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Learning More About Zikaboo Vampires -2

I wake up from my bed. It's morning now. I still have some pages left of the book to read.

I clean up myself. My adventure about Zikaboo vampires begins from today.

I go downstairs. I find grandma and Zake talking. I go to the table.

Me : "Hello! Everyone is early, huh?"

Grandmother : "Oy, Where were you the whole day yesterday? "

Huh? Didn't Zake told grandma that I went to the library?

Me : "Zake, Didn't you told grandma that I went to the library? "

Zake : "I am so sorry Alice. I forgot. But I told her when I remembered. "

Hm..Good. So, he told anyway.

I start eating with them. I am lost in thoughts.

Why Zake trapped us here? Did Zake knew that the village is haunted and Zikaboo vampires attack here? Cockatoo said the village is trapped in a powerful spell and no one can go out of here without breaking the spell. Then how Zake came to the rail station that day?

I knew I had weird feelings about him. He is not safe and trustworthy for us. If he knew then why did he trap us here? What does he want from us?

Should I talk about this with him in private? Um..no. Not yet, He will may kick us out if he know I discovered the truth! Grandma is not ready for it yet!

I still have some pages left to read. I will read them after eating.

Zake : "Hello, princess! What are you wondering about? "

Me : "Huh? No-Nothing! I am eating "

Zake : "If you say so. "

Zake is staring at me like that again! Ugh!

Grandma and Zake is talking openly. Seems they really have gotten too close to each other already. But grandma shouldn’t. Zake is a bitch!

I finish eating and go to my room. Close the door and starts reading the book from where I left —

"Hunter Zikaboo attacks humans. Their main source of blood is human. They also need animal's blood but need human blood the most. They often attack on villages and cities.

Non-haunted Zikaboo does not haunt humans. They barely need human blood. They need animal's blood most.

Each Zikaboo Vampire is a powerful combination of two or more types of ghost blood. For example : a Zikaboo can has vampire's blood, zombie's blood, werewolf's blood and human's blood. And yes! Some Zikaboo has human's— "

Wait a second! The extra pages are tore! Someone has torn those pages!

Shtt! But —

How did I and grandmother came to this village? Cockatoo said the spell doesn’t work only on Zikaboo! Then how did we entered the village? HOW!!?? Everything is getting ridiculous! Why Zake betrayed me and grandma? What did we do?

I get up from bed sadly. I am too upset. I don't know if I should talk about it with Zake or not.

I go downstairs and find Zake reading today's newspaper. I go to him.

Me : "Zake, Can I ask you something? "

Zake : "Sure, what is it?"

Me : "Can I go to wherever I want from now? I mean under the village. "

Zake : "Okay, but you don't know all the place in the village. I will give you a map of it. "

Zake goes inside and come out with a map of the village.

Me : "Thank you! "

Zake : "Wait, Never dare to go to the crimson jungle! You shouldn’t! "

He shows me the location on the map. I already know why I shoudn't go there but I pretend I don’t know. He might get suspicious!

Me : "Why?!"

I try to look like I am surprised as genuine as possible. I try to react like how I reacted when Cockatoo told me this first time.

Zake : "That's a dangerous place! People who go there never comes back! "

Oh? Cockatoo didn’t tell this one.

Me : "Why? "

Zake : "No one knows. Don't you even think about going there on curiosity! You will die!"

Me : "Beats me. I would better don't go than dying! "

Zake : "Good. But now that I gave you the permission to go anywhere in the village anytime, Don't be overexcited. Be carefull. Always come home soon"

Me : "Thank you!"

Hehe, Zake told me not to go to that jungle but I am actually going! Not right now. I will when the right time comes.

I get out of the house with the map. Let's see where to go first. I am kind of tired from all of these information and drama. I need fresh air. So, I choose the park.

I follow the map and arrive there. Everyone in there gives me a puzzled look. They look surprised.

I know the reason. They are surprised because they never expected to see a human coming from the other side of the village.

I don’t care. I go to a place of the park where no one is around. I need some time alone.

I sit on the grass. Leaning my back to a big tree. I let out a long sigh. Looking up at the blue sky.

I can't believe Zake has betrayed us! Why did he do this to us? We were innocent! He must had a reason.

But thing is surprising me that how Zake went out of the village to the station to bring us here? Cockatoo said no one can go out of the village without breaking the spell.

What is Zake? A gient or something? I wish I had the other pages of that book. Maybe those pages had any clue that describes anything about Zake.

I think a bit about Cockatoo. He may know where the other pages are!

At last, I decide to go to Cockatoo's house.

I make my way to cockatoo house. I wonder how grandma will feel if she hears her boss has betrayed her and trapped here forever?

I finally reached his house. I give a knock on the door. He says from inside—

Cockatoo : "Who is it? "

Me : "This is Alice. Open the door. I need to talk. "

Cockatoo : "Door is open"

I give the door a light push and go inside. Cockatoo is sitting on the sofa.

Cockatoo : "Could you never come to me for a date? You keeps coming to me only for information! "

Me : "I will date you if you give the information I need. "

Cockatoo : "Great! "

Me : "Listen, I don’t have much time. Let's get down to business. "

Me : "Where are the other pages of the book?"

Cockatoo : "What?"

Luckily I brought the book with me. I show the missing pages to him. "

Me : "See? The pages are missing. I need those. They have very important info I need to know! "

Cockatoo sees it and thinks for a moment.

Cockatoo : "I am sorry, missy. I don't have those missing pages. They already were missing when my uncle gave me the book. "

Me : "Your uncle? "

Cockatoo : "Yup. He is the one who gave me the book. "

Me : " Where is he now? "

Cockatoo : "He is dead. He passed away two years ago. "

Cockatoo sounds sad. It must be hard for him to forget about his uncle.

Me : "I am so sorry. Hope you are not too sad. "

Cockatoo : "It's okay. "

Me : " Why did you give me the book? It was one of his memory. "

Cockatoo : "I gave it because I didn’t need it. "

Me : "Oh.."

Me : "Where did he live?"

Cockatoo : " In the Bannett house. It's on the East side of the village. "

Me : "Oh.. Well.. Thanks for the info."

I get out of his house. Should I go to Cockatoo's uncle's house to search if he had the missing pages?

No! Cockatoo will be furious if he knows! And I shouldn’t search through other people's house. I am not like that!

I think I will go throgh the mysterious crimson jungle. I can't wait to meet Zikaboo Vampires!

But It’s true that when I met the first Zikaboo at my previous house, I was totally scared! But now, I am more excited than scared!

How my meeting with Zikaboo is going to be? Am I welcoming my death by going to that crimson jungle? Will I be able to protect myself from Zikaboo vampires there?

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