Zikaboo The Vampires | Zaker's Ending

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How Will They Fight Agaist Their Enemy?

They looked like they are in a hurry. Almost after some minutes, many zikaboos start rushing everywhere. What's happening?

I stopped one of them and him what's is going on..

Zikaboo 1 : "Haunted-Zikaboo Vampires are attacking on our kingdom again!! We need to grey ready for their attack!"

Zikaboo 2 : "You are the new prey right? You better hurry and hide somewhere. They might kill you or do anything to you!"

Telling that, both of them left. It seemed like they are soldiers. Where can I hide? I think my room will be safe.I do what I say.

I went to my room and locked it from inside. I go to the window. It's morning now. My heart is beating fast in fear. I don't know what the fear is.

I don't know what to do. I don't want to sit down and watch something bad to happen! Impossible!

But I also clueless. It's them after all, they know better about how to deal with their enemy than me. I can't do anything..

I sit on the bed. I am breathing fast. I am praying so nothing bad happen. But what's this? Why do I care If anything happens to the world? Why dies it feel like my hometown?

I have been sitting there for more than 10 minutes. It's driving me crazy! I want to know what's happening!

I heard a sound at the window that sounded like 'Hoohoa'. Is someone there? I also heard a sound of walking. Someone is definitely there!

I go the window and say-

Me : "Is someone there?"

No sound or no response.


??? : "Ahh!"

Me : "Huh?"

I look everywhere. Then I looked below and saw a hooded man in the grass. His eyes are only visible. He looks startled, so am I.

Me : "Hey , who are you? Were you spying on me!?"

He was going to answer but right then I heard a sound of people screaming a name-

People : "Omera!! You better come outside crazy! COME OUT NOW!!"

The hooded man also heard it. The people saw him and came toward us. One of them grabbed him by his collar and frowns in front of him.

1st man : "so here you are crazy huh? You think us fool? Let's go now. We still have some problems to solve with you right dear?"

They are harassing him! They hold him with his hands and taking him away. While going with them, he turns back his head to me and says –

Hooded man : " 'Luraceff 239'. Always remember the word : Luraceff 239!! DON'T FORGET!!!!"

2nd man : "Hey shut up. Stop telling this nonstop! Go!"

They took him away from me before I can protest or say something. I keep standing there dumfounded.

Luraceff 239? What's it? Why do I need to remember it? I guess, the hooded man was really a mad man. What a nonsense.

I go back to the bed and sit. Right then, Hypto came in. He is wearing a different dress.

Hypto : "Okay?"

Me : "Yeah.I didn't know where to hide so I chose this place."

Hypto : "Smart thinking. Now come with me . you need to stay at a safe place."

Me : "Well at least tell me what's going on?"

Hypto : "No time to explain. Come!"

He grabs my hands leaves with me. Following him, I found myself in a garage of weird staffs. He tells me to stay here until he comes back. Warned me not to go anywhere over curiosity.

Me : "Don't worry. I am not planning to go anywhere."

Hypto : "Good. I am a Knight so I have to fight. I am the commander."

Me : "What about the dress?"

Hypto : "It's the Knight dress of us."

It's different. The colour is gold. There is a silver sill in the middle of his body, I mean the middle of the dress. There is written 'Knight commander'.

A sword is hanging from his hip. He is a wearing a different looking cap. A sticker of lightening is below his eyes, almost at his cheekbones.

Her is wearing bronze coloured gloves. A weird thing is hanging at his back. I didn't bother to ask him.

Me : "You are knight!?! That's impressive!"

??? : "More impressive than me?"

Zaker came in. There his flirting went again! Hypto sighs and gives him a glare. Sign of jealousy again?

Hypto : "Stop flirting at this important time. Tell Soma to manage the 'intelligence gang'. Meantime, I will prepare the 'Action gang'. It would be better if you help Sibachu to move everyone to a safe place and manage their everything."

Zaker : "alright. Flirting with you can't be done now, what a pity."

Me : "Flirt with me later, first help others."

Hypto already left. Zaker tells me goodbye and when he is about leave–

Me : (Grabbing his hand)

Zaker : "!!!!!!!"

Me : "(Worried Face) Please be careful."

Zaker : "(Surprised)"

He looks speechless. I meant what I said. He doesn't know what to say. Without any response or reaction, he left immediately before I can even realize. I also don't know why I said that.

Ugh.. Am I supposed to sit here and hear them fighting? It's boring.. A idea suddenly popped up in my mind. It's peeping over what they are doing.

Hypto and Zaker haven't went too far maybe. I definitely can chase after them but is it the right thing to do? Should I do it?

I dared to decide yes. I will follow them. When I was planning about chasing them, suddenly something speaked up-

??? : "Don't even think about it! I will term Zaker if you go out of the garage!"

What?!... It was a bird. The bird is not available in human world.

Me : "Who will stop me? You?"

Bird : "Who do you think you are?"

Me : "Hehe.. You can't stop me."

Shocking her (bird) , I jumped on her right away and tried to close her mouth. She was trying to scream and rescue herself.

There is a rope near me so I grabbed it and tied her break with it. Then I hide her with the grass and weird staffs I don't recognize.

I never I can be this cruel, specially to a bird. I am always respective and positive toward natural things like trees, animals, birds...

I go out of the garage. Where do I go now? Then I saw a soldier. Following him is the only choice.

I go after him but make sure he doesn't notice me. One time, he stopped. Did he noticed me? He started walking again..

Following him, I reached a place. It's very mess. There were many people here.I found and hid in a nearby place.

1st soldier : "Did you get this?"

2nd man : "Yeah.. Go and recharge."

I saw him throwing something to everyone. Then everyone went to another room through the corridor.

How are they planning to fight against Haunted-Zikaboo Vampires? Will it be a terrible fight?,
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