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Beginning Of A Fight And The Arrival Of The Prince

I try to follow the soldiers who entered another room. When I was about to move, I heard a sound near me.

Oh no! I can't get caught! I immediately jumped and ran away as soon as possible! I didn't wait, I have sharp memory so I still remember the way back to the garage.

I immediately back off and come back to garage, breathing fast. I close the door. But something feels missing.. What's it?

Then I noticed the bird is vanished!! OMG! Well she tell anyone that I went out of the garage?

A sound of horn pressed through my ear. What does this mean? There was a window in the garage. I look outside trough it and see a lot of soldiers are gathering together in the field.

In front of them is Hypto! But are they going to fight here?!

Soldiers are preparing many things I don't know. Are these their weapons? Can't wait to see how will this work!

Sibachu came in. Placed a hand on my shoulder.

Sibachu : "Are you scared or excited?"

Me : "Both. Hey, will you fight here?"

Sibachu : "No. They will attack in different places of our kingdom. So we are making sure at least 10 soldiers are in each places."

Me : "What will you do during the fight?"

Sibachu : "I am in the intelligence group, so I will try to find information and weakness of our enemy."

Me : "And Zaker?"

Sibachu : "He will take care of us."

Me : "Us?"

Sibachu : "Zikaboo vampires of our kingdom."

Me : "Hmmmn...."

Sibachu : "oh yes! Keep shut your ears during the attack!"

Me : "What? Why?"

Sibachu : "The weapons make a lot of sound, more than your imagination. It doesn't hurt Zikaboo Vampires but it will create more than enough damage for humans."

Me : "OK, I will."

Sibachu : "It would be better for you not too watch the fight."


Sibachu : "Coming!! Alice, stay tight. Take care of yourself."

I give him a thumbs up. He leaves. I am alone in the garage again. Guess, I have no choice left except watching them fighting..

I lay down on the grass of the garage. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. All of a sudden, I remembers my grandma a lot.. Oh grandma... When will I see you again?

I remember the day when we moved to Raymond village. From then, my life totally changed. I thought I can live a happy life in Raymond village but I couldn't.

I am stuck here. With a hug amount of Zikaboo Vampires. It feels exiciting sometimes and it feels scary, boring and annoying sometimes.

I remember the good days I spent with my friends and my grandma. Minimum 2 months have passed since I came here. Is she still crying?

Few minutes passed, still no sounds of fighting except prepairing sound. It feels someone glued me here. What do I do now...

A sound of horn pressed against my ears. Is it the signal of beginning of the fighting? I carefully look outside through the window. Right then,

A lot of arrows and fora (known as fire in Zikaboo Vampire world) start to keep falling on the soldiers! It's the enemy's attack! The soldier got down to business!

A LOT of sound is coming to my ear as Sibachu said. The sound suddenly came without warning. When it came, it felt like my ears were going to blast!

The sound is out of limit for humans! I immediately shut my ears with hands as tightly as possible, but it's still making to much sound in my ear crossing my hands!

Me : "Ahh!!"

I can't take it. I fell on my knees with my hands on my ears. I think I am going to die!! I hide my head under the grass. I an rolling around in the floor.

Oh my god! % & %!!%@$@%!! It's so pain!! I am dying. I preying for the fight to end soon. But didn't.. Continued..

This was continuing for 90 minutes!Unexpectedly, the sound is growing less now. Thank God! Soon, it totally stopped, I mean the sound.

Is the fight finished? There is awkward silence. It doesn't sound good.. I tilt up my head a bit so only eyes are visible through the window.

I see some different dressed soldiers are standing by both sides (left and right). Seems they are hunted-Zikaboo vampire's kingdom's soldiers.

Zaker is standing in the front of the soldiers. Is any guest or someone coming?

Then I heard a trumpet's sound and all the haunted-Zikaboo vampire's soldiers are bowing their head. But there is no sign of Zaker's soldiers.

Someone is coming through the middle path between the soldiers of left and right side. The person is very pretty and wearing a luxury dress.

It means the soldiers were welcoming the person.

Is he the king of Haunted-Zikaboo Vampires kingdom? He stands in right front of Zaker. Hypto and Sibachu are standing by left and right side of Zaker. The king speaks :

King : "Hi.I am the prince of Haunted-Zikaboo Vampires. As you know, the son of the king of our kingdom."

So, he is the prince but not the king, eh? I bet , at least 10,000 girls would had crush on him and tried to impress him if he was in human world.

Specially Diana, she is a bully, rich and greedy girl from my school. She always likes to hang out with boys. I even heard a rumor that she is a 'Bad girl'.

Prince : "I know perhaps you all are surprised about what am I doing here right?"

He tries to touch Zaker but Sibachu stopped him.

Sibachu : "Stay where you are. Keep at least 10 meters distance between you and the Prince (Zaker)."

Prince : "Alright Alright. (backing off with a short but cruel smile) I usually never come during each fight. Well this time, I came with a question by the order of the hyness (king of haunted-Zikaboo Vampires), I mean my father."

Zaker : "Question? What question?"

Prince : "Before going to business, hey I heard that you got a new human prey. This time, the prey is a girl and she came into this kingdom over curiousity like the first one?"

Zaker : "Yes so?"

Prince : "hehe.. It's just, I think she is your second right?"

What does he mean by I am Zaker's second?!

Zaker : "Yes, she is our second."

Prince : " 'Our' or 'my'?"

Zaker : "Stop it."

Prince : "Hhe, can I meet her now?"

Hypto : "No. Did you forget that god told us 'Womans are special. Always take good care of her when a girl comes to your world' ?"

Prince : "C'mon man! Don't be so picky!"

Sibachu : "Shut up and get down to business!"

Prince : "Airtight, I came with a puzzle."

Zaker : "Puzzle?"

Prince : "I don't know why, dad told that he won't ever attack or fight with you again If you can solve this puzzle."

Hypto : "Why the hell will we believe you?"

Prince : "You need to trust if you want freedom."

Zaker : "What's the puzzle?"

Prince : "The puzzle is a password. You need to guess a password."

Zaker : "What's the hint?"

Prince : "Nothing. Just guess a password."

Hypto, Zaker & Sibachu : "Are you kidding?!"

Sibachu : "How can we guess the password?! The password can be anything!!"

Prince : "You only have 10 tries. If you can't figure out the password, we will destroy everything starting from your father's room."

Zaker : "You are such a devil!"

Is he (the Prince) crazy?! How can they guess the password without any hint?! What will they do?!Sibachu gives the first shot-

Sibachu : "Comara!"

Prince : "Wrong."

Hypto : "Kiosk?"

Prince : "Nope."

Zaker : "Love? Or perhaps prey?"

Prince : "Uhu..no. Being romantic huh?"

Zaker : "You gotta be kidding! No way we can find the answer!"

Prince : "Think hard."

Sibachu : "Soxica?"

Zaker : "Pwerotuca?"

Hypto : "soul?"

Prince : "None of them. Think hard scoundrels.. Or consider your kingdom destroyed.."

Oh no! Only 3 tries left! 3 of them are looking furious by his words. What will they do now? And there is no way I can help them!"

Sibachu : "Okatumariya?"

Prince : "No.. Think hard intelligent.."

Prince : "(in a cruel way) tick ..tock..tick..tock.."

OMG!! What now? He is more cruel than my imagination!! There must be way to find out the password!

Zaker : "Fora"

Prince : "No. Too pitty .Haaha."

Out of the blue, I go out of the garage. They didn't notice me until I screamed—

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