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Ending Of The Board Game

Kleon : "(breathing fast)"

Me : "(breathing fast)"

We are both tired. She is sat on the ground and I am standing. After calming down, she looks up at me.

Kleon : "What just happened?"

Me : "Don't worry. You just turned out into a monster and tried to attack on me. The paper told me the instructions to transform into a monster and fight with you. I had to defeat you to make you normal again."

Kleon : "Oh my god!I totally forgot to tell you that something like this might happen! Eek! I an so sorry!"

Me : "Don't worry. I actually had fun fighting with you."

Kleon : "You really didn't mind?"

Me : "No silly. It was kind of amazing."

Kleon : "Oh...."

But still, she is feeling guilty.

Me : "Don't forget that we need to go the Soulhunter!"

Kleon : "Yes..let's go."

We start walking toward the Soulhunter following the map. She asked me how I fighted with her .I told everything from A-Z while walking toward the Soulhunter.

Kleon : "Wow.. You are such fighter!"

Me : "No. Actually, I don't know either but this all happened automatically. The instructions didn't tell how to fight but still I somehow did!"

Kleon : "Me too."

Me : "Can you tell me something about the weather of this imaginary world?"

Kleon : "I only know that, nothing can floats in the air here."

Me : "Oh.. Light things can float in the air in our works. Example : paper, leaves etc."

Kleon : "Nothing can't float here.Nothing at all."

Ww keep walking.The scenery of the world is amazing. Everything here is feels like from heaven. Even the soil. The soil is purple coloured.

Soon, we have reached the Soulhunter. The place is also horrible like Love graveyard. But at least, there is no naked person here. Everywhere is full of strange things but same designed here.

Me : "What are those strange things ?"

Kleon : "Soul of Zikaboo Vampires."

Oh my god! Soul of Zikaboo Vampires?! It's horrible! The souls are different. Humans can't see their soul without meditation but these are visible.

Their colour is blue. They have 6 hands and 3 legs. Very weird looking. They have horns.

Me : "You said Zikaboo Vampires die in 10,00,000 years. Then why are there so many souls here?"

Kleon : "Zikaboo Vampire's souls always come out of their body and go to some selected places to recharge their living system. If they don't do this,they will die before completing 10,00,000 years."

Hmm.. So they also have some way where they might die before their living time. Humans also have. Humans specially die because of illness.

They die if their soul don't come to definite places to recharge their living system.wow..

Me : "Zikaboo Vampires should die when their soul isn't in their body."

Kleon : "Humans die when their soul doesn't exists in their body anymore but it doesn't work for Zikaboo Vampires. Their souls come our of their body after 2 weeks."

Me : "Oh... Let's find the next hint."

Kleon : "A surprise is waiting for you."

Before I can ask what is it, she ran away. What surprise is she taking about? Strange... Anyway, I started working on finding the next hint.

Eh..eh.. Where are you next hint? Come to mom sweetie... Where are you...

I was finding the hint and singing this funny song to myself. Finally, I found it!!

Me : "Kleon!!! I found it!"

Instead of hearing her excitement, I heard a soft giggle. Hmm?..Kleon comes to me.

Kleon : "What is it this time?"

Me : "A short of story puzzle."

I start reading it. But before starting, Kleon holds her watch near to my mouth. I was going to ask why but she gave me a signal to continue reading. I do so.

"I never give up. I keep tryin, no matter what it is. I will build a castle in the air which will float in the air!I will be the king of it! But hey! I can't be the king! Why can't I? Ehh.. This is making me furious!"

I finished reading it. But after reading it, Kleon's watch suddenly started taking!!

Watch : "He can't be the king of the castle which floats in the air. Because nothing can float in the air here, so there is no way he can build a castle in the air. Then, his will he be the king of the floating castle when it won't even exist? That's the reason he can't be the king of a floating castle."

Me : "What??!!"

The watch was telling the answer;!!! Aren't we the one who are supposed to answer ? All of a sudden, Kleon bursts out into a big laughter.

I keep looking at her, fun dumfounded. I just didn't get it. Why is she laughing? I think about the reason.

Me : "Is it the surprise you talked about?"

Kleon : "Co--rrect!"

Me : "Ehh!!??"

Kleon : "Hahaha. The watch answers the last question itself!"

Me : "What?!"

I didn't expect this! That's why the watch was telling the answer itself! That was kind of funny. Seriously.. It was more like a prank!

Kleon : "Our game finished."

Me : "What?! Really?"

Kleon : "Yes , we won.We found all the hint before the time finished. We won. We will go back now."

Me : "Oh.."

I feel kind of sad. I was enjoying the game so much.. I don't want this to end here...

Kleon : "Everything ok?"

Me : "Sorry. It's just I don't want this game to end here. I enjoyed it very much."

Kleon : "Don't worry. We will play again next time when you come with protecting shelter."

Me : ", Protecting shelter?"

Kleo : "The black magic. Which protects you from the virus of my body."

Me : "Ohm..."

Watch : "Processing the answer...... Answer processed!"

It's kind of funny that the watch is telling the answer itself and also processing the answer itself. So funny..

Kleon : "Raise your sauro on the count of three. One...Two....THREE!"

We both immediately raise up our sauros. Lights start to surround us.


Me & Kleon : "AAAHHH....OUCH!!"

We fell on each other again. Oh.. It hurts..!!

Kleon rubs her hip in pain and I rub my elbow in pain. Oww...But hey!..

Me : "Hey! I knew that Zikaboo Vampires don't feel pain!"

Kleon : "They don't except in human form."

Me : "Oh."

I get uo and sit on the bed. Kleon sits on the chair. She let's out a loud sigh.

Kleon : "So? How was it?"

Me : "Incredibly awesome!! I felt a lot of energy and power during our sauro fighting! It was amazing!"

I start describing her the exciting moments I spent. Is also interested in telling her. And was listening to me attentively. She always does that.

Kleon : "Wow..you had so much fun than my expectations. I knew playing the game was the right decision."

Me : "Yes! In fact, I would never get tired of playing this!"

Kleon : "Hm..knew it. I also would like to play it forever."

Me : "Really? Them let's play it again!!"

Kleon : "What?! Are you crazy?! No way! Nope !Never! Ever! Impossible!!"

Me : "Eh?! Why not?"

Kleon : "My energy is zero now!"

Me : "But you said you will never get of playing it!"

Kleon : "I can't do something immediately after doing the same thing!"

Me : "Grah..annoying."

Kleon : "If you really want to play it again so badly then I suggest you to play with Sibachu. He is a hug fan of playing. He always plays whenever he can."

Me : "Oh.. That's kind of childish."

Kleon : "He doesn't care about what people says about him"

Me : "Exactly like me."

Kleon : "What did you say?"

Me : "Nothing!"

Kleon : "Ok.."

Me : "What will we do now?"

Kleon : "Relaxing."

Me : "Uh..okay."

I go to her washroom and clean my face. She enters the washroom after I am finished. She came out of the washroom with her nightgown worn. She looks cute in it.

Kleon : "Let's jump on my bed!"

Me : "Okay!"

We both jumped on her bed at a same time from different angels. We ended up lauging and rolling around her bed.

The moment is so enjoyable. It reminds me of the time when I and my best friend Maya slept together and showered together. I wish I had an sister like her. She is so funny.

After making noises for some minutes, we calm down. We lye on the bed next to each other. Kleon fell asleep very soon but I remain awake..
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