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New Home!


Me : "(Screaming) AAAHHH!!! What the –"

Grandmother : "Hey you Manga Pumpkin! How long more will you sleep? You are an hour late for dinner!!! "

I wake up in my bed quickly. Grandma just woke me up by SPLASHING COLD WATER in my face!

Me : " Uf! Grandma! What in the world will happen if I sleep 5 minutes more? And do you always have to wake me up like that?

Grandmother :"What?! 5 minutes more? No way!

Me: Why not?"

Grandmother : "if you sleep 5 mimutes more, after 5 minutes, you will want to sleep another 5 minutes more. Like that, it will turn into daily habits!

Me : 'But I promise I won't!"

Grandmother : "No. Just get out of the bed and come downstairs for dinner otherwise i will pour a whole backet of cold water on you!"

Me : Geez! Ok

Grandmother : ok. Come. I am preparing dinner.

Grandma then walks out of my room and goes downstairs to prepare food.

I get up from my bed. Freshing up with water and soap.Dry my face with a towel.

Me : "Nebula, Let's go. Time for Dinner! "

I and Nebula go downstairs. Grandma is decorating food on the table.

Me: "Grandma, is anything special today that you looks like you are arranging a dinner party?"

Grandmother : "Haha, We are leaving this place this morning. It will be our last dinner and the last night in this house and place. So, I wanted the lasr dinner and last night to be special".

Me: "Oh, great! What we have for dinner?"

Grandmother : "your all favourite foods. Ramen, Noodles, cake, homemade pizza."

Me: "THANK YOU SO MUCH GRANDMA!!! You are the best! "

Grandmother : "Yes. Now shut up and sit down to eat. "

I sit down on a chair across from grandma's chair. Taking meals in my plate and grandma's plate.Grandma sits down in her chair.

Me : "Nebula, here is your food. "

Nebula moves her tail happily while eating.

I and my grandmother start eating. There is a awkward silence between us.Grandma finally breaks the silence.

Grandmother : "Ahem. Here goes one thing. "

Me: " What is it grandma?"

Grandmother : "You need to give me an explanation."

I nearly split my food from my mouth!

Me : 'Wha—Wha—What?! "

Grandmother : " Yes, Where did you go from garden? "

Me : "Huh?!"

Grandmother : "I heard your scream from garden. But when i went there, you wasn’t there. Why did you scream? "

Me : "oh, that? It's i saw a bat there. That's why. "

Grandmother : "Why did you run? "

Me: "That bat started fluttering wings on me. You know i hate and afraid of bats! That's why I started running like a coward. "

Grandmother shoot me a doubtful look.

Me : " Believe me! I am telling the truth!"

Grandmother : "Sure?"

Me : " Yes! Sure! "

Grandmother : " Explanation excepted. "

Phew! Thank god that i already prepared an excuse before dinner! It worked !

We finish our meal. Then go to the besin and wash our hands.

Me : "Grandma, will Nebula go with us? "

Grandmother : "Yes, if you want. Go to bed and have a sweet dream "

Me : "Okay! You too. Good night grandma."

Grandmother : " Good night, Alice. "

I go to my bedroom and get dressed into my pajamas. Then get up on the bed.

I hit my head to my pellow. Letting get out a long sigh. Hoping everything will go well there.

I fall into a deep and sweet sleep.

---*( Bird's Chirping)*--

I wake up in the morning by the sound of birds. I feel freshened. Letting out a long small sigh. Climb down from the bed.

I brush my teeth, take a bath. Now, drying myself with a towel.

Grandmother : "Alice! Breakfast is ready Sweety. Come downstairs and have breakfast. "

Me : " Coming! "

I go downstairs after changing.

Me : " Grandma, i am here! "

Grandmother : "Good. Sit down and eat. I am coming too. "

I sit down on a chair. Grandma sits too. I take foods in our plates.

We start to eat.

Me : "Grandma, when we are leaving?'

