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The Board Game - Event (1)

Kleon : "Start rotating your spinner like me, when I start. I will say something before starting."

I gives her thumbs-up. Then she prepare her self for it. She stands straight. I also do. Then she begins-

Kleon : "Go to the world, defeat the enemies!"

After telling that, she starts rotating the spinner. She is rotating it exactly like how we play with a top! Now, I understand how she told me to rotate the spinner! I also starts spinning following her.

After spinning for some seconds, she throws the spinner on the ground with the ropes like we throws a top on the ground. I also do. Our spinners start rotating on the ground.

Some times, our spinners are being pushed by each other.

Me : "Oh Yeah! Come on, you little guy! We must win!"

Kleon : "Go on spinner! We will win!"

Haha..We keep cheering for our spinners. I already understood that the person will lose whom spinner will be crashed and stop rotating by the other spinner.

Our spinners are still rotating fast. They are being pushed by each other lightly.

One time, suddenly my spinner crashed Kleon's spinner! Kleon's spinner stopped rotating but mine one is still rotating!

Me : "Yay! I won!"

Kleon : "Hahaha! No silly! You lost! The person won whom spinner crash and stop rotating by other spinner. Since my spinner crashed by yours, I won!"

Me : "Eh?! What The–"

Kleon : "It's the rules."

Me : "You made the rules after being defeated!"

Kleon : "I didn’t!"

To prove it, she showed me the rules paper of the game. Then I had to believe her words.

Me : "What now? You are the game master now."

Kleon : "We will go to another world. We will play the game their. It's the rules."

Me : "What!? Another world?!"

I didn’t expect something like this. I thought it was just an normal indoor game! Is this kind of a 3D board game?

But 3D board games don’t transfer us to another world. It reminds me of the paranormal game 'Elevator to another world'.

Me : "We will play it practically in another world?"

Kleon : "Yes! We will fight their with bad peoples! With our powers!"

Me : "Oh boy.."

We will fight with bad peoples there? Is that world an imaginary world? Is it real?

Me : "Does the world exists?"

Kleon : "No, We made third-party worlds in our board games. The characters, the powers, the things.. everything is fake. Not real."

Me : "Oh.. Unusual. What's next?"

Kleon : "Your work is to keep standing. Then, I will tell what's next."

She goes and puts the board game on the table. She gives me a signal to come near her. I do so.

Kleon : "Take your sauro with you "

I do as she said. I take the blue sauro in my hand. She also does that. There was a stone sized something in the box of the game.

Kleon takes that and places it at the starting point of the board game. Then a light starts to surround us. That means we are going to another world!

The light starts to fly us away from Kleon's room to another world...


Me : "Ouch!"

Kleon : "Ow!"

I fell on Kleon. We fall apart from each other immediately. I rubs my hip. It hurts!

I look around. The scenery around us is totally different from Kleon's room. It means we are in another world?

Me : "Where are we now? In the another world you talked about?"

Kleon : "Yes. Isn't beautiful?"

Me : "You bet! It's incredible!"

It's true. It feels like we are in heaven. I already feel excited too much.

Me : "Have you played the game with someone Before?"

Kleon : "Yes, With Sibachu. He likes playing."

Me : "Oh.. What will we do next?"

Kleon : "We will need to find our first hint. Then we will need to find our second hint following the first hint. We will continue like this. We must reach the main place before the time finishes."

Me : "It's a timed game?"

Kleon : "Yes.20 minutes."

Me : "Where will we look for our first clue?"

Kleon : "Kanjo always has the first hint when we plays it. It's her job. We will go to her house."

Kleon : "The time starts NOW!"

Kleon touches something on her watch. That means the time count has begun!

Kleon : "No time to waste! Let's go!"

She grabs my hand starts running so fast! There is no way I can run as fast as her! She seems very serious about the game!

Me : "Hey!!! Slow down!! We can win this game together! No need to be hurry this much!"

Kleon seems to calm down hearing my words. She agrees and we start walking normally but a bit fast. We keep walking.

Me : "How far is it from here?"

Kleon : "Not too much."

Me : "Hmm..."

Kleon : "Hey! I totally forgot to give you something!"

Me : "What's that?"

Kleon pulls something out from her pocket but didn’t stop walking. It's a piece of paper. She gave it to me.

Me : "What's it?"

I see some words are written in the paper. They are : 1)Zombire 2)Horseland 3)Soulhunter and 4)Love graveyard.

Me : "What does these mean?"

Kleon : "These are names of some places of this world. Each hint refers to one place. All hints will refer to those places which are written here."

Me : "But, how do you know that all the hints will lead us to only these places written here?"

Kleon : "A paper written with the names of some places always appears in the pocket of the game master."

Me : "Hmm.. Have you visited any of these places?"

Kleon : "No. Each times, the game gives us different places."

I put the paper in my pocket. We didn’t stopped walking when we were talking.

After some minutes, Kleon told that we reached Kanjo's house. She knocks on the door and shout Kanjo's name loudly!

Kleon : "Kanjo!! Get out!! Give us the first hint!!!!"

But no replies from inside.Kleon is getting furious! Seems she insisted to herself that she must win this game.

Suddenly it seemed as if someone had thrown a piece of paper at her head from behind!

Kleon : "Ouch!"

??? : "How loud will you scream?! The villain did not let me live in peace at all!"

We look behind and see a woman. Maybe she is Kanjo. She starts yelling at Kleon-

Kanjo : "I went for a walk, but couldn’t stay because right then, you the villian came to collect the first hint! Uf!!"

Kleon : "Shut up! Let's go"

Kleon takes the piece of paper and grabs my hand to lead me away from her. Then she opens the paper. There is a four-line poem written there-

"Zombie, Zombie, is that you?
Yes, Yes, Yes, but —
Why, Why, Why, do you miss me?
No, No, No, I miss Vampie"

Me : "What can be the meaning of it?"

I quickly take out the paper from my pocket. I hold this in middle of us.

Kleon : "What place can it be? Zombire, Horseland, Soulhunte or love graveyard? It's kind of puzzle and tricky."

Me : "You will know better than me. You play the board game after all."

Kleon : "I never went to these places. I haven’t played this board game too much. That's why."

We two keep thinking deeply. What could be the place?

2 minutes passed, no anwer. Then, suddenly! I got an answer!

Me : "Found it! The answer is Zombire! It refers to the Zombire!"

Kleon : "Really? How did you find it?"

Me : "Just think about it deeply. Zombire consists of 2 words. Zombie + Vampire = Zombire!"

Kleon : "You sure?"

Me : "Of course! They also included the words : Zombie and Vampire!"

Kleon : "Great! I didn’t expect you to find the answer too soon."

Me : "Ne neither. But we don't know the path to Zombire! How will we go there?"

Kleon : "My hand-watch will show the path."

She brings her hand-watch close to her mouth. Then she told something to the hand-watch.

Kleon : "The answer is Zombire."

Watch : "Processing the answer...........Answer succeed!"

Kleon : "Great! You were right!"

The watch starts to show us the map to Zombire.

Me : "Awesome! Let's go!"

We start walking together. The excitement has just begun! I wonder what is waiting for us there. Hope it's something good.
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