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The Board Game - Event (2)

Kleon : "You are so Intelligent!"

Me : "You thought I am a fool and a person with no intelligence?"

Kleon : "Not like that."

We were walking together to the Zombire and chatting. But we were walking a bit fast. The map is easy ro understand. Kleon is following the map and I am following her.

Kleon : "I discovered something last time here. That's this world doesn’t floats in air. Everything is on soil. Nothing can floats in the air."

Me : "Oh, more like our human world."

Kleon : "Yeah, Sibachu is the only one who likes to play the most, I think."

Me : "Um..hey. When will we use our sauro?"

Kleon : "We have to face many problems in our journey. So, the sauros will help us."

Me : "How to use them?"

Kleon : "Just follow my lead, okay? I am not a good teacher to teach you."

Me : "You can be one if you try."

Kleon : "I would rather not."

Watch : "First mission accessed! We are now in the Zombire!"

Kleon : "Great! First mission accomplished!"

So, this is Zombire, huh? I can see a Zombie and Vampire's habitation in distance. They are genuine ghosts. The Zombire place is awesome! Very beautiful!

Me : "Where is the next hint?"

Kleon : "Gotta search for it."

Me : "Hey, you said we have to face problems during our journey! But we didn’t face any problem in the path till now!"

Kleon : "Nobody faces problems too soon in the game. Are you praying to get into problems?"

Me : "Only praying so I can use my blue sauro."

Kleon : "Huh...Let's find it. You will search in the East. I will go in the West. Then you will find in the North and I will find in the South."

Me : "Deal."

We got separated and started finding. I went to the East side and she went to the West side.

Me: "Where can it be...where can it be ."

I am paying full attention to find it. But Kleon didn't told me what are we looking for! Seriously ?!

Confused with no answer, I keep looking for something to might work as a hint. Kanjo gave us a piece of paper with a poem written there as the first hint, if I recall.

Maybe the second hint will be also a piece of paper with a poem written, I guess? I was finding for a paper with my head bowed down.

I heared a sound so I looked up and -

Me : "AAHHH!!"

A Vampire suddenly appeared in my vision out of the blue! He scared me! But the Vampire doesn't seon to understand that.

He is looking at me blankly with no Reaction and no expression at all.

Me: "Umm."

well ... it's awkward. He is not moving or talking either. Frozen at his spot, I break the silence.

Me : "Hi! Nice meeting you! If you don't mind, may I go?"

Still no response from him. I guess, I will have to go avoiding him. I do so. I try to forget about him and find the next hint.

His gaze is falling upon me and It can be realized without looking behind. Not a important thing right now, I keep looking for a piece of paper everywhere in the East side. The whole place is too big that it will take forever to find a piece of paper!

I started finding in the North side. Right then, Kleon shouts aloud!

Kleon "Alice! I found it! Come back to our starting point!"

Phew! So she finally found it! I go back to our starting point. She was waiting for me there.

Me : "So you found it? What's it this time?"

Kleon : "A poem again."

Kleon holds the paper between us and I take a look at it. The poem is–

"Hunty, Munty died in a yard,
They will survive, forever in my heart."

Well.. It's kind of romantic poem. Isn't it? We exchange glances with each other.

Kleon : "Well? You know the answer?"

Me : "Nope. Let me think. "

I take out the piece of paper from my pocket and read the 4 names of those places again. 1) Zombirce 2) Horseland 3) Soulhunter and t) Love graveyard.

Which one of them does the poem refer to? I think hard. I try to find logics with the names and the poem. But I couldn't come up with some thing. Who knows how much time we have left?

Kleon : "Idea!"

Me : "Found it? What's it?"

Kleon : "Love graveyard! Maybe."

Me : "How?"

Kloon : "It said Hunty, Munty died in a yard. Love graveyard also includes the world yeard. Love graveyard is a graveyard for lovers, Hunty and Munty were a couple."

Me: "A gay couple?"

Kleon : "No Hunty is a girl and Munty is a boy. Hunty may sounds like a boy is name but it is used as a girl's name here."

Me "Hmm ..."

Kleon: " Maybe they were burried where they died.They were the first couple who died in that graveyard. We respect them and remember them because they were a great inspiration for Zikaboo Vampines. They were a couple so we named the place as Love graveyard. We bury dead bodies of Zikaboo Vampires in the graveyard who are lovers."

Me: Hmm .. So, our next target is love graveyard."

Me : "There are currently 3 dead bodies there. Because a Zikaboo Vampie dies after 10,00,000 years."

Kleon brings her wrist-watch close to her mouth to say the answer to it."

Watch: "Answer is processing.. Answer accessed!" Kleon : "Great! I Let's go to Love grave graveyard!"

Oh boy, I am recently scared to see zikaboo Vampire's dead bodies there! Who knows how horrible it is! We make our way to love graveyard following the map. We didn't talk much during the time.

After some minutes, we reached there. The place is horrified! There are coffin boxes in middle of the graveyard. The 3 boxes are made of the glass and these has been kept upright.

I can clearly see the dead bodies from outside! But the most horrible thing is a and all of the dead bodies are NAKED !! There are 2 girl's dead bodies and I am ashamed to look at their naked bodies!

So I immediately take off my eyes from their dead bodies and look away. I swear I won't look there anymore no matter what!

Kleon : "Are you ashamed and afraid to look at their naked bodies?"

Me: "Yes."

Kleon : "All right. Then you stay here and I will search around to find the next hint. Don't get lost when I am gone!"

Me: "Thanks for understanding, I will be a good girl!"

And I? I am staring away at a tree to avoid accidently looking at their naked bodies. Hope Kleon comes soon with the next hint. I can't stay like this for too long!

I am praying so Kleon comes back soon. But she came back a bit earlier than my expectation.

I asked her if she got the next clue. Luckily, she got.

Kleon smiles and starts searching everywhere in

Kleon: "Here is it. We got our next target and you also got your freedom!"

Me: "Yeah! No more time wasting! I will never come to the graveyard again!

Kleon : "No, First, We need to solve the poem."

Me: "Do it from few meters away from the graveyard! You will have to bury my dead body here if I stay a bit more here!"

Kleon : " Alright, Allright. As you wish."

I immediately storm off from the greaveyard and run far away from there. Kleon followed me and we are at a big tree now. She shows me the paper.

The poem is–

" What do you want now?
- I want your soul.
Where will you use it?
- To eat in a love bowl."

Honestly if I say the truth, the poem is weird. I mean, the lines doesn't match good. Whatever, we started to try to solve it. Another place, wait for us!

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