Grandmother : " After an hour. And don't talk with your mouth full."

I give her a smile with my mouth full.

Grandmother : "Meantime, Do what you want. Enjoy the last moment in the house. "

I give her a thumbs up.

Grandmother : "I am so sorry, Alice. Please forgive me if you can. "

Me : "What are you talking about? "

Grandmother : "That, you have to leave your most favourite place and friends. "

Me : "Don't worry grandma, I know why we need to move, I am fine with it. It's true it will be sad for me leave. But I know the sadness will go soon. Nothing to forgive about. "

After breakfast, I go to my bed. Pick up a book and starts reading it.

Soon It's time for us to leave. I take my bags and go downstairs.

Grandmother : "Alice, Have we take all we need? "

Me : "I think so. "

Grandmother : "Alice, Nebula. Let's go. "

We come out of the house. Then starts walking to the Rail Station.

After few steps, I look behind to my house which is i am leaving now. I feel a bit sad.

I turn my head forward and walk alongside grandmother. Soon we reach the station.

Grandmother : "Wait a second here, I am gonna talk with the Counter. "

I give her an okay sign. I and Nebula are waiting for her.

???? : "Excuse me, Can i ask you something? "


I turn around my head and see a little boy.

Me : "Yes? What do you want to ask? "

Little boy : "Would you give me some water?"

Me: "Of course!Here it is. "

I take out a bottle of water and give him. He takes a few sip.

Little boy : "Thank you so much. "

Me : "You are welcome! "

He walks away. I am glad to help him. Then grandmother comes.

Grandmother : "okay, we are clear. Now we may get inside the train. "

I take Nebula on my shoulder and get inside of the train with grandmother. We find our seats and put our bags in It's place. We sit down. I sit by the window.

The train leaves soon. I place my elbow at the window and see the scenery going. Nebula in my lap.

I hear some peoples talking.

1st man : "Fo you know anything about what's going on with that village lately? "

2nd man : "No, bro. nd ya?"

3rd man : "Me neither. "

Wich village are they talking about? I Don't know. I and grandmother don’t talk much. Soon we arrive at the station!

We get out of the train. Starts walking from the Rail station.

So, this is Reymond Village, huh? It's pretty cool! The nature is so beautiful here! Surrounded by trees, birds, flowers!

Grandmother stops walking. She takes out her phone and dial a number. I stand beside Her.

Grandmother : "(on the phone) Hello, sir! We have come to the station! Where are you?"

???? : "(on the phone) I am about to come. Stay where you are!"

Grandmother : "(on the phone) ok. Bye. "

She hangs up.

Me : "Who was that grandma?"

Grandmother : "The man who gave me the job. He will take care of us too! He will watch our everything. "

Me : " oh, good. "

We stays there. Soon a man coming running to us.

???? : "Hello, Merila! Sorry for being late"

Grandmother : "It's okay Zake. This is Alice. My granddaughter. "

Grandmother points at me.

Me : "Hi, Nice to meet you! Thank you so much to give my grandma this job, "

Zake : "Nice to meet you too! As you know, I am Zake! And that's my pleasure to give your grandma this Job. "

He takes us to the house where we will be leaving. The house is hug!

Me : "Whoah! The house s huge! We can never pay enough money for this house!"

Zake : "No need. Only $10 is enough. "

Me : "Eh?! Little amount to pay for a hug house like this? "

Jake : "Yes, My father wanted to help people like you. He wanted to give something to do for earn money fort those people who don't have a job or lost it. "

Me : "But, seriously! Thank you so much for the support! "

Zake : "Okay, okay. Accepted. Now go to your room and fresh up. Then take a nap. You must have lost energy during the journey. Afrer a rest, i will show everything around the house "

Me : "ok, I will. "

He shows me to my bedroom. I go inside. Fresh up. Then lays on the bed.

When I am about to close my eyes to sleep, I hear a noise from downstairs

.what is the noise?!

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