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The Board Game - Event (3)

We are still thinking. The poem is so weird! That's why It's taking for us too long to figure it out. We have already visited Zombire and Love graveyard.

That means the poem will only refer to either Soulhunter or Horseland but which one? We need to find out soon. Our time is gonna be over!

I asked Kleon but she also have no answer. She said we have 40 minutes left. That's still a short period of time!

There is a line in the poem - "I want your soul". Soulhunter and 'I want your soul', these two sounds similar. Maybe the answer is Soulhunter.

But the line - "To eat in a love bowl' is a weird line. Uh! So tricky! That's it! The answer is Soulhunter! I was going to tell my answer and –

Me & Kleon : " Soulhunter!"

Huh?! Oh..it seems Kleon and I have figured out the answer at a same time. What a coincidence!

We 2 were looking at each other confusedly but after some seconds, we both started laughing. HahaHaha!

Kleon : "You know what it means?"

Me : "What?"

Kleon : "It means we are destined to be together!"

Me : "What?!"

Kleon : "We have ao much in common! Maybe god sent us for each other!"

She hugged me immediately. If the fact that we were sent for each other makes her happy, It's fine. She reminds me of my grandmother.

My grandma was used to tell me that I was sent for someone. Not just me, each person was sent for another person. Maybe I was sent for Kleon.

Kleon says the answer to her watch and the watch starts showing us the map to the Soulhunter. I wonder what dangerous thing is waiting there.

Kleon starts walking but I remains at my spot.

Kleon : "What's wrong?"

Me : "What if something is bad there like Love graveyard?"

Kleon : "Don't worry Nothing will be — Aa-ah!"

Me : "Huh?"

Kleon : "AAHHH!"

Kleon suddenly starts to shout. She falls on her knees and holds her head with hands like her mind is in pain.

I am startled and confused what is happening. Something is happening to her. A red light starts to play around her. Is she transforming?

No way. After the light was gone, I saw Kleon is missing. Instead of her, there is a monster in front of me! VERY horrible-looking!

Her fangs are too sharp and blood is dropping from there! Did she really transformed?!

Kleon : "Hello human, are you ready for a drive?"

Me : "D-drive?!"

Kleon is talking in a deep and monster's voice. Kleon's monster gives me a cruel laugh and slowly comes near me. I back off immediately. What do I do now? Kleon didn’t told me about something like this!

I see a light in my pocket where the paper with the place's names are. I check my pocket immediately!

The paper is at it's place but I still check it again. Before checking, I run off behind a big tree so Kleon's monster can’t find me. Luckily, she didn’t.

I quickly check the paper. Something else is written there instead of the names of the 4 places! A long paragraph.

The headline is : Instructions of Sauro. Whatever, I starts reading it because I think that it will help me to make Kleon normal.

"If your game partner transforms into a monster, there is only one way to make him/her normal. That's you need to fight with her using your power and defeat him/her. Your power is your sauro. Blue sauro has water power and red sauro has fora power. You need to use your power correctly because it also has bad side effects. You need to transfrom into a monster also in order to fight with the monster. At first, hold your sauro high above your head. Then shout - " Water evulsion!"
Then you will be automatically transformed into a monster. You will feel a lot of energy. You don't need to know how to use your energy. You automatically can use your power. There are 3 rules in sauro fighting. 1) You can't escape during the fighting 2) You can't use the another sauro. 3) You can't hurt your victim directly or physically, you need to hurt him/her with your power. But you can jump on him/her from behind."

I read the instructions. It will be a hit. Seems the fun has just begun! I immediately stands up and hold my sauro high above my head. Then I shout–


Immediately a light starts to surround me and running around like a tornado. After it finished, I wasn’t me anymore. I was a different person.

I was a monster. My body is blue. I look around myself. I can't believe my eyes! I actually transformed into a monster! I feel a lot of energy!

Kleon's monster is waiting there for me, I guess. Then, let's don't keep our guest waiting! At first, carefully go behind Kleon so she don't understand I am here.

I jump on her with a roar from behind! She understand that tries to get off from me. She got the rid out of me and threw me away with her sharp tail. Isn't it out of rules?

Me : "You are breaking the rules!"

Kleon : "Heh, who cares? I didn’t swear to anyone that I willl maintain the rules."

Ugh..she won’t follow the rules because she is a devil now. I have to be more careful. I get up and ready to attck on her with my energy.

I am breathing slowly. I roar out of my lung. Immediately, a big waterfall is below her. She flies above a bit because of the waterfall.

She attacks me back with bolls of fora (fire). She threw some bolls of fora(fire) from her mouth at me. I managed to avoid it. There were many big stone around me.

I roar again and the stones around me starts to float straight in the air. They turned into ice.I roar again. Then the stones ran away and ended up bursting on Kleon. But Kleon managed to rescue herself using her power.

She roars again and a fora (fire) tornado starts to rotate around her. The tornado is moving around every where and flying away all plants and everything when coming towards me.

I am not a coward. I also roar and attack on her with a bunch a snow from my mouth. I continue throwing snow at her from my mouth. Her fora tornado is also powerful to fight against my snow attack.

We continue fighting like this for a long time. We both are very powerful and we are defeating each other's attack every time. Enough playing! It's time to finish the game.

I also surround myself with an ice tornado. We are attacking on each other as a tornado now. Kleon is throwing bolls of lava at me. I also throw piece of sharp ices and snow.

We both are roaring. Putting all of our energy to defeat each other. Both of our tornados are getting bigger. I roar again and this time, the weather gets cold. The sky is getting dark.

Snow are falling every where specially on Kleon. Kleon's power starts to grow less. I can realize. My power is also getting more and more. My power starts to affect on her.

She is screaming. The tone of her voice is very horrible and emotional. She is begging for her life. One time, she starts to change. The same red light is playing around her like when she transformed into a monster.

That means she is transforming into her human form again! I succeed! Finally, I gave my last roar. She had transformed back to normal.

She is breathing so fast and seems tm so tired. I am confused about how to come back to normal. But to my surprise, the same light which was around me when I transformed is playing around me!

After a moment, I came back to my human form, I mean came back to normal. I am also breathing so fast and tired. It's the ending of our fighting...

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