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Learning More About Zikaboo Vampires-1

Next morning, I wake up early to go the library.

I get prepare for breakfast. Then come downstairs.

I eat up my breakfast quickly.

Zake : "What's up? Pretty early today? "

Me : "I need to go to the library. "

Zake : "Can't it wait? "

Me : "Why? "

Zake : "Nothing!"

Me : "I want to know more about a topic. "

I run out of the dinning room so he can't ask me what topic i want to know more about. He is strange. I can't trust him.

I walks to the library.I notice that peoples gives me a puzzled look from time to time. Why?

Luckily the library is open now. I go inside.

Everyone in the library looks at me doubtfully. Even the librarian. Like they didn't expect ME to see here.

I don't care. All I need now is knowing more about Zikaboo Vampires. I walks up to the librarian.

Librarian : "Hello, I am Emily. the librarian. How can I help you? "

Me : "Um..Do you have any book about Zikaboo Vampires? "

The Librarian seem to be taken aback by my word. She is surprised.

Librarian : "What did you say? "

Me : "I said if you have any book which describes zakiboo vampires. "

Librarian : "No–No. We don't. "

Uh, So, they don’t. What do I do now?

Me : "Ok, But at least do you know anything about zikaboo vampires? "

Librarian : "Ah! N—No! I Don't know. "

If she say so. I go to a table and sit down. I hold my all fingers together and rest my chin on it, two elbows on the table.

I let out a long sigh. Where should I go now? Another library?

Some times later, a drunk man comes to me and sit beside me.

Drunk man : "Hello, Beautiful! Will you marry me? We can have some fun at my bedroom! What do you say? "

Geez! I am already stuck to a serious problem and now, where the weirdo have come from?! I don't want to deal with him now!

Me : "Sorry, Not in a mood of having fun with you"

Drunk man : "Ok sweetie, whatever you say. You want to know more about Zikaboo Vampires? "

Huh?! Zikaboo Vampires?! Maybe he can give me some info!

Me : "You do know about zikaboo vampires? "

Drunk man : "Of course I do! I know everything about this bastard village! Never let me go! "

Me : "Bastard village?! Why are you calling the village bastard?! And what do you mean by never let me go? "

Me : "please tell my everything you know about Zikaboo vampires! I will do everything you want! "

Drunk man : "sure? "

Me : "yes!"

Drunk man : "Then, go on a date with me now."

Me : "what?! "

Drunk man : "You heard me. Go on a date to my house or I won't tell anything. Don't worry, I won’t do anything weird like kissing and hugging. "

Me : "O-O-Okay. "

I hesitated but then agreed because I need to know about Zikaboo Vampires even whatever it takes! Let's hope he keeps his word.

We leave the library and we start walking to his house. He speaks in the miidle of path.

Drunk man : "Bye the way Beautiful, What's your name?"

Me : "Stop calling me these wierd names! "

Drunk man : "Okay,. Name?"

Me : "Alice. You? "

Drunk man : "Cockatoo "

Me : "Eh? But It's a bird's name!"

Cockatoo : "So? Man's name can be a bird's name too. "

We soon arrive his house. We sit on the sofa in the living room.

Cockatoo : "So, what do you want to know?"

Me : "Tell everything you know about zikaboo vampires."

Cockatoo : "Ok, so. Zikaboo Vampires are different type of vampires. Very different from normal and usual ghosts."

He stops for a moment.

Me : 'Then? "

Cockatoo : "They are different because they have many types of bloods im their body. For that, their beauty, behavior, daily habits, lifestyle everything is different from other ghosts. Researchers have found many information about them a few days ago. Since then, people calls them Zikaboo Vampires but all of them are not vampires."

Me : "Oh, thanks. But What do you meant earlier by 'Never let go!'? "

Cockatoo looks at me curiously.

Cockatoo : "Are you new in the village? "

Me : "Yes, It has beena few days since I came here with my grandmother. "

Cockatoo : "What a pity! You two can never go anywhere from the village. You have to live here forever. You like it or not. "

Me : "What?! Stuck to the village?! Why?"

Cockatoo : "Someone cast an spell around the village many years ago. No one get out of here without breaking the spell. It's impossible. No one know any spell to break the spell. Only one person knew and he died before trying. "

Me : "Really?! I never can get out of the village if I can't break the magic spell? "

Cockatoo : "Am I lying?"

Me : "No! It's not that!"

Cockatoo : "The village is a haunted village. Zikaboo Vampires often attack on the village. Kill humans and suck their blood"

Me : "Huh?! It's a haunted village?! Zikaboo Vampires attacks here?! But you said the village is surrounded by a powerful magic spell? "

Cockatoo : "Yeah, The spell doesn’t work on those Zikaboo Vampires. They are most powerful Vampires! "

Cockatoo : "Do you know about crimson jungle? That's one of those places where Zikaboo vampires live."

Me : "Can you give me the location of the jungle? Please! "

Cockatoo : "Yes, It's on the north side of the village. Go to the north side of the village then you will find a sine board where a sentence called : " Don't go the jungle. You will die there if you go. We warning you again. Don't go. "

Cockatoo : "Don't even think about going there. You will die. "

Me : "Oh.. "

Wait! Is he saying all of these nonsenses because he is drunk?!

Me : "Are you sure these all are true? "

Cockatoo : "Of course! You can ask someone if you doubt it. I have book where these all are written over. Want it? "

Me : "Yes, Please! I would like to read the book! "

Cockatoo goes inside in his room. Few moments later, he comes out with a book in hand.

Cockatoo : "Here you go."

I take the book from him.

Me : "Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. "

I get up from sofa to go.

But suddenly —

Me : "(Screaming) AAAAHHHHH!!!!!"

Cockatoo suddenly jumps for me. He wrap his arms around my waist! He forces me to fall on the sofa!

He is on top of me on the sofa! He grabs my both wrists tightly so I can't move! His face is only two inches away! I can even smell the wine he drank!

Then he speaks.

Cockatoo : "Don't forget the deal. You owe me a date! "

Then Cockatoo leans in and kisses me on the lips deeply! I let out sharp gasp. Looking at him surprisedly.

!!!He just kissed me! He didn't keep his word!

Me : "Hey! You said you won’t do anything weird like hugging and kissing! You just broke your word. "

Cockatoo : "I said, but I didn’t promise anything. "

Me : "Argh! Let me go! "

I push him hard to rescue myself. I get up from the sofa. Then attemt to go out of his house. He speaks from far —

Cockatoo : "Thank you! Finally got to kiss someone! Looking forward to the next date! "

Me : "Shut up! "

I get out of his house. At least I got a book where I can know about Zikaboo vampires!

Few minutes later, I reach my home and go to my bedroom carefully. Luckily no one saw me. Is grandma worried about me? I left without telling her before she went to work.

I close my room's door and sit on the bed with the book in my hand.

I start reading —

"Zikaboo Vampires is different type of vampires and ghosts. They are very different from other ghosts. You can say they are a mixture of some ghosts. Their face, lifestyle, behaviour everything are different from other ghosts but still they are ghosts because they have ghost's blood. It has been a few weeks since we discovered many things about Zikaboo Vampires. After discovering about them, People started to call them Zikaboo Vampires. Each one is different from others But one thing is common in all of them. That's all of them have vampire blood. That's why people calls them Zikaboo vampires.

There are two nations of them. 1) Hunter Zikaboo and 2) Non-Hunter Zikaboo."

I fell very sleepy. I eat dinner and go to sleep

I have learnt many things about zikaboo. Have Zake trapped us into this village?

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