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Mysterious Conversation (Something might happen!)


I heard a knock on the door. Who is it now? The door opened and Hosuge came in.

Me : "Shhh.! Kleon is sleeping."

Hosuge comes near me and tell me quietly-

Hosuge : "Sir Hypto has come. He told that you have to leave now."

Me : "Leave? Now? Why?"

Hosuge : "Sir Zaker applied a black magic on you to protect your body for 2 days from Kleon's virus. The two days are about to finish now!"

Oh brother.. What do I now?I can't leave Kleon like this. She will might very or fine me if she doesn't see me after waking up..

Hosuge : "Don't worry. I will tell Kleon that you left because the two days have finished."

Me : "Please tell her not to cry. Take care of her."

Hosuge : "Yes. Now go. Sir Hypto is waiting for you!"

Me : "Okay!"

I go out of Kleon's room immediately. After coming outside, I see Hypto is waiting for me there. He saw me and rushed to me immediately.

Hypto : "Alice! you alright?"

Me : "Yeah. But where will we go now?"

Hypto : "The palace."

Hypto grabs my hand starts walking. I also follow him.

Hypto : "So? What did you two do the 2 days?"

Me : "We did a lot of things!! At first, we introduced ourselves to each other. We chatted a lot. I discovered some unbelievable truth. She changed into her human form. We slept together. And so many things!"

I told him everything We did. I also told him about the board game. How I fighted with Kleon and defeated her. I told him about me being a plumber.

Hypto : "You can repair water pipes and pump?"

Me : "Yes but your tools are different and complicated. Kleon also helped me to repair the pump! She used her magic power!"

Hypto : "You like to play board games?"

Me : "I became a hug fan of it after playing it with Kleon!"

Hypto : "I hate it. That's the thing I hate about Sibachu."

Me : "what?! You don't like playing?"

Hypto : "No. It sounds useless and waste of time."

Me : "Playing is necessary for humans. It keeps their body fit."

Hypto : "Did you visited soulhunter in the game?"

Me : "Yes?"

Hypto : "My soul is there now."

Me : "Oh? Kleon told me that your's souls need to recharge their living system per 2 weeks."

Hypto : "Correct."

After some moments, we reached the palace. After saying goodbye to Hypto, I went to my room. I knock on the door.

Zaker : "Who is it?"

Me : "(In joking voice) Your human girl prey."

Zaker : "Quite the funny."

He came and opened the door. Told me to come in with a smile. He actually looks handsome when he smiles.

I go inside and sit down on the bed. He sits on the chair.

Zaker : "so.. How was the meeting with my sister?"

Me : "Incredibly awesome!"

Zaker : "How so? Tell me the whole story from A-Z."

I told everything from the start to the end. He was getting more surprised while I was continuing. As if he didn't expect these.

Zaker : "You had more fun than I expected!"

Me : "Of course! Even I didn't expect to have this much fun! She is so funny!"

Zaker : "Thank you again."

Me : "May I know why?"

Zaker : "To cheer up my sister."

Me : "Oh c'mon! It was just a piece of cake! I myself also had fun so don't try to be so kind."

Zaker : "I really appreciate it."

Me : "What will I do now? I can't die being bored."

Zaker : "Hey, what did you mean by you discovered some unbelieveble truth?"

Me : "Oh.. It's just.. Very complicated and mysterious."

Zaker : "Go on.."

Me : "My parent's name and your god and goddess's names are same."

Zaker : "What?!"

He looks at me like I am crazy. I knew he would be.

Me : "You heard what I said."

Zaker : "Are you kidding?"

Me : "No."

Zaker : "Are you sure? Our god is Den Romano and godess is Antasya."

Me : "My father is also Den Romano abd Antasaya."

Zaker : "This is crazy ness. Are your parents related to us?"

Me : "I don't know. But I know that my father was a scientist. I lost my memory after an accident in my childhood. I asked my grandma but she told me anything about my parents, avoided it."

Zaker : "Hmm.. Perhaps your grandma know something about this?"

Me : "I don't know. Maybe or maybe not."

Suddenly, I caught Zaker staring at me and thinking about something. My cheeks became pink. I got nervous.

Zaker : "You have changed."

Me : "What?!"

Zaker : "After coming in the world, you were too embarrassed at first. But now, you are talking with me closely and treating me like you know me for a long time."

Me : "We have met before."

Zaker : "What?!"

Me : "You went to our world few days ago before I came here."

Zaker : "How do you know?!"

Me : "You went at a place called California. You met a girl and chased after her but she ran away before you can reach her."

Zaker : "Ho-How do you know?"

Me : "That girl you met was me. Sibachu told me it was you after telling him this story. Your disguise wasn't perfect enough to make people unrecognize you."

Zaker : "Oh boy..."

Me : "I don't know what to do now. I guess I will have a walk in the garden."

After telling it, I go out of the room. I go to the garden. When I am about to enter, a werewolf stops me.

Werewolf : "Where do you think you are going?! It's Sir Zaker's garden!!! You can't enter!"

Oh.. Seriously?! I am already bored and now I have to deal with the werewolf!?

Me : "I have all the rights enter the garden."

Werewolf : "Who the heck are you?"

Me : "I am the new human girl prey. And who are you? The gatekeeper or the guard of this garden?"

Werewolf : "HEY!!!!"

The werewolf growls at me angrily but I didn't care. He seemed to understand that so he was going to attack on me –

Sibachu : "Stop Mocky!"

Sibachu came on the right time. He saved me from this werewolf! Seems Mocky is the werewolf's name.

Sibachu : "You know who is she! Don't do such stinginess!"

Werewolf : "Gragh... Don't poke your nose always into my business!"

After telling that, he went away with a angry face. Sibachu comes to me and offers me to have a walk with him in the garden.

Should I accept his offer? Accept or reject?

I ended up rejecting him. Luckily, he understood. I told him that I want to be alone now. After telling goodbye, He went away and I entered the garden.

Oh.. It feels so good! Because I myself made this garden beautiful again! Everyone always enjoys those things which they made themselves. It feels kind of proud.

I take a walk around the whole garden. I even talked with the flowers about human world. They praised our human world.

I enjoyed the walking. Now I should go back to Palace. I came back to the outside of the palace. When I entered, I heard some noises in the tea-party room.

It was Zaker and someone else. I usually don't peep into others private life or privacy. But I almost unconsciously tried to sneak into their conversation through the wall.

The door is closed.I affix my right ear with the wall. I look everywhere to make sure no one is watching. I try to hear to them.

Zaker : "Are you crazy?! Again?!"

??? : "Yes sir! They will attack midnight! We are trying to make the soldiers ready for the attack!"

Zaker : "No! We must do something this time! They are attacking again! I well go with you!"

The door opened and those two came out. I immediately turned back. Nervous.

Zaker : "What are you doing here?"

Me : "No-nothing!! I was just going to my room!"

I give him a nervous smile. He gave me a skeptical look but nod anyway. Then he and the other person walked away, almost running.

Me : "What does this mean?"

What is going to happen midnight? Who will attack on them? But why it's making me worried?

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