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Spending Time With Zaker's Sister To Cheer Her Up

Kleon : "Oh..My brother cares about me a lot. More than anyone."

Me : "Yeah. He does."

Kleon : "He also like to disappear without warning."

Me : "Haha..maybe.He even asked me if I had any bad intention to meet you."

Kleon : "Ha? Why would you have bad intentions?"

Me : "I don't. He wanted to make sure if you are safe with me."

Kleon : "Oh.."

I am so glad that she is happy to see me. She is a werewolf but I try to get used to it. There is a lot of things I want to know about her. I am interested in her.

Me : "Hey, let's get introduced and know each other!"

Kleon : "Yeah! I am Kleon. The one and only princess of the kingdom. I have 5 brothers. Zaker is the older one among we siblings. I am werewolf sized."

Me: "I am Alice. I am 18 years old in our world. I am from the human world. I have no siblings. I have only my grandmother. My parents died. I don't know how."

Kleon : "You are from human world?"

Me : "Yeah! That's why I am a full human."

Kleon : "Oh yeah! Silly of me. What is your parent's name?"

Me : "My father is Den Romano and my mother is Atanasya."

Kleon : "What?! Den Romano and Atanasya?! That's our god's and goddess's name!"

Me : "What!? Are you crazy?"

Kleon : "No! Romano is our god and Atanasya is our goddess!"

How can that be? It can't be a coincidence!! My parent's names matches with their god and goddess's name?

I sit on her bed. My parents are normal persons. How they can bw their god and goddess? Impossible!

Me : "Ah..so weird. How can that be?"

Kleon : "Maybe your parents are somehow related to the world or they know about us!"

Me : "But–"

Kleon : "How does your parents look like? That can help to make sure who they are. Normal people or someone extraordinary?"

Me : "I am sorry but I don’t know how do they look like. I don’t remember my childhood. I also don't know how I was born."

Kleon : "You don't know your childhood? Why?"

Me : "My grandma told me that I had an accident in my childhood and lost my memory. I already remembered my name."

Kleon : "Your grandma didn’t told you how your parents looked like?"

Me : "No..I aksed her but she didn't tell. Avoided. I didn’t bother with it. Now it seems that was my mistake."

Kleon : "Hmm..you are so interesting. Your family is so interesting."

Me : "Haham thanks. You are also interesting."

Kleon : "Will you play with me?"

Me : "Yes. But how? You can't move like humans. Your size is werewolf."

Kleon : "Who said I can't?"

To prove that, she sat on the bed with her hind legs folded. Then she folded her front legs like humans fold their arms.

Me : "Huh?! You -You? You can–"

Kleon : "Surprised? As expected. Actually I can also move like humans. Do you know that Zikaboo Vampires can transform in human size, vampire size, werewolf size, zombie size and other ghosts?"

Me : "What!? They CAN?"

Kloen : "Right now, I am in my werewolf form. My natural size is werewolf. I can transform in human size now if I want."

Me : "Really?!"

Kleon : "Yes. But there is a limitation of transforming per day. You can transform in any size 4 times a day. I still have 4 times limit today."

Me : "Then, why don't you show me?"

Kleon : "Not a big deal. Besides, no one is around to enjoy seeing me transforming. Because it's common here. It will be my pleasure ro show you."

She starts casting a spell. She moves her hands in the air while casting spell. Then a light starts to surround her. Then a tornado starts turning around her.

I heard some lighting in there. She is doing magically! The lighting is so intense for my eyes. I cover my eyes with ny arms. Then the tornado starts to grow less.

After the vanished, I saw the werewolf I were talking with all the time vanished. Instead of her, there was cute little girl there.

Me : "What?! Kleon? Is that you?"

Kleon : "Yeah! Why not?"

The same voice, the same moves. She us kleon. It's hard for me to describe how beautiful she is in human form. She looks like an angel from the heaven.

She has braided hair. Her hair is purple. I didn’t notice that all of her stuffs in the room were purple coloured. I guess purple is her favourite.

Her wristlet is purple, even her eyes are also purple! She is wearing a miniskirt and a t-shirt. Zikaboo Vampires are also high standards?

Me : "OMG! You are very cute!"

Kleon : "That means I am not cute in werewolf form?"

Me : "No! Of course you are. But you are more prettier in human form.The most beautiful girl."

Kleon : "That's false. Mind if a tell a truth?"

Me : "Sure."

Kleon : "You are the most prettier girl in the universe. More than me."

Me : "Um..I will take that as a compliment. I usually hate it when anyone calls me beautiful."

Kleon : "Why?"

Me : "Because I have heard it more than one billion times. There are many boys who always heat up on me. They really annoy me."

Kleon : "See? Guys fall for you. That means you are more beautiful!"

Me : "Did a boy ever fall in love with you?"

Kleon : "Yep. Only one. Sizoku."

Me : "Hm..That's great. I actually hate romance. My friends always teased me to make a boyfriend but I hate it."

Kleon : "Hmm..best of luck on finding a boyfriend."

Me : "That's the last thing I need."

Suddenly, I hear a weird sound coming closer to us.

??? : "It's the time to eat your food now, Kleon."

Kleon : "What?! Already?"

I look behind and see a weird creature. Don't ask me now how he looks like. I can't explain. He us a bit weird looking. He is holding a tray in his hands."

Me : "Is he a Taicon?"

Kleon : "Guessed correct! He is a Taicon! His name is Hosuge. My butler."

Me : "Guess what, he is small in size than you. That makes him unperfect with you."

Hosuge : "Hey!!! Watch your tongue!"

Hahah. I wanted to see how he reacts when I insult him. He reacted furious.

Hosuge : "Eat it Kleon."

Huh? He is avoiding me?

Kleon : "Put the tray on the table and leave. I am busy on talking with my client."

Client? I am her client? About what? Did she joke?

Hosuge : "As you wish."

I remember my friend Maya. She was my one and only friend. She sometimes calls me 'the daughter of the spider' to tease me. I was terribly afraid of spiders. I still am.

The Taicon left the room. There are many girly stuffs around here. I reconize some of them. Hair brush, ribbon and many things.

Kleon : "Wait! Is that my blue ribbon, my blue dress and my blue wristlet?!"

She looks at me head to toe. What is she talking about? Well, I was wearing a blue dress, wristlet and a ribbon. Is she talking about these?

Me : "What?"

Kleon : "Why are you wearing my dresses!?"

Me : "Eh?"

So, the dresses I was wearing these days were HER dresses!? Oh my god! What do I do now?"

Me : "Ah..It's when I came to this world, I didn’t plan about staying here. After coming here, I learned that I can't go back to my world now."

Kleon : "I didn’t mean to be rude. No one ever worn my dresses without my permission."

Me : "I am sorry. I shouldn’t have worn these without your permission. I am so sorry!"

Kleon : "No. You did it right. Besides, you can't walk around naked. Not with your old dress either."

Me : "Yeah."

Kelon : "Let's eat!"

Kleon sits on the chair. She starts to decorate her table with foods. She looks like she is serving food to herself.

She places the plate of food in the middle. She puts the knife in the right side beside the plate. She puts the fork in the left side beside the plate.

Then she offers me to eat with her.

Kleon : "Would you like some?"

Me : "No. I am not hungry."

Kleon : "Mind if I eat?"

Me : "Go ahead."

Kleon starts eating. There is a window at the north side of her room. I go to the window. The illusion at the window is showing It's morning now. I start to wonder about many thing.

How did my parents's names and their god and godess's name match? Is it just a coincidence? It can't be.

Then what is it? A lot of things are unbelievable and weird.
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