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Zikaboo Vampires Play Board Game?!

Oh my goodness! What will I do when I will have to discharge my excrement? Eeek!

Kleon : "Forget about that. Let's finish the work."

Maybe you can forget but I can't. It's extremely necessary for humans to discharge their excitement! You won't understand!

Kleon : "Let's check the pump. Our pump is different."

Me : "It seems you are the plumber, not me. Then why don't you do the whole work yourself?"

Kleon : "I know well about our stuffs so I am helping you to understand them. Not trying to take the full credit."

Me : "But still you deserve some credit."

Kleon takes me to the place where is the pump. She opens something attached with the wall. There is a hug machine. Kind of. The machine is totally different from human world's pump.

Kleon : "Here. I will show you how to use it."

Instead of showing me, it looks like she is doing the whole work. I let her. Too distracted to pay attention to her. Meantime, I think something else.

What is the connection between my parents and their God and goddess? Are my parents somehow related to this world? I don't know. But I must find out!

Kleon : "Will you please pay attention?"

Me : "Paying attention here. Go ahead."

She starts showing me again with annoyed face. I am actually not paying much attention to her. I keep staring at the machine which they call Walter pump.

One thing surprised me Many of their staffs are same to same human's stuffs. The pipes are are same. Her bed, her blanket, her table, her towel, her makeup Staffs... Many things are same to same human's staffs. They also use some human's things, huh?

Kleon keeps showing me how to check their water pump but she have no idea that I am not paying attention.

Kleon : "Well? I am done! Now, repair it."

Me : "What?!"

Kleon : "I said repair it."

Oh no! I wasn't paying attention! What do I tell her now?

I try to speak something but I don't know what to tell. She stops me before I can say something.

Kleon : "I knew you weren't paying attention. You are caught!"

Me : "Oh.."

Kleon : "Where were your mind?"

Me : "Nowhere."

A sound of opening door rang in my ears. A voice spoke before turning my head behind.

??? : "What are you two doing?"

I recognize the voice. It's Hosuge. Her robot butler.

Kleon : "None of your business?"

Hosuge : "Ok."

Hosuge seems annoyed and ridiculous. Why?

Kleon : "Now, leave us if their is no need."

Me : "Don't be such rude to him."

Kleon : "He always disturbs me!!"

Me : "How? He just tries to talk with you!"

Kleon : "That makes me annoyed!"

Me : "What about me? I am talking with you right now. Doesn’t that make you annoyed?"

Kleon : "It's -Ugh! It's different!"

Me : "It's not different! You really shouldn’t treat him like that!"

Kleon : "Why are you taking his side?"

Me : "I am not taking anyone’s side. It's all about manners. You never shouldn’t treat your servants badly."

Kleon : "Since you are telling it, I won’t."

Me : "Good."

Hosuge has left already in the meantime of our argument. Too pity, Kleon is treating him badly.

Kleon : "I will repair it myself this time."

She starts repairing the pump herself. She really need to make some changes in her manners. She works so fast. After 15 minutes, she said she is done.

Me : "So fast?"

Kleon : "Yup. I can work very fast unlike you."

Me : "Hey!"

Kleon : "Huhaha. Our work is done. What's next?"

Me : "Um..I don't know. Before that, let's go out of the bathroom."

We get out of the bathroom. She sits on her bed. I stand close to her. She is thinking about what we can we do now.

Kleon : "Idea! We can play a game!"

Me : "Oh?What's that?"

Kleon ran to her desk and pulled out something. It’s a box. Then she brings it to her bed and sit it down there. She also sits at the west side. She asked me to sit on the west side. I do so.

Me : "Now. What's in the box?"

Kleon : "A board game."

Me : "Board game?"

Kleon : "Don't you like board game?"

Me : "Not much."

Kleon : "Ah. Okay. You don't have to play if you don’t want to."

Me : "I will play. So go ahead."

Kleon : "Good. Here is it."

She opens the box. It's a halloween board game. Too much scary. I was afraid of ghosts but not anymore. There is a starting point.

Kleon also pulls out more things. I don’t know what are those.

Me : "What are those?"

Kleon picks up a star sized thing. It's glowing. It's colour is red. It's made of glass.

Kleon : "It's called beginning star. The game will start after the game master puts the beginning star at the start point."

Me : "Who is the game master?"

Kleon : "I will tell you later. At first, learn how to play it."

Me : "Okay"

Kleon : "You will have your own character. I have tons of them. Which one you want?"

There are several of them. Lady knight, Princess, queen, sailor, Pirate.

Me : "To be honest, I don’t like any of these."

Kleon : "I also have more. Will you be the blue sauro? I will be the red one."

Me : "What's blue sauro?"

Kleon : "It's kind of different characters. If you choose this, you will have different powers to play the game."

Me : "What about the others?"

Kleon : "The others have low powers than these."

Me : "What is the difference between red sauro and blue sauro?"

Kleon : "Blue sauro has water power and red sauro has fora power."

Me : "What's fora?"

Kleon : "Fora is fire. Humans call it fire."

Oh..so they call fire fora? That's a cool name. They are so mysterious and full of surprises!

Kleon : "So, Which one you will pick?"

Me : "The blue one."

Kleon : "Ok. Mine is red."

I pick up the blue sauro. It's a woman wearing a weird blue dress. The dress is different looking but adorable.

Me : "What's next?"

Kleon : "Now, we will choose the game master."

Me : "How?"

Kleon picks up 2 spinner. She gives me one and she takes another one. I am confused about what to do with it..

Kleon : "Climb down from the bed."

I do so. She also does. She gives me two ropes. The two ropes have something attached at the one side of themself.

Kleon : "Now, spin it and throw on the ground when I do my one. But first, you need attach the two ropes at the both side of the spin rock."

She takes my two ropes and spinner and prepare it for me. She attached the first rope at the top of the spinner and attached the second rope at the bottom of it.Then she gives me it back.

Kleon supports me. She inserted my two index fingers in the attached thing of the rope.

Kleon : "Next, you will be rotating the ropes with your fingers. The spinner will be also rotating if you rotate the ropes."

Mw : "Ah..I don't understand it actually."

Kleon : "Fine. Just follow me. Do what I do okay?"

Me : "Ok!"

I am excited. She goes to the opposite side of me. The game is about to begin now!

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