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I became a plumber again

Kleon : *Sniff* *Sniff*

Kleon is sniffing and sleeping beside me. She looks adorable when she sleeps. It's morning now. I am awake.

I am starting at the roof blankly. I am not thinking anything. I am still beside Kleon In the bed. I look at her. She is still sleeping. Then I decided to get up.

I get up from the bed carefully so I don't wake her up.. Luckily, I didn't.

I go the window. The illusion is showing morning now. I let out a sigh. Then I go to and use Kleon's washroom. I clean my face and dry it with a towel.

When I went out of her washroom, she was awake. She is brushing her hair.

Kleon : "Oh! You finished already? I heard water's sound from the bathroom. So I thought you were there."

Me : "Yeah.. Did you mind?"

Kleon : "Not at all. Now it's my turn to use the washroom."

Then she goes to the bathroom with a smile. I wonder why is she suffering when she is innocent? I sit on her bed. Don't know what to do.

Me : "Waiting instill she is finished. That's it."

I play with my fingers untill she came back. The towel is hanging on her shoulder. Her hairs are fully soaked. Waters are dropping from her hair.

Me : "What the heck happened?! Why are you soaked?"

Kleon : "When I was using the shower, suddenly, the water pipes cracked. I mean destroyed. Water started to falling everywhere crazily!!"

Me : "Oh.. That's why."

Kleon :. "Its still falling everywhere in the bathroom!!"

Me : "Is their any way to repair it?"

Kleon : "Um.. Asiah can repair it but he is currently not here right now. He is on holiday."

Me : "Then what should we do?"

Kleon : "I don't know."

Um.., um... Wait! I can fix it! I was always interested in electronics. So, whenever we had any problem at our house, I managed to fix that.

I also managed to fix the pump line when it was1 damaged. So.. Maybe I can fix her one too. I wonder if their water pump will be different.

Me : "I have an idea."

Kleon : "You have? What's that?"

Me : "Wait and watch. But it can work or maybe not."

I give her a mysterious look and go ahead to her bathroom.

I enter inside. The bathroom is large and wide much. The floor and roof are made of marvel. There is a bathtub and it's too large like a small swimming pool!

Me : "OMG!"

Kleon : "What's to be surprising about?"

I suddenly realize Kleon followed me here. She is behind me.

Me : "I never saw a bathtub this big!"

Kleon : "Don't bathtubs as big as this exist In human world?"

Me : "No."

Klwon : "That's strange. By the way, what are you planning to do?"

Me : "I used to be a plumber whenever the water pipes and pump had a problem in our house. So, I can give it a try maybe."

Kleon : "You are skilled too much. How does your this much intelligence survives in your small head?"

Me : "Why don't you enter into my head and see it yourself? You can even ask them."

Kelon : "I would better don't."

Me. : "Let's get down to business. Where is the pump? Where is water falling from?"

Kleon : "Here. Kleon leads me to the east side of the bathroom. I see there is some pips connected with the pump.

There is a big hole in the middle of a pipe.Water is dropping from there crazily. There is also some damages in some places of the pump. I am getting wet by the water falling from the pipes!

Me : "Aahhh!! I need to cover the hole with something! I myself will get soaked instead of I don't cover the hole!"

Kleon : "Wait!! I will go and get something!"

Kleon hurries and runs out of the bathroom.

I am holding out my hands at the hole to stop it from falling water untill she comes back with something. But the water is falling from the gap between my fingers.

Kleon comes back. But her hands are empty.. Didn’t she find anything?

Me : "Didn't you find anything? Why are your hands empty?"

Kleon : "Because I know a magic spell that will help to heal the hole!"

Me : "Great!"

Finally, there is something in which their magic will be useful. But wait!! If she can heal the hole then, she can repair the pumps herself with magic!

Me : "Hey, why don't you repair the whole damages of the pumps yourself when you can heal the hole with magic?"

Kleon thinks to think about it for a moment. Then she looks at me sorrowfully.

Kleon : "I am sorry. I only know the spell to heal holes. I haven’t learned yet."

Me : "Oh..So, I need give it a try to repair huh?"

Kleon : "Yeah. I will stop the water falling first."

Me: "Too late. I got soaked too much."

Kleon comes near me. She moves her hands and casts a spell. She moves her hands around the hole. A light starts to surround the hole.

After a few moments, the light starts to remove. Then it removes from the hole fully. Now.. There is no hole there! It healed!

Me : "Wow.."

Kleon : "Impressed?"

Me : "Of course! I never saw any magic in human world. Because we can't do any magic in human world."

Kleon : "Oh..Your world is so mysterious. I would like to visit human world."

Me : "Ok.But I am afraid you won't like it. Your world is too better than human world."

Kleon : "The feeling will still be the same."

Me : "I will take you with me once there is a chance."

Kleon : "Hurrah!"

Me : "It's my turn now. Let's check what happened. Do you have any tool box so I can fix it?"

Kleon : "Sure."

She goes and brings a box. How did she run so fast?

She gave it to me. I open it and now, I am confused. Because the tools are totally different. I don’t know how to use them. These are different looking.

Me : "Oh boy, I don’t know what to use these tools. I never used these."

Kleon : "You don’t but I do. I will give you a hand."

She sits beside me. Then takes out a tool from thw box.

Kleon : "Here. We call it remer. We use it like this-"

She supports my hands to hold it. I realize for the first time that her skin is so soft like cotton.

Kleon : "Now, hurt the pipe slowly with it to test how strong it is now."

I do as she said. I hurt the pipe with remer at some places of the pipes. I felt an opposite force from the pipe each time. That means It's strong.

I give another hurt at another place. This time, it cracked! Water bursts out from the pipe! That place wasn't strong enough to endure the force I gave!

Kleon : "Oh..Seems the full pipe is not strong."

Kleon casts a spell again and moves her hands around the hole. After finishing her magic, the hole vanished.

Kleon : "The place is now more strong than before."

Me : "Yeah.. It seems you have been using the pump and pipes for too long."

Kleon : "10,00,060 years."

Me : "What?! 10,00,060 years!!? How can a pump or pipe be used for 1 million years?!

Kleon : " It's possible in our world."

Me : "Oh..brother.."

I can't believe it. 10,00,060 years!!?? Is she mad?

Kleon : "Oh..You don't believe it huh?"

Me : "Too hard to believe."

Kleon : "Believe it or not, It's the truth."

Me : "Yeah."

All of a sudden, I have a feeling that something is missing. What's it? I try to think about everything I can but I couldn’t find anything missing."

Kleon : "Is something wrong?"

Me : "It's just, it feels something is missing here. What can i–wait!!"

Now I realize what is missing!! Commode! I haven’t seen a commode in the bathroom untill now!!

Me : "Hey! Where is the commode?"

Kleon : "Commode? What's that?"

Whaat?! Seriously?

Me : "Where excrement is discharged."

Kleon : "What is excrement?"

Me : "WHAT?! You don't know what is excrement?! Don't you discharge excrement?"

Kleon : "No? We even don’t know what is excrement."

Oh...My...God.! I feel the sky fell on my head just now. They don't excrement! That means they Don't have any commode!

Kleon : "What's the problem if we don't have anything called commode?"

Oh Kleon..You won't understand it because you aren’t a human. Only humans understand. It's a serious problem! I will die if I don't discharge my excrement!

Me : "You won't understand."

Kleon : "You can try."

Me : "It's human's necessary work to do!"

What is next?

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