Zikaboo The Vampires | Zaker's Ending

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Getting Ready To Meet Zikaboo Vampires!!

I am on fire now! My heart is pounding madly! I am scared to go the crimson jungle!

I want to go to the crimson jungle. To meet Zikaboo vampires. My heart doesn’t want to wait! But It's not the right time! I have to make a perfect plan so I don’t get killed by Zikaboo.

I am thinking about what should I take with me. I am making a list.

Meals, Water. I need to take some weapons to protect myself. What kind of weapons will work? I don't know their weakness. That's why It's very important to get the missing pages!

I think about what can work. Does they even have any weakness? Geez...

Chilly powder! I totally forgot about it!! I hope it will be enogh to irritate a zikaboo. It must need to work! I can't think about anything else! I don’t want to hurt them.

If they don't listen to me, I need something to protect myself.

I go to the kichten quietly so no one sees me. Luckily no one did. I enter inside and take the can of chilly powder. I bought a can of chilly powder before coming home so I don’t get caught.

I replace my bought chilly powder can at the home's chilly powder can.

I come to my room carefully and close the door. I write "chilly powder" in my list. I can bring a stick with me as another weapon. I do so.

I take a torchlight in my bag. My bag is mostly filled with foods and water. Who knows if I ever will be able to come back from there. I take everything I need with me.

I like fighting and adventures since my childhood. I always practiced how to fight. It's about the time to apply my fighting skills!

I take everything in bag I need. I don't know how to manage grandma. I know she won't let me go if she knows. I need to wait for a perfect time to go.

The time is not yet. I need to make a perfect time by myself. That time when no one will see me leaving. Midnight is the perfect time.

I will write a letter to grandma about everything I have been doing lately. Also about Zake's betrayel.

I write on everything I know. Then I hide the letter in a place. I don't want her to read this before I leave.

I am prepared now. Now just waiting for the right time. Suddenly Zake calls out from downstairs —

Zake : "Alice! Come downstairs!!! "

What happened that he is calling me loudly? Annoying!

Me : "Coming! "

I rush downstairs and see Zake and grandma waiting for me there. I join them.

Me : "What happened? "

Grandmother : "I am so sorry Alice! "

Me : "???!!What are you being sorry about?"

Grandmother : "You need to stay alone in this house for some weeks. "

Me : "Huh?! Why?"

Zake : "Me and your grandma have to go to a place. None of us can stay here for some weeks."

Me : "Oh.."

Zake : "But don't worry. My butler will stay in the house. So tell him if you need anything. "

Grandmother : "Don't go anywhere when we leave. I will take reports from Mark( the butler).

Me : " Okay! Don't worry! I will be a good girl! "

Haha, but I actually won't. Seems the right time to go to the jungle has finally come! I am going to leave today!

Me : "Are you both leaving right now? "

Grandmother : "Yes, dear. Will be worried about you. "

I know. I have to go to the crimson jungle against your will. It's my final decision. Please forgive me.

Me : "Ok, Be careful"

Grandmother : "You too"

She hugs me and kisses my forehead. I give her a kiss on cheek too.

Then the both of them leaves.

Who knew that a kind guy like Zake could betrayed us? I am kind of happy that he is gone. Well..I don’t mean to be cruel.

Now my first work is to manage the butler. I go the kichten but he is not there. I go to the living room and finally found him. He is sweeping the floor.

Me : "Hey, You. Come to my room. "

He seems shocked. researching my words.

Mark (The butler) : "Huh?! Your ro–room?! What the you are telling, my lady?! "

Me : "Ah! I mean I need to talk with you about something in private."

He is blushing. His cheeks are dark pink.

Wait! Is he getting any weird ideas?!

Me : "Hey! Don't get any weird ideas! Just talking!"

Mark : "Can't it be done here, my lady? "

Me : "No, It's risky. Come or you will be in trouble."

Mark : "O-ok! "

He hesitated before saying but then agreed. I go to my bedroom and he follows me. I close the door behind me.

Me : "Let's get down to business.please make yourself comfortable "

Mark sits on a side of the bed. I sit across from him.

Me : "You will be here untill they come back, right?"

Mark : "Yes, my lady."

Me : "I am leaving tonight. "

Mark : "Huh? Where are you going? "

Me : "None of your business. Don't you dare to follow me! I will make sure to fire you! "

Mark : "OKAY!! Please don't fire me! I live on this butler job! "

Me : "I won’t if you obey my words. "

Mark : "I will! "

Me : "Good, If they ask tell them I went to hang out. And most important, tell my grandma in private to go to my room and search for a note. Can I trust you in this?"

Mark : "Yes! "

Me : "Don't even dare to find my note! "

Mark : "I won't, My lady! "

Hmm..My first work complete!

Me : "Ok, you may go now. "

Mark : "Th–thank you, I guess. "

He is blushing again! Is he really getting weird ideas about staying in my room? I was just talking!

He go outside of my room.

I put the letter that I wrote to grandma on the table. I glued it tight so no one than grandma can open the letter.

Finally! I am going meet Zikaboo Vampires tonight! There is a risk for me to die but I won’t let it force me to stop going.

How It's going to be? Is it the ending of my life?

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