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The strange and Suspicious guy

I wake up from my bed and go to downstairs quickly.

Me : "What happened? What was the noise?"

Zake : "Oh,Nothing!!! It's Just– ah! "

Me : "Just what? "

Zake : "Oh-uh! It's the –the plates! "

Me : "The plates?"

Zake : "I thought i could make some snacks for you and your grandmother while you two are sleeping. You two must will be hungry.

Me : " But the noise didn't sound like plates.It sounded metal "

Zaker : "The plates were made of metal. That's why. "

Hmm...But somehow I doubt that the noise was from plates breaking. I don’t know why. Zaker was faltering while talking. why?

Zaker : "Hey, It's okay. I got everything in control. You go to rest. "

Me : "No. I don’t need t—

Grandmother : " what was the noise?!"

I decide to not grandmother my doubt about Zake's excuse. I don't want her to get weird ideas about her sir at the begining.

Me : "It was the metal plates. Zake was making us some snacks and accidentally the plates slipped out of his hand. "

Grandmother : "uh, ok. But i am not going to sleep anymore. I am done sleeping.

Me : " Me neither. "

Zake : "Sorry for breaking your sleep! "

Grandmother : "No worries, Everything will be fine. "

Zake then makes us some light snacks and we eat it together.

After eating, Zake offers us to give a ride around the house.

He first takes us to the living room. The room is very beautiful!

Zake : "It's the living room, Here is three sofa, a tea table, some pillow and a radio. "

He shows and introduce to everything in the living room.

From time to time, I notice Zaker glance at me or fix his gaze on me, keep staring at me.


What's wrong with him? He is acting strangely. I had a weird feeling about him. I don't think he is safe.

After the ride around the house, I go to my bedroom and lay on the bed, reading a book.

Zikaboo!!!! I totally forgot about it! I was supposed to find who was that creature!

I suddenly remember the Zikaboo situation! After everything going lately, I totally forgot about getting more information about Zikaboo!

I remember Zake. Does he know anything about Zikaboo Vampires? I will ask him.

But why do I have a weird feeling about him? I should discuss it with grandma.

Right then, I hear a knock the door.

Me : "Come in! "

Grandma walks in.

Me : "Grandma?"

Grandmother : "Yes, why? Am I not allowed to come in your room?"

Me : "It's not that, Here, Sit down. "

I pat on the bed and grandma sits there.

Me : "What's up?"

Grandma : "I just came to ask you if you are ok to visit my working place tomorrow with me. "

Me : "Um.."

I think for a moment about if I should go or not because of Zake.

Me : "I think so. I will come along. "

I must go with grandmother! What if Zake try to do something? That's why I said yes.

Grandmother : "ok, good. I better go now. "

Me : "No, Wait! I have something to discuss with you!"

Grandmother : "What is it? "

Me : "Wait. "

I walk up to the door.close it so no one especially Zake don't hear our conversation. It will be worse if he hears.

Then I sit on the bed. Ready to tell.

Grandmother : "What do you want to say?

I take a deep breath. There is a risk that grandma will be mad on me.

Me : " Look, Grandma. I think you shouldn’t do this job. "

Grandmother : "What?! "

Me : "Ah! Wait! Don't get any weird ideas! First listen to my all words! "

Me : "I don't think he can be trusted. "

Grandmother : "Why?"

Me : "He behaves strangely. Just be carefull around him. "

Grandmother : "But he seems quite trusty "

Me : "People changes their colour when necessary, grandma. Who knows, Maybe he will too. "

Grandmother : "oh. "

Me : "If he ask you anything strange, don't answer it or say you don't know. Don't eat anything he gives you, even if you are hungry. For that, take some snacks with you when you go to work. And yes, the snacks have to be made by you or me. Not him. "

Grandmother : "ok. But Zake will be upset and furious if he knows we don't trust him. He would even kick us out! "

Me : "No, He won't. If happens I will explain. "

Grandmother : "ah, okay. But i am sure. You will trust him in no time.

Me : " I hope so. Still, be too carefull! "

Grandmother : "Will do. "

Grandma walks out of my room. I hope she will be carefull.

It's already midnight. I wear my sleeping mask and fall into sleeping.

The next morning >

Grandmother, me and Zake has eaten breakfast right now. We are going to go now. To grandmother's new work place.

We get out of the house and start walking. Zake shows the path.

Still 5 mimutes left to arrive there.

Zake : (Staring at me)

There again! He is staring at me! What's his problem? Is he usually this type? But he only stares at me, not grandmother!

What's up with the stare? Has he gotten an eye on me? Does he find me interesting or Suspicious? What?

Soon, we arrive at grandmother's new work place. The bar where grandma will do the bartender job.

I stays the whole time with grandmother during her work so Zake can't do anything.

After coming home, I am eating an ice americano in my room. It's good that Zake didn’t acted strange or didn’t do anything.

But I can't watch after grandma every time. She needs to watch after herself. Hope she will can.

I still can't think about Zikaboo Vampires. It's very hard to think about!

I should ask Zake if he knows anything about Zakboo Vampires. Should I?

No, wait! I shouldn’t ask right now! He will think me suspicious and strange. First Maybe I could start by searching books. If I still get nothing, then I will ask Zake.

I go downstairs and find Zake.

Zake : "Hey, Alice! What's up? Do you need anything? "

Me : "Well, I do. Can you please tell me where is the nearest library? "

Zake : "Library?! "

Me : "Yes, Library. As soon as possible. "

Zake : "Whoah Whoah! Wait, what's up with the sudden seriousness? And why as soon as possible? "

Uh-oh. What do I tell now?

Me : "It's I can't live without reading books. And not reading books for days dive me crazy. "

Zake : "Oh, Is that so? Then ok. I will take you to the nearest library tomorrow morning. It's already night."

Me : "No! Show me to the library right now! I will go and grabe some books to read tomorrow after grandma leaves to work. I don’t want to be more crazy when I already am! "

Zake : "But —

Me : " No Buts! Plesase! "

Zake : "ok, fine! Come with me. "

Yes! Victory! I am glad that he didn't doubt anything!

I and Zake have reached the library. He showed the path. We are still walking. He suddenly speaks.

Zake : "So, Alice, Now you are going to the library, It's closed now. It will open tomorrow morning. "

Me : "Yes, so? "

Zake : "No, I mean, why did you come if you knew It's closed? "

Me : "To know the path to library. So I can come anytime. "

Zake : "Couldn’t it have been done tomorrow? "

Me : "Why? Did you have any important errands to do? "

Zake : "No! "

Me : "ok, please don't mind. You must think I am some sort of nut. "

Zake : "No, It's fine. You are amazing like your grandma said. "

Me : "Thanks. "

We come back again to the house. Then we go to our rooms.

Now that I know the library from here then I can go there any time and bring books to find more about Zikaboo Vampires.

Now my only target is know more about Zikaboo Vampires and find out who was that creature!

Will I be able to know more about Zikaboo Vampires? What is gonna happen? And what's up with the Zake guy? Keep staring at me like that? Why is he so suspicious? Can he be trusted?

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