Zikaboo The Vampires | Zaker's Ending

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My First Meeting With Zikaboo Vampires!

Everything is settled. It's midnight. Time to leave. I was able to manage the butler.Time to go to the mysterious crimson jungle.

I am in my room.All my things are ready. I am checking again. I need to go in disguise. I

had a brown colour orna. I wear it and cover my face except eyes.

I curl some orna, cartain together tightly so it makes a long rope enough to touch the ground from the window.

I tied one side of the long rope at the edge of the window. I let down the other side of the rope so it touch the ground.

I take a deep breath. I am scared.

I touch the rope very carefully. Then try to come in a position to climb down with it. I start to climb down with the rope!

Carefull, Carefull... I will fall down if I become careless!

Luckily, I finally reach the ground! Phew!

I can't believe I just climbed down with the rope from my window to the ground!! My bag is on my shoulders.

I take out the map that Zake gave me.

I follow the map and finally arrive there. Who knows what scary peoples are waiting there.

There is a large signboard before the jungle. There is a warning in the signboard –

" Never dare to go to the Jungle!! You will be killed by wild Zikaboo Vampires! They are more powerful than anything! We are warning you again! Don't go to the jungle. If anything happens in the village for you, you will pay for it by giving your life! "

There is many ropes and tapes are tied before the jungle. I brought a sharp knife with me. I look around to make sure no one is seeing me. I need to be quite!

I try to cut the ropes and tapes with the knife as quite as possible. But It's no use! I try agin but no luck. I see some stones. I try with a stone.

It worked! The stone managed to cut the ropes and tapes!

But I need to do something! If anyone sees the place like this, they will must think someone has entered into the jungle against the rules!

I gather many leaves, grass and small trees together and cover the place where I cut the ropes. It should work.

I attempt to enter the jungle. I hesitant. I am not sure I am ready to die! I don’t know why I have come here when I know I am going to die!

My heart is pounding madly like it wants to come outside of my body! I gulp.

I take a few steps to enter the jungle. The jungle is totally luxurious!! Oh boy, Oh boy! Calm down!

I carefully and slowly keep walking inside. Very slowly. Looking around from time to time if any Zikaboo is around.

I am Ice-cold! I suddenly feel something hard under my shoes!

I am scared to look below! I look below. There is some papers below my shoes!

I take the papers carefully and aim the torchlight to it . Something is written in these pages.

The first page tells–

"Blood!! Yes, many of them has human blood! The Zikaboo Vampire's nation started by a human and a vampire. A human man married a vampire lady. Their childrens turned out to be half-blood! Because when the human man and the vampire lady married each other, they exchanged their own bloods with each other. The human man fed the vampire lady some drops of human blood from his own body and the vampire lady fed the human man some drops of vampire blood from her own body. "

I stop reading. These seems the missing pages of the book!! I sit on a big stone.

I take out the book from my bag and go to the page from where the other pages were missing. The pages were missing from 47 to the end of the book.

The pages I found below my shoes starts from page 47!! That means these are the missing pages from the book!!

Great! I put the pages into my bag. I will read it later.

But what in the world are the pages doing in this jungle?

I turn my torchlight off and keep walking. My fear has grown a bit less in the meantime.

----*HOWL! HOWL!*----


Surprised, I look behind. The moon is shining brightly so I don’t need torchlight to see what is behind me. My behind is—


Me : "AAAHHHH!!"

Scared, I run as soon as possible! My trouble has began! Oh no! Oh no! Please don’t hurt me! I won't do anything to you!

I keeps running and running. I can feel that those werewolves are chasing after me!

Me : "Ah!"

I suddenly fall on the ground. My leg is stuck to some big roots of a big tree!

I try to rescue my leg but It's no use! Werewolves are coming near and near to me every seconds! I am pinned to the tree!

That's it. It's the ending of my life. Bye bye grandma. Bye bye dad. Bye bye mom. I am glad to be your daughter. I will never forgive about you.

Suddenly, the werewolves are only 15 miters awat from me! I think about throwing some chilly powder but it will make them more furious!

My whole body is being weak, I can't move. I suddenly fell very sleepy. My eyes want to sleep. I can't keep mt eyes open! It's very hard now!

I am breathing fast. The werewolves have sharp fangs! But one thing is surprising me.

That's all of their teeth are fangs! As far as I knew wolves have 4 or maybe less fangs. I don't know the exact number.

That means they are half-blood. So, they are Zikaboo Vampires!! They have vampire's fangs!

A sudden voice makes me more panic!


NO! Not more zikaboo! I have seen a lot of Zikaboo already!!

The voice says again—


The werewolves scream.

WHAT!!?? Are they really planning to eat me?! I guess It's not surprising at all. But still!

And How is the voice speaking in human language? Does zikaboo vampires speak human's language?

I feel a strong headache! My mind is about to burst! I can feel that I am losing consciousness.

The voice us getting closer to me.

That's the last thing I remember before losing consciousness........

Oh....My head..It's hurting. Am I dead?

I pinch my hand and I feel the pain. So, I am not dreaming or dead! I am alive! I can't believe! How long was I unconscious?

I hear two peoples talking.

1st man : "Hey, do you think we should carry this pretty creature?"

2nd man : "Of course! I bet the prince will be satisfied!"

1st man : "But, I kinda like that pretty creature! I don't want the prince to eat her! "

2nd man : "Yeah, me neither. But we are dead if he knows that we didn’t bring a creature we saw!

Pretty creature?! Prince? What the heck are they talking about?!

Does pretty creature means me? I don't see anyone around besides me and those two. Who the heck does they think they are calling a pretty creature?!

What is that?!

It seems like the 2 peoples are humans! Their size is human! How can that be possible?!

its good that the peoples are far enough from me. I see my bag beside me. I quickly take out the pages I found from the jungle. I start reading from where I left—

"Like that, they both became half-blood. Their childrens are half-blood too. Their childrens are still alive. Their one child was taken apart by a human. The human cast a spell on the child and the child remains human. She was half-blood but the human made her full human by casting a spell on her. The child is traped in the spell. The child will become half-blood again only by breaking the spell.

Zikaboo Vampires can take human disguise! But their fangs won't change. So, if someone see a human has fangs, that means the human actually is a Zikaboo! That's all we know. Thanks for reading! "

I just finished reading the last page. Really?! Zikaboo Vampires can take human disguise?! So, the two peoples talking are actually humans? Oh,boy. It's going to be so painful,

I suddenly hear some footfalls! It's coming near to me! Are the two zikaboo coming to me?!

Their shadow is falling on me. I look behind at them with panic.

Whoah!! They are beautiful like prince! Even more under the moon! I gulp nervously.One of them speaks—

1st man : "Hello, pretty! Had a sweet dream? Hope you are ready to meet the disgusting prince. "


Saying that, the 2nd man throws a stone directly at my forehead!!

Me : "AAh! OUCH!"

I lose my consciousness again.....

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