

Me : "Oh.."

Me : "No! I want to surprise your sister."

Zaker : "Hm..Smart thinking."

We keep walking. Yet, I have understood that all the zikaboo vampires are interested about me. They want to know about humans.

That's why many zikaboo stares at me when I go somewhere with Zaker, Hypto or Sibachu. I try to avoid their gaze.

Soon we arrive at a beautiful but big house. All the houses in their kingdom are luxurious.

Me : "This is where your sister lives now?"

Zaker : "Yes. Come in."

Zaker opens the door. I have a strange feeling about this. Maybe because I am afraid if Kleon doesn’t be happy after seeing me. I am nervous. I try to think like nothing happened.

I didn’t let Zaker understand that I am nervous. I keep going behind him. Few moments later, we arrive at a door. Maybe It's the room where his sister is.

Zaker : "Let's see what she is doing now."

Zaker smirks naughtily and rubs his hands together. Like he is up to something. Who cares?

Zaker : "It will be the biggest surprise for her. You stand my behind."

Me : "Ok."

I stand behind him as he said. Then, he carefully opens the door. Immediately, he ran inside very fast and screamed–

Zaker : "SURPRISE!!"

He stands in the room in a position so I can't be visible to his sister. I remain standing at my spot untill Zaker calls me in. I hear his and his sister's conversation.

Kleon : "Huh? Zaker?"

Zaker : "Hey! Long time no see huh sis?"

Kleon : "Oh.."

By hearing the tone of her voice, it seemed she was sad. She must was too lonely I guess.

Zaker : "Hey, don't make that face now. By the way, I have a gift for you! You must like!"

Kleon : "Gift!?"

Zaker : "Great! Now you are happy! Come in!"

Zaker moves aside so I become visible to Kleon.

Me : "Um.."

I walk inside. I stand on a spot. But I was horrified about what I just saw! Kleon wasn’t a human sized zikaboo vampire!

Her shape was a werewolf! She is a werewolf! Is it that 'something' Zaker told me I might not like about Kleon?

I look at her surprisedly. She also stares at me curiously. Her mood flashed up immediately when she saw me. Zaker secretly came next to me.

Zaker : "I told you earlier. Didn't I? That you might not like something about her?"

I know I was surprised from inside. But I try to show that it was common and I expected something like this. Zaker seems to understand that.

Zaker : "No need to hide your expression. I know you are surprised. You didn’t expect this."

Me : "I was surprised but not anymore. I remember that all zikaboo vampires have different sizes. Some have vampire size, some have werewolf size, some have human size, etc."

Zaker lets out a long sigh. Her sister speaks up-

Kleon : "Who is this Zaker? She seems kinda familiar to me."

Zaker : "Well.. She is–"

Before Zaker can finish, Kleon speaks-

Kleon : "Hey! Aren't you the 2nd human girl prey whom I heard an announcement about a few days ago?!"

Me : "Um..Yes."

I told hesitantly. I notice that sweats are dropping from my forehead. Must because I am too nervous. She looks more happy than before after hearing that I am the second human girl prey of Zikaboo Vampires. Strange..

Kleon : "Great!! I wanted to meet with you for long!"

Although, she is an werewolf. But still a human can understand her expression, what she is thinking. She even talks in human's language.

Me : "Really?! That's awesome because I also looked forward to spend time with you!!"

Kleon : "Yay! But–"

Her mood suddenly went sad and depressed. Why? Does she have any problem? Yet, I have moved from my spot and got near to her.

Me : "What happened Kleon?"

Kleon : "If you get infected by my?"

Me : "Oh! That's what you are worrying about? Then don't because I came prepared!"

Kleon : "What?"

Me : "I knew that your virus might infect me. I learned that they discovered a black magic which can be used to protect your body for 2 days from that virus. But unfortunately, the spell only works on humans, not half-blood."

Kleon : "That means you won't be infected by me for 2 days!? Hurray!"

She were lyed on her bed with her arms and legs folded like a dog. She gets up on her bed immediately and stands on her four feets on the bed. Maybe she is a werewolf, but she still looks so cute!

Kleon : "That's great! But only for 2 days?"

Me : "Yeah. Won't that be enough?"

Kleon : "Maybe. What are you–wait! Where is Zaker?"

Me : "Huh?"

I look behind and see Zaker is not really here. When did he disappear? Kleon suddenly speaks up –

Kleon : "Hey, there is a paper stucked at your back!"

Me : "What?!"

I move my right hand to my back and find something. That's a paper.

Me : "You werw right."

Kleon : "What's written here?"

I start reading loudly enough for Kleon to hear it–

'I left you and Kleon alone so you two can talk and spend some time with each other. I appreciate it Alice. Please cheer her up. Hope you can do it. Zaker.'

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